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    American Honda Installs Stationary Fuel Cell System that Will Produce a Megawatt of Clean Energy, Reduce CO2

    Torrance, Calif., March 22, 2013 /3BL Media/ – Continuing its efforts to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. today announced the installation of a new fuel cell system on its Torrance, California campus that will produce one megawatt of clean, reliable energy, and significantly reduce CO2 emissions from Honda’s operations in the region.

    The fuel cell system consists of five energy servers each producing 200 kilowatts of power, and will provide 25 percent of Honda’s electricity needs for its 1.13 million square feet of office space, research, design and development operations, and parts distribution center on the 101 acre campus. The power generated by the fuel cell system would power approximately 750 average-sized homes each day.

    For each megawatt-hour of power the fuel cell system generates, CO2 emissions will be reduced by 18 to 25%.[1] Over a project life of ten years, the system will reduce Honda’s carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 16 million pounds. Fuel cells convert fuels – in this case, natural gas – into electricity through an electrochemical process that is much more efficient than combustion, thereby reducing CO2 emissions of fossil fuels. Additionally, fuel cell technology delivers extraordinary water savings as it requires no water beyond an injection of 240 gallons at start-up. Compared to the average water demands of California power plants, it is estimated that Honda will save more than 3.25 million gallons of equivalent water used per year.[2]

    Over the past decade, American Honda has implemented a number of initiatives to reduce the company’s carbon footprint at its Torrance campus, including the installation of high efficiency cooling systems and a recent lighting retrofit that cut the facility’s CO2 emissions by nearly 750,000 pounds per year.

    American Honda contracted with Bloom Energy and its partner, Core States Group, to design, develop and implement this project. Bloom Energy will provide all monitoring and maintenance for the fuel cells.

    Honda Environmental Leadership

    Honda is a leader in the development of leading-edge technologies to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. Honda has led the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) rankings of overall vehicle environmental performance since 2000, and a Honda vehicle has topped the list of America's greenest vehicles from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) for eleven out of the past twelve years. The company leads all automakers with twelve LEED-certified "Green Buildings" in North America. Ten of its 14 North American manufacturing facilities are zero-waste to landfill.

    In 2006, Honda became the first automaker to announce voluntary CO2 emissions reduction targets for its global fleet of automobile, power sports and power equipment products and its global network of manufacturing plants. Today, the company is striving for even greater reductions in CO2 emissions that contribute to global climate change, while also working to minimize waste, water use and the total environmental footprint of its operations worldwide.

    Executive Quote

    “A stationary fuel cell system is a natural next step in our ongoing efforts to further reduce American Honda’s environmental impact” said Garth Sellers, Honda’s manager of North American corporate facilities “Honda already produces a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle – the FCX Clarity – so we know this type of technology is an effective means of reducing our carbon footprint.”

    For more information, contact:
    Marcos Frommer: [email protected] / 310-783-7837

    Connect to Honda:
    Honda Multimedia Newsroom (for media only):
    Honda News & Views:
    Honda Corporate Social Responsibility / Environment:
    Honda Environmental Film Series:
    Honda on Twitter:
    Honda of America Mfg. on Twitter:
    Honda on Facebook:
    Honda on YouTube:
    Honda on Flickr:
    Honda Website:


    Honda tests an app designed to reduce traffic congestion

    Smartphone mapping and traffic news apps can be a big help on a highway commute, but the next generation may go beyond advising alternative routes to actually reduce congestion. Honda says it has recently tested an app that can delay the start of a traffic jam by as much as six minutes, while also improving your car’s fuel efficiency by 20 percent. The secret to improving traffic flow isn't adding lanes to a highway or reworking an exit ramp, but in teaching drivers how to manage the brake pedal.

    Urban dwellers have all been there. You’re cruising down the highway, when suddenly traffic slows to a crawl. Maybe an accident is blocking progress, or a slew of cars are trying to merge onto the interstate. Five minutes later, when you reach the site of the major slowdown, all you find are a bunch of cars getting closer and closer together before speeding up and continuing on their way. The problem wasn’t a major obstacle or hazard, but simply too many people braking too hard at the same time. So you pass the invisible stop sign and work your way back up to 55 miles per hour.

    This is where Honda’s smartphone app comes in. The system displays either a green or blue screen, visible at a glance. Green means your driving is aligned with the surrounding vehicles and the chances of congestion are low. If the smartphone app turns blue, that means your driving is likely to create congestion and the app will guide you to realign your driving with the surrounding traffic flow.
    Apps ease traffic in tests

    Honda didn't specify how its smartphone app helps get your driving back in sync with everyone else. My guess is that it advises you to brake more slowly, or maybe back off from the car in front of you. The company said, however, that when its app was tested in Jakarta, Indonesia between September 2012 and February 2013, traffic jams were delayed by an average of three to four minutes and fuel efficiency improved by 20 to 22 percent.

    Honda tested two types of systems during its pilot project. In one case, drivers were outfitted with a stand-alone smartphone app that judged surrounding driving patterns. In the second test, multiple cars were outfitted with smartphone apps connected to a server. Those apps could learn from the server what other cars were doing, and then advise individual drivers how to get back in sync with traffic.
    Ready to hit the road?

    Honda’s concept is an interesting idea and potentially useful. It may bridge the gap until we can turn over driving responsibilities to self-driving cars that would be far more efficient at making these judgments than exhausted commuters who just want to get home.

    Overzealous braking, however, feels like just one aspect of traffic congestion, albeit a major contributor. A lighter foot won’t solve bottlenecks created when highways shrink from three to two lanes in the course of a few miles. You’ll probably never find a smartphone app that will convince the cutthroat driver in the lane next to you to let you in. And don’t get me started on drivers who seem blissfully unaware that you’re supposed to accelerate on the onramp so you’re driving at highway speeds by the time you actually get to the highway.

    Honda’s latest smartphone experiment was just the first public road test for its new congestion minimization technology. The company hasn’t announced any plans to release its smartphone app or whether this system might be built into car dashboards in the future.

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      Guangzhou-Honda’s Concept C Sedan Sighted Yet Again

      The Concept C sedan was unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show last year and is in an interesting position, its not quite Accord sized and not quite Civic sized. The ‘C’ is being developed in cooperation with Guangzhou Auto to take on the popular compact sedan segment in China where the Honda Civic, made by Dongfeng-Honda, is already a popular choice.

      The Shanghai Auto Show is thought to be the launch pad for this new vehicle, specifications of which are so secret now even we don’t have any idea, all we know is that its due for production in October this year. We’ve never seen a car manufacture camouflage the wheels either, Guangzhou-Honda really want to keep this one secret!

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        Patent Applied: production version of the Honda Concept C leaks out in China

        Honda has applied for patent on the production version of the Honda Concept C, the pictures leaked out, so we know what it will look like. The Honda Concept C debuted as a concept on the 2012 Beijing Auto Show and the production version will debut on the Shanghai Auto Show in April. Launch on the Chinese car market is expected for May or June.

        The Concept C is a new mid-size sedan that will be positioned under the Honda Accord. It will be made in China by the Guangzhou-Honda joint venture that also makes the Accord. Honda is considering export from China to other Asian countries but plans are not finalized yet. Engines: 1.8 or a 2.0, both mated to a 5-speed manual or 5-speed automatic.

        Price will start around 130.000 yuan and end around 170.000 yuan. The Concept C will compete with cars such as the Volkswagen Sagitar and the Citroen C4L, relatively small sedans with a premium look & feel. Hyundai is also working on a competitor for the same segment.

        Lines all a bit fuzzy but a surprisingly sporty design for Honda. Area around the C-style seems to work best. Huge overhang at the front.

        Chrome strip between headlights. Not a bad looking car and such, but this was the concept:

        Girl feels very cold. She needs to eat more meat.
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          Honda kickstarts 3-year plan to beat Hero in 2-wheelers

          Shinji Aoyama is a breath of fresh air. The Japanese honcho welcomes you with a namaskar. He is comfortable speaking English. He reels out numbers in lakhs and crores (typically Indian denominations). And he knows how to deal with swarming reporters looking for their daily fix without getting flustered. "One by one please. I will answer all your questions," he says calmly.

          Aoyama is the operating officer of Honda Corporation's motorcycle business based out of Japan. And he has just infused some vroom in the local two-wheeler industry. "Very soon, we will make the dream to become No. 1 [in India] come true," he announced at a recent press conference.


          Honda to spend $460 mln on 120,000 cars per year plant in India

          (Reuters) - Honda Motor Co will spend 25 billion rupees ($460 million) on a 120,000 cars-per-year plant in India, a senior executive said, as the Japanese carmaker looks to ramp up its activity in the country after splitting from its former partner.

          Honda will roll out its first car from the plant in Rajasthan, western India, next year, Yoshiyuki Matsumoto, Honda managing officer, told reporters on Tuesday.

          The investment will allow the plant, which currently builds car parts, to produce full vehicles. Honda will also introduce diesel models across its entire range in India, the company said.

          Honda's car sales in India have grown by around 45 percent this financial year, bucking negative growth in the wider industry, thanks to its small Jazz and Brio models.

          The Japanese carmaker ended a 16-year joint venture in India in August after buying out its former partner, which had disagreed with Honda over a ramping up of investment in the business that saw the Rajasthan factory delayed. ($1 = 54.3500 Indian rupees) (Reporting by Matthias Williams; Editing by Gopakumar Warrier)


          Honda To Resume Construction Of 2nd Plant In India

          NEW DELHI (Kyodo) -- The Indian subsidiary of Honda Motor Co. said Tuesday it will resume construction of its second auto plant in India, suspended since the 2008-2009 global financial crisis.

          Honda Cars India Ltd. aims to complete the plant in the western Indian state of Rajasthan next year, and to boost its annual vehicle production capacity in India to 240,000 vehicles.

          The new plant will produce vehicles for sale in the growing Indian market and for export to Africa and Europe.

          Honda Cars India President Hironori Kanayama said the plant will produce diesel engine vehicles to expand Honda's product lineup in India. "We will meet customers' diversifying demand."

          Honda will invest a total 25 billion rupees (about 42.7 billion yen) on the assembly plant and adjacent diesel engine and component factories.

          The Honda subsidiary plans to employ 2,200 workers at the Rajasthan plant.
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            Acura Teases Crossover Concept Ahead Of Shanghai Auto Show

            Acura has released the first image of a new crossover concept the company plans to unveil at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show next month.

            Acura hasn’t revealed any details about the concept apart from this single sketch and the announcement that the vehicle’s unveiling will be a world premiere.

            We also know that the concept vehicle is destined for production, although so far the only market confirmed to receive it is the Chinese market.

            With Acura’s RDX being all-new for 2013, and the company only just taking the covers off its redesigned 2014 MDX, the concept most likely previews a potential new entry from the Japanese brand.

            Given the size of the wheels in proportion to the body, the vehicle pictured in the sketch is likely to be a compact crossover, aimed at rivals such as the Audi Q3 and BMW X1 and the upcoming Lincoln MKC and Mercedes-Benz GLA Class.

            Sister brand Honda will also be using the upcoming Shanghai show to present a new concept, in its case a new MPV. While a redesigned version of the North American-spec Honda Odyssey MPV was just unveiled at the recent 2013 New York Auto Show, the global version of the car has been on sale since 2008 and will be due for a redesign soon. It’s possible that the MPV concept we see in Shanghai will be a preview of that redesign.

            We’ll have more details soon, as the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show kicks off on Friday, April 19. For our complete coverage of the event, be sure to visit our dedicated show hub.



            ZOOM Motorsports and INDYCAR announce extension of Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama through 2016

            BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - In advance of today's Honda Indy Grand Prix of Alabama, officials announced this morning that the race would continue at Barber Motorsports Park through 2016.

            INDYCAR CEO Jeff Belskus, Birmingham Mayor William Bell, Alabama State Senate Majority Leader Jabo Waggoner, President and CEO of ZOOM Motorsports Gene Hallman and other local and state officials were on site at Barber Motorsports Park to make the announcement.

            "ZOOM Motorsports is very excited about the extension of our INDYCAR sanctioning agreement through 2016," Hallman said. "INDYCAR has become very popular here in the heart of the Deep South and we look forward to continuing to grow the prominence of this race. We certainly feel that INDYCAR is the appropriate partner to assist us in showcasing what is considered to be the finest road course facility in the U.S.-the Barber Motorsports Park."

            Belskus said that Birmingham has been a great asset to INDYCAR. "We love coming to Birmingham and coming to Leeds," he said. "This is a beautiful track that showcases our cars and speed and what our cars can do. We are very pleased that we will continue coming her through 2016."

            Bell said that he remembered when George Barber first invited him to see the land he envisioned first as home to a motorcycle park and museum, but then as an Indy racetrack. "Thirteen or fourteen years ago, I got a call from George who showed me this plot of land," he said. "He had a dream to get Indy car racing in this area, and the rest of it is history. Today, it is one of the greatest race weekends in the world and we all benefit from it."

            Belskus said people were skeptical at first, wondering if an Indy race could be successful in Nascar country. "The answer has been a resounding success, especially because of the cooperation we've received from Birmingham and the state of Alabama," he said.

            Since the inaugural event in 2010, the Indy Grand Prix of Alabama continues to bring more than 80,000 fans each year from all over the world to the 2.38-mile road course. The Birmingham Convention and Visitors' Bureau estimates the event has an economic impact of more than $28 million on Birmingham.



            Honda plans rival to Maruti Alto, Hyundai Eon

            NEW DELHI: Honda is gearing up to take on the Maruti Alto, the country's largest selling car. The Japanese major is studying the idea of getting in a low-price small car below the Brio compact, apart from driving in entry-level sedan Amaze in India. For this, the company is looking into a variety of options, which include an all-new car and even the 660cc famed Kei cars that it makes for the domestic market in Japan.

            Hironori Kanayama, president & CEO of Honda Cars India, said the entry car market will continue to remain strong, prompting the company to look at the option actively. "We are studying the market... (but) we do not have such a small engine, except for the Japanese market where we have the 660cc Kei cars," Kanayama told TOI, adding that the option of 660cc engine may not be viable in India, considering the different kind of liking displayed by customers here. "The taste of the Japanese customer and the Indian customer is totally different (and) so we cannot bring that model (Kei cars) into India."

            He said the company is finalising the direction to be taken for the development of the entry compact car. "We need some time to make a decision on what needs to be done in this market. But we know that this market will be very stable, and will grow more," he said when speaking of the market below its Brio compact, which carries an entry price of Rs 4.12 lakh in Delhi (ex-showroom).
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              Honda Considering Small Diesel Engine with Capacity Between 1 and 1.2 Liters


              Preconceptions would suggest diesel engines have lower specific power output compared to your average petrol equivalent. However, since they have so much more torque, you don't need to rev them under normal city driving conditions.

              That's why some automakers decided to make much smaller diesel engines for cars that are used primarily in the city. A couple of years ago, Volkswagen introduced a 1.2-liter 75 PS TDI diesel to the Polo, replacing the oversized 1.6 TDI with the same output. Another carmaker that widely uses really small diesels is Fiat, its 1.3 being available on the Panda and 500 to name but a few.

              Honda has shied away from small diesel engines but could reconsider its position after seeing the success of its 1.6 i-DTEC Civic. From an interview with, we've learned the Japanese automaker researches are thinking about going well below that in terms of displacement.

              "We are looking at developing a smaller diesel engine. We are looking at a diesel engine with engine capacity between 1-1.2 litre. Once developed, it can be used on small cars," said Mr Atsushi Arisaka, Honda Asia Pacific R&D’s chief engineer.

              Of course, he was talking about a small diesel that would go into cars like the Brio hatch and Brio Amaze sedan, but it could also be offered with the next-gen Jazz/Fit. We've long considered this car to be unappreciated. As a supermini, it's uglier than its rivals, but a large boot and very spacious interior makes it very practical as well. The 1.4 VTEC is nice, but let's be honest – nobody wants to rev to 6,000 in a car like that.


              Honda exploring options to foray into multi-purpose vehicle segment in India


              Japanese car maker Honda is exploring the possibility to foray into the multi-purpose vehicle (MPV) segment in India, a top company official said today.

              "Honda is mulling a seven-seater multi-purpose vehicle. And we are, at this moment, studying the market whether we have to launch it or not...," Jnaneswar Sen, senior vice-president of sales and marketing of Honda Cars India, told reporters here.

              He further said: "See, to have a product, we must meet all the conditions -- what are people looking for, style, space. So we have to match everything. We actually decide whether we can actually bring it or not. That's the study we are doing now."

              "We are looking at two options -- one it is a seven seater multi-purpose vehicle and the other is of course, compact sports utility vehicle. That concept has already been developed and it has been displayed at Detroit Motor Show in January this year," he added.

              Asked whether people were shifting towards petrol car as diesel prices have been constantly increasing in the past, he said: "We hear from the industry that there is a slight shift (on preference to petrol cars from diesel)."

              To a query on whether it was possible to launch diesel variants of the company's existing models including -- Brio, City using the same 1.5 litre diesel engine, Mr Sen said: "This engine will not be fitted in any of our current models. It will be only for our new models. When City was designed, it was designed to carry a petrol engine. The cost of modification for diesel engine is fairly high...So, we decided not to."

              Mr Sen, who launched the company's mid-size sedan Amaze, said: "With the launch of Amaze we are entering into a new segment, which we were not present all these years."

              It is priced between Rs. 5.04 lakh (ex-showroom Chennai) for entry-level petrol and Rs. 7.68 lakh (ex-showroom Chennai) for top-end diesel variant.

              "The other big significance of the launch of Amaze is, it comes with Diesel engine. Whenever (in future) we launch new models, they may carry this (diesel) engine as well," he said.

              Noting that the company since its nationwide launch of Amaze has got good response, he said, the company may retail about 4,000 to 5,000 due to capacity constraints at its manufacturing facility.

              To a query, he said the company would also expand its presence to 102 cities by this financial year compared to the existing 97 cities.

              "At this moment we are present in 97 cities. So tier I and II are of course completely covered. Our focus is to go further down across 100 cities soon within this year," he said, adding the company would focus on sales of Amaze in the domestic market.

              "Unlike many other companies, our opportunity to exports is not huge. I think Honda has about 150 factories across the world. For time being no specific plans (on exports), we are going to focus on domestic market," he said.
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                Honda signals it may expand CVTs

                LOS ANGELES -- Honda's plan to produce continuously variable transmissions at a new plant in Celaya, Mexico, hints that more Honda models sold here could be fitted with CVTs.

                The $470 million factory in Celaya will operate alongside a vehicle assembly plant under construction that is scheduled to build the next-generation Fit hatchback and a Fit-based crossover.

                Honda said the transmission plant will open in the second half of 2015. The initial annual capacity will be 350,000 units and will rise to nearly 700,000 within several years. At peak capacity, the plant will employ about 1,500 workers.

                The Fit assembly plant is expected to open in spring 2014 with a planned annual capacity of 200,000 units.

                The Celaya factory will be Honda's third transmission plant in North America. When it reaches full production, Honda's transmission capacity in North America will exceed 2 million units.

                The upcoming Fit and Fit-based crossover are expected to be equipped with CVTs. Among Honda vehicles sold now in North America, CVTs are used in the Accord four-cylinder, the Civic Hybrid and the Insight. Combined sales of those vehicles amount to far less than the Celaya plant's 700,000-unit capacity. Honda spokesman Ed Miller declined to say what other vehicles might add a CVT to make use of the plant's production.

                Honda already assembles CVTs for the Accord in Russells Point, Ohio. Production of CVT pulleys will move from Japan to Anna, Ohio, in July.

                The Russells Point plant has capacity to supply transmissions for all Accords produced in North America, Miller said.

                Miller said the Celaya plant will focus on CVTs, but he declined to say whether geared transmissions might also be built there. He said the plant will focus on producing CVTs for vehicles built in North America but that export to other markets is possible.



                Honda Adds New Transmission Plant to Auto Plant in Mexico
                Transmission plant will have annual production capacity of 350,000 units and will employ 1,500.

                With the goal of establishing a “highly efficient production structure that maximizes local content in Mexico and the rest of North America’, Honda De Mexico announced last week that it will construct a new transmission plant in Celaya, near the city of Guanajuato.

                This plant will be on the same site as the new automobile plant currently under construction that will begin production of the Honda Fit in spring 2014.

                Transmission production will begin operation in the second half of 2015 with an annual production capacity of 350,000 units, with plans to more than double annual output in the coming years.

                Employment of 1,500 new associates is expected when the plant reaches its full production capacity of approximately 700,000 units annually.

                The new transmission plant, Honda's third in North America, will produce continuously variable transmissions (CVTs) for automobiles built in Mexico, where further market growth is expected, Honda said.

                When the new transmission plant reaches full production, Honda's transmission capacity in North America will exceed 2 million units, and will support Honda's capacity to produce 1.92 million automobiles per year in the region.

                "We are establishing a production base with outstanding global competitiveness in CVT production in the same location as our new automobile plant in Celaya," said Tetsuo Iwamura, COO of Honda North American Regional Operations. "As we continue to advance our commitment to build products close to the customer, we appreciate the strong support we have received here in Mexico."

                Honda established its first Mexican manufacturing operations in September 1985. Two years later, Honda de Mexico started motorcycle import sales and, in March 1988, began production of motorcycle products and automobile service parts in El Salto, Jalisco. Automobile production began in 1995 with the Accord and, in 2007, production switched to the CR-V. Honda de Mexico has a current annual capacity of 63,000 automobiles.

                With the new 200,000-unit Celaya automobile plant scheduled to begin operation in February 2014, Honda de Mexico's annual production capacity will increase to a total of 263,000 units. In 2012, Honda (IW 1000/30) sold 54,000 units in Mexico (up 150.6% from a year ago), with sales volume steadily increasing.

                The new transmission plant in Mexico will join existing Honda transmission manufacturing operations in Ohio and Georgia, increasing Honda's annual transmission production capacity in North America from the current 1.375 million units to more than 1.7 million units in 2016, and to more than 2 million units when the Mexican plant reaches full capacity.
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                  Honda to announce expansion

                  Sports car added to luxury line

                  MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WDTN) - Tuesday, Honda will unveil a new manufacturing site for the Acura N-S-X.
                  2 News has learned the new site will be located 8 miles west of Marysville near existing Honda plants.
                  Honda was the first Japanese automobile manufacturer to release a dedicated luxury brand, Acura, in 1986 and Ohio continues to benefit from their growth.
                  Honda already operates its largest North American engine plant in Anna with more than 24 hundred people working there.
                  In November it announced the expansion of that plant and the transmission plant in Russells Point with the planned addition of 200 jobs to the one thousand already employed there.
                  In January, Honda officials announced the 2014 Hybrid Accord would be built in Marysville adding another 50 jobs at that location.
                  Earlier this month, Midwest Express Group, a trucking and logistics company announced it would add 50 jobs in anticipation of the new deal with Honda's East Liberty plant in Logan County.
                  Honda tells us it has invested 800 million dollars in its four Ohio plants in the past three years.



                  Honda announces new Ohio plant Tuesday

                  Marysville —
                  Ohio Gov. John Kasich is expected to be on hand as Honda announces where it will build a new Ohio plant Tuesday.
                  The automaker is expected to finally say where in Central Ohio it will build its Acura NSX sports car in a press event Tuesday morning. The event will take place off U.S. 33 about eight miles west of Marysville, where Honda builds the Accord EX-L Sedan.
                  A Honda spokesman declined to offer details Monday about the size of the plant or how many workers it will employ, but he acknowledged that it’s not every day that an automaker pledges to build a new facility in Ohio. In recent years, many announcements about new auto plants have been made in the South, including Toyota’s pledge last month to move production of the Lexus ES 350 from Japan to Georgetown, Ky., a move expected to create about 750 jobs.
                  “It’s certainly exciting and unusual because the plant we’re going to be announcing on Tuesday will be building a super sports car, the NSX,” said Honda North America spokesman Ron Lietzke.
                  In January 2012, Honda and Acura first announced they would build the NSX somewhere near existing assembly sites in Marysville and East Liberty.
                  Industry observers of the 2012 announcement thought building the car in Ohio made sense. Honda has had three decades of manufacturing experience here. The automaker has been building cars in Ohio since 1982 and can build up to 680,000 passenger cars and light trucks at plants in Marysville and East Liberty.
                  The NSX will be powered by a mid-mounted, direct-injected V-6 engine mated to Acura’s “sport hybrid SH-AWD (super handling all-wheel drive) system,” Honda said.
                  The NSX is being developed by designers and engineers at Honda R&D Americas, Inc., in Los Angeles and Raymond, Ohio, the company said.
                  In January this year, Honda announced that it will invest $23 million to expand its Marysville plant to build the 2014 Accord Hybrid. That expansion will add about 50 workers for production of the hybrid sedan, which is expected to go on sale this fall.
                  The Accord Hybrid will be Honda’s third hybrid built in the U.S., and the first in Ohio.
                  And in February, Honda said it will move its top North American executives from California to Marysville. The move started last month and is expected to take a year or more.



                  Motor racing-Honda to return to F1 in 2015 with McLaren -sources

                  By Norihiko Shirouzu and Yoko Kubota

                  TOKYO, May 15 (Reuters) - Honda will return to Formula One in 2015 as McLaren engine partners, replacing Mercedes, sources close to the company said on Wednesday.

                  Honda's Chief Executive Takanobu Ito is set to make an official announcement as early as Thursday, one of the sources added.

                  The Japanese automaker quit the sport at the end of 2008, handing over their team to then-principal Ross Brawn who went on to win both titles in 2009 with Mercedes-powered Brawn GP.

                  One source said Honda hoped Formula One's new engine regulations for 2014 would help develop technology for its mass volume road cars, adding: "That incubator aspect of the sport makes Honda's participation worthwhile."

                  Formula One is set to introduce a new 1.6 litre V6 engine next year aided by high-power turbo technology with energy recovery systems.

                  The news about Honda's return to Formula One was reported earlier on Wednesday in Japanese media including public broadcaster NHK and Asahi newspaper.

                  "There is nothing we can say at the moment," Honda spokesman Shigeki Endo said.

                  McLaren are committed to using engines made by Mercedes, their former shareholders, next year but have not revealed their plans for beyond that date. A team spokesman had no comment on the reports.

                  The link-up with McLaren, the second most successful team in the sport after Ferrari in terms of race wins and drivers' titles, would revive one of the greatest Formula One partnerships.

                  Honda had little success with their own team but powered McLaren to multiple championships with the late Brazilian triple champion Ayrton Senna and French four times champion Alain Prost between 1988 and 1992.

                  The partnership in 1988 was the most dominant in Formula One history, with Senna and Prost winning 15 of the 16 races.

                  The sources said Honda also hoped renewed participation in the sport will help boost vehicle sales, especially in Japan, Asia and Europe where Formula One is popular.

                  The two sources declined to be named as they were not authorised to speak about the matter.

                  Honda made its Formula One debut at the 1964 German Grand Prix at the Nuerburgring. The company's first grand prix win came just a year later at the 1965 Mexican Grand Prix in Mexico City and they then withdrew after the 1968 season.

                  They returned to the sport as an engine provider in 1983 and departed again in 1992.

                  In 2000, Honda made a comeback with BAR, which then became the Honda team in 2006. The only success in that period was Jenson Button's 2006 win in Hungary.

                  Button, world champion in 2009, is now a McLaren driver along with Mexican Sergio Perez.
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                    Honda CEO says we shouldn't expect any new sports cars

                    It wasn't so long ago that Honda was known for its sporty two-door models, with models ranging from the Civic del Sol to the Prelude and from the Acura Integra and RSX to the Honda S2000. But look at its range today and all you'll see are the Civic and Accord coupes. Honda has essentially let competitors like the Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ and Nissan 370Z take the place it once claimed as its own. But if you were hoping Honda would fight back with a new coupe or convertible of its own, we're afraid you're going to have to downgrade those hopes to pipe dreams.

                    Tetsuo IwamuraWhile in Japan ahead of the Tokyo Motor Show, Autoblog had a chance to sit down with American Honda CEO Tetsuo Iwamura (pictured at right). When we asked about the potential for a new sports coupe or convertible in the Honda or Acura lineup, he pointed to the current Civic and Accord coupes – not to mention the upcoming new NSX – but said that Honda has no replacement for any of the aforementioned models (or a rival for the FR-S or 370Z) in the pipeline, saying only that the company is monitoring potential demand.

                    What Iwamura-san did note was that he's a personal fan of the new S660 roadster (pictured above) set to be unveiled tomorrow, and he is pushing (or at least hoping) that it will come to North America. Given that he's head of both Honda's American office and its global automobile operations, one might think that the only person he would have to persuade is himself (well... himself, and potential buyers), but the sporty droptop looks to be about kei-sized, which sadly suggests that it may be too small for American tastes and perhaps not designed with US crash-test standards in mind anyway.

                    Iubesc masinile japoneze. Ele nu mint, nu inseala !
                    ACURA & HONDA SUV FAN CLUB ROMANIA -


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                      How Honda Will Fix Acura - 2013 Tokyo Motor Show

                      During a roundtable discussion with journalists at the 2013 Tokyo Motor Show, American Honda Motor Company CEO Tetsuo Iwamura said that his biggest challenge in the next five years will be fixing Acura. In a surprisingly candid explanation, Iwamura said Acura’s brand image needs to be raised and acknowledged it’s not as strong globally as rivals Lexus and Infiniti (which have their own issues in global markets). Rather than try to expand Acura beyond its current markets in the U.S. and China, Iwamura said the priority is to grow the brand in those markets and make it as strong as possible. Only once the brand is strong enough in its core markets will Honda expand it into more markets, he said. Growing Acura in the U.S. hinges on improving sales and market share of its sedans. The plan to fix Acura began with getting its SUVs right, Iwamura said, and as a result, the MDX and RDX are seeing big sales increases. Now the focus shifts to the brand’s sedan lineup. Iwamura admitted that ILX sales have not been as strong as the company predicted and that the RLX needs to perform better. He expressed optimism that the new 2014 RLX Sport Hybrid model (pictured), which promises V-8 performance with four-cylinder fuel economy, would help bring in more customers.

                      Much of Acura's sedan revival, though, hinges on the new TLX sedan, which replaces the current TSX and TL sedans. That will whittle the lineup down to three distinct cars: one compact, one midsize, and one full-size. Iwamura confirmed that the all-new TLX will debut in the spring. The 2014 Acura RLX Sport Hybrid debuts at the 2013 Los Angeles auto show and is pictured below. Acura has updated its previous EPA fuel economy estimates to 28/32 mpg city/highway, and 30 mpg combined. Acura sales are up 5.6 percent through the first 10 months of 2013. MDX and RDX have carried the brand, with the two vehicles combined accounting for nearly 60 percent of sales. ILX, TSX, and TL made up most of the rest, with RLX a small contributor and ZDX sales statistically insignificant. RDX sales are up 64 percent for the year, and although MDX sales are down 4.7 percent, that can be attributed to the changeover to the all-new model. Sales of the RLX and ILX are both up owing to low sales last year, as the old RLX was phased out and the ILX was just getting its start in the market. TL and TSX sales are down 28 percent and 38 percent, respectively. How do you think Honda should improve the Acura brand?
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                        Iata noile caracteristici ale motoarelor turbo de 1; 1,5 si 2 l de la Honda !

                        Wau 1.5 l 150 KW deci 201 HP si 260 NM cuplu !!! Vreau motorul acesta !!!


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                          Nici cel de 1 litru si 127 CP nu e rau daca e adevarat ce zic in articol. Ar trebui testat si comparat cu omologul lui din Craiova.

                          Sunt totusi curios daca fac si variante mai soft la aceste motoare (gen 1.0 100 CP si 1.5 165 CP)
                          '08 Civic 5D 1,8 Sport Champagne Silver: Vicky



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                            Motorul de 2000 cm3 va avea in jur de 276 hp si cuplu de 295 lb-ft adica 400 Nm !
                            E prea tare - sincer este super masina ! Probabil si consumul este pe masura.


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                              FCEV concept

                              "The concept hints at Honda's next generation of fuel-cell vehicles, which are expected to launch in the U.S. and Japan in 2015, followed by Europe."


                              CR-V e:HEV
                              JAZZ GD1 CVT
                              Ex: CR-V RE6

                              Ex: RDX TB1
                              Ex: Civic FD1

                              Ex - JAZZ GD1
                              Ex - ACCORD Type-R
                              Ex - DEL SOL EH6


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                                Cand am fost in Japonia anul trecut, FIT era o masina foarte bine vazuta pe piata nipona si era promovata peste tot, la numai doua luni de la lansarea noii versiunii devenind cea mai bine vanduta masina din Japonia.

                                Vad ca vor sa cucereasca si piata americana cu noul model (130 CP i-VTEC) si sa bata Civicul la capitolul cel mai bine vandut model Honda din toate timpurile.

                                "The 2015 Fit has been completely reimagined, and we’re excited to share even more details with you. The new Fit features a sleek modern exterior, sporty, fun-to-drive handling and plenty of forward-thinking technology. Additionally, we’re proud to announce that it will be produced at an all-new North American facility.

                                Here’s what you can expect from our most stunning hatchback yet.

                                Aggressive new styling
                                Aerodynamic body constructed from high-tensile steel
                                Striking new grille and headlights
                                Available 16-inch, alloy wheels
                                Interior evolution
                                52.7 cubic feet of cargo space[1] with the Honda-exclusive Magic Seat®
                                Increased passenger volume and rear legroom
                                Available leather-trimmed seats
                                Performance machine
                                i-VTEC® engine with Earth Dreams Technology generates 130-horsepower (SAE net) at 6600 rpm and 114 lb.-ft of torque at 4600 rpm
                                6-speed manual or available Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
                                Revised, sport-tuned suspension
                                Packed with technology
                                Standard Bluetooth® connectivity[2], rearview camera and Expanded View Driver’s Mirror
                                Available Smart Entry with push button start, Honda LaneWatch™[3] and 7-inch Display Audio touch-screen
                                Advanced Compatibility Engineering™ (ACE™) II Body Structure"


                                si versiunea japoneza (inclusiv RS) fotografiata in showroom-ul din sediul central din Tokyo...

                                JPN 1650

                                JPN 1681

                                JPN 1686
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                                CR-V e:HEV
                                JAZZ GD1 CVT
                                Ex: CR-V RE6

                                Ex: RDX TB1
                                Ex: Civic FD1

                                Ex - JAZZ GD1
                                Ex - ACCORD Type-R
                                Ex - DEL SOL EH6