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  • Gradul de satisfactie a utilizatorilor din Franta, 2010:

    1. HONDA 92,8%
    2. MINI 87,5%
    3. DACIA 86,1%
    4. AUDI 85,1%
    "Things are not what they appear to be: nor are they otherwise."
    "The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head." - Sir Terry Pratchett


    • Honda part of Ohio tourism push

      An effort of Ohio officials to lure tourists is moving into high gear and Honda has decided to help drive the campaign, according to a report in the Business Courier.
      Ohio’s tourism trade is an industry that generates about $39 billion in annual sales and employs about 452,000 people. A key feature of the latest tourism push is a mobile tour making its way to events around Ohio and other Midwestern states through July.
      The state’s ride of choice: An Element made in East Liberty by Honda of America Manufacturing Inc. The automaker, whose North American manufacturing headquarters are in Marysville, donated use of the vehicle, while Speedway is providing fuel and Elmer’s Products is kicking in crafts that will be on display at each tour stop, according to the report.
      The mobile tour arrives at Cincinnati’s Flying Pig Marathon Expo Friday.


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      Honda Accord Ulverston

      This car doesn't look like a large boxy estate, it doesn't drive like a big oil-burner and its refinement over long journeys makes the car a great all-rounder.

      When you get to my time of life, you don't tend to get as excited about birthdays as you do when you're a kid. But with my Honda Accord notching up more than 30,000 miles, I couldn't let the big three-O pass without marking the occasion.
      This wouldn't be much of an achievement over a few years' motoring, but I've managed to accrue the total in less than 12 months. Most of my working week is spent driving somewhere to photograph the latest motors. Motorways, A-roads, B-roads and even a few C-roads - you name it, the Accord and I have probably been there.
      The good news is that the car has been faultless since the steering rack was replaced (issue 853) and it's still a rewarding drive. I continue to be impressed by the fuel economy (41.8mpg), even with a full load of my camera gear on board. And the thick rubber underside of the boot mat has proved useful, as I can spin it around to protect the Honda's carpet from some of my camera kit's plastic cases.
      Since the last report, the tyres have finally worn out, but they lasted 24,000 miles. I've now got two new Michelins on the front, which cost a very reasonable £85.10, but environmental rules meant I had to pay £10 towards disposal of the old rubber, while fitting and balancing added £20.
      Still, that looks like a bargain compared to the cost of the second service. This was performed after 25,000 miles at Lyndhill Honda in Chelmsford, Essex, at the same time as the tyres were replaced. The bill - excluding the rubber - was £457.69, which seemed pricey, especially given that the standard service cost is £144.90. Apparently, there were a few filters that needed replacing, and in fairness to Lyndhill it did tune the engine and adjust the tracking. The former has helped the Tourer run more quietly, while the latter corrected a slight pull to one side. Nevertheless, getting stung for two services in a year has hit the wallet harder than I'd like.
      Previous reliability issues aside, I've been impressed by the Accord. It doesn't look like a large boxy estate, it doesn't drive like a big oil-burner and its refinement over long journeys makes the car a great all-rounder. My next motor will have to work hard to impress as much.
      Second opinion

      Given the mileage on Pete's Accord, you would have thought it was shared around the office a lot. But in reality, we've struggled to prise the keys out of his grip. However, I did drive it ona long road test and recently had it for the weekend, and it struck me how robust it still felt inside. This is a tribute to Honda's renowned reliability.
      Piers Ward, road tester

      Author: Pete Gibson
      Honda Accord

      Featured Local Company

      Alan Myerscough Ltd

      01229 581058
      The Ellers


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      • Cars, Robots, Unicycles, And Now… Planes. Meet HondaJet

        Recently we discussed Honda’s prowess at making just about anything, even electric unicycles. But one of their more recent innovations is truly a departure from what we’ve come to expect from Honda.
        On May 4th in Geneva, Switzerland, Honda will display the HondaJet, the company’s first foray into the light business jet aircraft market, at the 2010 European Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (EBACE2010).

        Powering the HondaJet are a pair of GE HF120 engines, which are oddly placed in an over-the-wing engine-mount configuration. Both GE and Honda contend that these engines help the HondaJet achieve up to 30 percent better fuel efficiency than other comparable jets.
        Work on designing this sleek aircraft began in 1997, with the first test flight in 2003 followed by its world debut at EAA AirVenture in 2005. With production of these aircraft underway, and a sales and service network in place, the new HondaJet is ready to take on the commercial light jet market in Europe.

        The first customer deliveries should begin in the first quarter of 2011. If you would like to be one of the first to fly in one of these new jets, make sure you have enough change available to cover the $3.65 million price tag.

        YouTube - HondaJet featured in Honda Motor Company Global Ad "Sky"[/URL]


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        Oklahoma is newest market for natural-gas burning Honda GX

        The only factory-built natural gas-fueled car currently offered in the United States is now a little bit more available. Cheap natural gas costs and state incentives have led Honda to start offering the Civic GX to retail customers in Oklahoma. Previously, the car had only been available in California, New York and Utah.

        The Civic GX has a compressed natural gas tank mounted behind the rear seat taking up much of the trunk space. Unlike some other natural gas vehicles that converted by third parties, Honda builds the GX at its Greensburg Indiana plant alongside conventional Civics.

        Unfortunately, it appears that the Phill natural gas refueling appliance is no longer available after its manufacturer Fuelmaker went bankrupt last year. The Phill could be mounted on the garage wall and could fill the Civic's tank from a home natural gas supply.

        [Source: Honda]


        Oklahoma to Become Fourth Retail Market for Honda's Natural Gas-Powered Civic GX
        Dealer network expands for retail sales of nation's only natural gas-powered vehicle sold by an OEM

        TORRANCE, Calif. -

        American Honda Motor Co., Inc., today announced that dealers in Oklahoma will now have the option of selling the compressed natural gas (CNG) powered Honda Civic GX to customers on a retail basis. There are 13 Honda dealers in Oklahoma, three of which are already selling the Civic GX as a fleet vehicle.

        "Expanding Honda's Civic GX retail program along with the continued success of fleet sales expresses our commitment to the environment and natural gas vehicle technology," said Elmer Hardy, senior manager of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Sales & Marketing. "Honda seeks market opportunities for the Civic GX where strong natural gas refueling infrastructure exists, and we continue to see its promise as a clean, sustainable, domestically-sourced alternative fuel."

        Honda is the only OEM currently selling a CNG-powered vehicle on a retail basis in the United States. Additionally, the Civic GX is the only OEM-built, CNG-powered passenger car assembled in America. The Civic GX is built on the same assembly line as the gasoline-powered Civic 4-door models at Honda's Greensburg, Indiana manufacturing facility.

        In 2006, the Civic GX became available for the first time to retail customers in California. Since then, retail sales have expanded to New York, Utah and now, Oklahoma. Currently, 43 dealers in California, 19 in New York and eight in Utah have added Retail Sales Addendums to their Honda Sales Agreements that enable them to sell the Civic GX on a retail basis. When including dealerships that sell fleet vehicles, there are a total of 134 Civic GX dealers in 33 states.

        Oklahoma is an ideal market to expand retail sales of the Civic GX with its low refueling costs, a generous state tax incentive toward the purchase of a new Civic GX and solid fleet sales. As the second largest natural gas producing state in the U.S., Oklahoma already has a strong existing CNG station infrastructure with robust plans to expand the network over the next several years.

        The 2010 Civic GX achieves an EPA-estimated city/highway fuel economy of 24/36** miles per gasoline-gallon equivalent and is the only vehicle certified by the EPA to meet both Federal Tier 2-Bin 2 and Inherently Low Emission Vehicle (ILEV) zero evaporative emission certification standards. Additionally, the Honda Civic GX is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle ever tested by the EPA, and for the seventh straight year, the Civic GX NGV was named "Greenest Vehicle" by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

        For more information or downloadable high-resolution images of Honda vehicles, please visit www.hondanews.com. Consumer information is available at www.honda.com.

        * EPA Tier-2, Bin-2 and ILEV certification as of May 2009
        **Based on 2010 EPA mileage estimates, reflecting new EPA fuel economy methods beginning with 2008 models. Use for comparison purposes only. Do not compare to models before 2008. Your actual mileage will vary depending on how you drive and maintain your vehicle.


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        Test Drive review: Ford's new Fiesta has Honda Fit beat

        By Ford Motor via WieckThe Ford Fiesta has significant refinements for its size and price class. Against strong rival Honda Fit, it's looking awfully good.

        • What? Front-drive, four-door subcompact coming to the U.S. after European sales success. Available as a sedan or hatchback (also called a five-door).
        • When? On sale this summer.
        • Where? Built for North America in a converted Ford truck plant at Cuautitln, Mexico.
        • Why? Seen the fuel-economy rules lately? And Ford is sure Americans now love small cars.
        • How much? Sedan has three models, starting at $13,995 (S) with $675 shipping, $14,995 (SE), $16,995 (SEL). Hatchback is $15,795 (SE) and $17,795 (SES).Test cars: $16,920 SE hatchback with manual transmission and $20,675 SES hatchback with automatic transmission.
        • How potent? 1.6-liter four-cylinder rated 120 horsepower at 6,350 rpm, 112 pounds-feet of torque at 5,000 rpm. Five-speed manual standard, six-speed "PowerShift" automatic optional.
        • How big? Similar to Honda Fit outside, a bit less roomy inside, about 100 lbs. lighter. It's 67.8 in. wide, 58. in. tall on a 98-in. wheelbase. Length: 160.1 inches (hatchback), 173.6 in. (sedan). Weighs 2,578 to 2,628 lbs. Passenger space: 85.1 cubic feet. Sedan trunk, 12.8 cu. ft, Ford says, and the hatchback holds 15.4 cu. ft. behind the rear seat, 26 cu. ft. with the seat folded.Turns in 34.4 feet.
        • How thirsty? Ford forecasts federal ratings of 28 miles per gallon city, 38 highway with manual transmission and a nice, round, easily advertised 30/40 with automatic. Trip computer in manual test car showed 29.2 mpg (3.42 gallons per 100 miles) in rambunctious driving on two-lane rural roads. Automatic tester showed 35.2 mpg (2.84 gallons/100) in mix of two-lane and freeway, including some downhill.
        • Overall:Commendable refinement, comfort, handling. Slightly undercut by tight rear seat, some illegible instruments.

        SAN FRANCISCO — Ford has hit the mark pretty squarely with its Americanized Euro-market Fiesta subcompact due on sale here this summer as a 2011 model.
        Fiesta — along with the Euro-based Focus compact due next year — represents Ford's two-pronged assault on the small-car arena that's been owned by Honda and Toyota.
        In the case of the Fiesta, the car got significant refinements in its size- and price-class, resulting in a machine that's genteel on the road and, Ford claims, quieter even than cars a size class and a lot of dollars up the scale.

        PHOTOS: More views of the Ford Fiesta
        QUESTIONS? Ask them now for Healey's chat, 2 p.m. ET

        Two test cars were driven in the city and on freeways and rural two-lanes. One was a midline $16,920 SE hatchback with five-speed manual and the standard 15-inch wheels and tires. The other was a $20,675 SES hatchback with six-speed automatic, heated leather seats, 16-inch wheels and lower-profile tires.

        What was sweet

        •The ride was composed, neither harsh nor sloppy, with sure-footed handling that imparted confidence on the many snaky lanes Ford selected as a test route.
        You might suspect the base 15-inch wheels and tires would underperform. But they performed with more than sufficient crispness and precision, at least for most people most of the time.
        •Electric-assist power steering, instead of the normal hydraulic-assist, delivered a nicely centered feel that was responsive without being twitchy. As many automakers have shown, it's tough to correctly program electric steering.
        Electric assist is desirable because it improves fuel economy by eliminating the drag of a hydraulic pump spun by the engine via a belt. The engine still spins the alternator fast enough to charge an electric assist, but automakers have found that doesn't add much load.
        •Interior noise was minimal. Testing with a decibel meter likely would find it sets a new standard for the class vs. Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris, Nissan Versa and other contenders.
        Ford claims it's quiet enough to best cars a size bigger, which usually get more refinement goodies because they cost more and buyers expect more.
        •The four-cylinder avoided the dentist-drill drone and ruckus that abound as automakers rush to downsize to more fours without proper concern for their sound and feel.
        •The five-speed manual shifted easily, precisely. Not the best (Honda?), but good enough that you won't gripe. It's abetted by a light-feel clutch that engaged firmly.

        What was sour

        •The six-speed automatic. It should have been a high point but wasn't. It's Ford's take on the dual-clutch, automatically operated manuals that will become common because they use less fuel than older automatics with fluid-filled torque converters. The new style is truly like a manual, but electronics do the shifting. No clutch pedal provided or needed.
        Ford argues that it should get dispensation, even from criticism, for offering this new-style, fuel-saving automatic in such a small and relatively inexpensive car.
        Not exactly. If you put one in the car, make it as good as they get. It's not.
        Some automakers —Volkswagen for one — make their "manu-matics" sporting devices. They shift in snappy fashion in automatic mode, and they have manual modes that let the driver work the gears with panache unlikely using a clutch pedal.
        Not so Fiesta. It seemed tuned more for mileage than fun. Downshifts often were reluctant. Without an automatic's torque converter, it was sluggish off the mark.
        The former could be fixed by software changes, but easier access to lower gears would lower the fuel rating. The latter could be remedied by changing some gear ratios, but that, too, could erode the 30 mpg city and 40 mpg highway mileage target that Ford cherishes.
        Compounding those disappointments, Fiesta's automatic has no manual-shift mode. Customers don't want it, Ford says, and it would add to the price.
        C'mon, guys. Get over it. Give us a manual mode, act like you meant it all along, declare victory and move on.
        A Fiesta sport version, coming at some point down the road, might have a manu-matic with manual mode.
        Also diluting the sweetness:
        •Skinny characters in the trip computer are nearly unreadable. It's a small gauge face to begin with, tucked between big dials on the dashboard. The typeface adds to the challenge. Ford says a new font is in the works.
        •The 16-inch wheels and low-profile tires. Should have provided better handling than the 15s, but you couldn't tell for all the jiggling and jostling the car did with the short-sidewall tires. For all but the flat-out driver, it's hard to imagine the sacrifice in ride comfort is worth any handling gains.
        •Tight back seat. Not uncommon in subcompacts, but others do better on legroom.
        Ford's rationale goes something like this: Fiesta's price undercuts the Fit, arguably the benchmark among U.S.-market subcompacts, by $1,605 for the base version, and the Ford gives you stability control that costs extra on the Honda.
        Fiesta also wins on fuel economy, interior noise levels, general refinement.
        But Fit's folding back seat and interior space give it the nod for handy roominess.

        Bottom line

        We hate indecision as much as the next guy, so we'll just take the leap. Fiesta's the best subcompact car you (soon) can buy in the U.S.


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        Is it just me or is the new Honda Crosstour a retread of the AMC Eagle of our youth?

        One of the teachers at my elementary school had an AMC Eagle, that strange crossbreed of station wagon and Jeep Wagoneer. It was a strange beast, the car, not the teacher, that I thought had passed its time in America. I was wrong. I’ve been seeing several Honda Crosstours around and they looked strangely familiar. Now I know why.
        First a TV spot for the AMC Eagle:

        Now, the “new Honda Crosstour:

        [CENTER]YouTube - 1983 AMC eagle wagon commercial[/URL]YouTube - All-new 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour commercial—Snow Trip[/URL]YouTube - All-new 2010 Honda Accord Crosstour commercial—Snow Trip

        Is it just me or are the commercials even similar ?


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        The 13 Best Cars For Teen Drivers

        It's almost graduation time, which means that lots of parents and recent graduates will be in the market for a dependable car for heading off to college or full-time work. Our cousins with the cool test track at Consumer Reports have come up with their annual list of Best Cars for Teens.
        According to the CR car peeps, features you should be looking for include electronic stability control (not to be confused with traction control), antilock brakes, and curtain air bags, as well as good crash-test results.

        Here's more from them:

        Stay away from trucks and large SUVs because they tend to have clumsy handling, poor fuel economy, and their high centers of gravity make them more likely to roll over. Sports cars or other especially quick cars are another bad idea, with a higher rate of accidents than other cars and insurance rates to match.
        The good news is you can get a safe, reliable used car with those important safety features starting at less than $10,000.

        And now, the list:

        Small cars

        Hyundai Elantra SE (2008-present) $11,775-$18,695
        Mazda 3 (2007-) $13,025-$19,070
        Scion xB (2008-) $14,075-$18,630
        Scion xD (2008-) $13,675-$16,620
        Subaru Impreza (2008-) non-turbo, $13,700-$19,106
        Suzuki SX4 Crossover (2007-) $10,150-$17,519

        Family cars

        Acura TSX (2004-) $13,725-$29,675
        Honda Accord (2008-) 4-cyl., $17,725-$22,795
        Kia Optima (2007-) 4-cyl., $9,900-$20,365
        Toyota Prius (2004-) $11,750-$22,950
        Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 (2006-) $12,825-$22,965

        Small SUVs

        Honda CR-V (2005- ) $13,300-$25,805
        Nissan Rogue (2008- ) $16,550-$25,850
        CR includes the Toyota RAV4 [(2006- ) 4-cyl., $13,625-$25,405] on their list with the caveat that they have temporarily suspended their recommendation of the vehicle because of the sticky accelerator issue.

        And what about hand-me-down cars?

        That’s fine, as long as it is a relatively recent model, with all the latest safety features, rather than a worn-out, low-value clunker. ”
        What do you think of CR's list? I know my college parking lot was pretty evenly split between relatively new cars like you'd see on this list and duct-taped beaters like the '71 Chevelle I drove.

        2010 Best cars for teen drivers [CR Cars Blog]

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        • 1997 Honda Accord review from Indonesia

          "The Honda Accord '97 VTEC is a great car!"

          What things have gone wrong with the car?

          The turrets had to be replaced on the front wheels, as well as a couple of other similar parts. The road conditions in Jakarta are however horrible, so I would just put those down to wear and tear.
          The cog for the water pump broke, which was quite disappointing, and I had to have the thing towed.
          The electricals have however been the biggest disappointment; the wires under the dash burned up due to some circuit issue, and the fuse housing had problems with the fuses not making proper contact, thus making the speedo/rpm and other gauges shut off.
          Other parts that had to be replaced were just general service items. But I have been particular disappointed with the quality of the Honda Genuine Service Centers here. They charge a lot for their work, which also takes a long time, and then it isn't even that well done. They would have been able to see that the water pump's cog was damaged when they replaced the timing belt etc. but they didn't say anything about it.
          After I went to a different Honda service center to change some seals that began to leak, I was again shocked to find the new seal leaked as well only 2 months afterward. Maybe that isn't a problem with the actual workmanship of the change, but I'm sure they could have picked up what the reason for the leak was; I paid them enough for their time.
          I now have a problem with the temperature rising on the toll road/highway. I have been to many different mechanics for troubleshooting, but so far we haven't found the problem. I think it may have something to do with a faulty connection or the like. I hope I can find and fix the problem soon easily and cheaply enough.

          General comments?

          This car is great to drive. It's really smooth on both the highway and rough roads. It has nice handling and sticks to the road through corners.
          It isn't a powerful car, but for its capacity and reliability, it gives more than enough bang for my buck. I have gone up extremely steep mountain roads with all seats taken, and it never struggled. I have also taken it up to 170-180kmph, and it was still really smooth even despite the highway I was on not being 'A' grade; I felt very secure and there was minimal cabin noise.
          I like the shape of the car and the console layout. It only needs some cup holders.
          If someone wants to buy this car in Jakarta, I would say go for it. It is one of the last years of the Japanese made Accords, and already has fuel injection. It gives me more than 8km/l in stop-start city conditions on the Regular Leaded Low-Octane fuel (premium here is around 87 octane I guess).
          The car is not a sports car, but it's exciting enough to drive, and has a surprising amount of power when needed. It's all that you need and more in Jakarta. I often get good comments from my passengers about how comfortable the car is. My friend calls it the Mercy from Japan.
          Overall I like my car a lot, if it wasn't for the electrical issues arising every now and then I wouldn't ever dream of changing it, and even though I dream, I may still keep this car for quite a while yet. As everybody has issues right? Especially if they are man made machines who get pounded with bad fuel, bad drivers/riders (the kamikaze pilots on the roads here) and bad roads day after day. All hail glorious Jakarta, hell for cars. And thank you to my Honda Accord, no thanks to bloody Honda service centers.

          Would you buy another car from this manufacturer?-Yes
          Model year-1997
          Year of manufacture-1997
          First year of ownership-2008
          Most recent year of ownership-2010
          Engine and transmission-2.2 VTEC Manual
          Performance marks-8 / 10
          Reliability marks-7 / 10
          Comfort marks-10 / 10
          Dealer Service marks-4 / 10
          Running Costs (higher is cheaper)-8 / 10
          Overall marks (average of all marks)-7.4 / 10
          Distance when acquired-165000 kilometres
          Most recent distance-195000 kilometres
          Previous car-Nissan Sentra
          Date of Entry 29th April, 2010


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          Honda Seeks Cheaper Local Parts to Compete in China (Update1)

          ©2010 Bloomberg News
          By Makiko Kitamura

          April 30 (Bloomberg) -- Honda Motor Co. plans to buy more parts from Chinese suppliers to cut costs at its auto assembly plant in Wuhan, central China, as demand grows for affordable cars in the world's largest auto market.
          The carmaker aims to raise the proportion of locally made components bought from China-based companies to about 15 percent within three years from 10 percent now, said Mitsuo Yamamoto, a division head in charge of procurement at the plant, a joint venture with Dongfeng Motor Group Co. That may result in cost savings of about 1,000 yuan ($147) per vehicle, he said in an interview at the factory this week.
          Honda, Japan's second-largest carmaker, aims to cut costs as Chinese demand for cheap, smaller vehicles is rising. Subsidies for rural buyers and a tax cut for cars with engines no larger than 1.6 liters helped the nation's vehicle sales surge 46 percent last year to 13.6 million, surpassing U.S. demand for the first time.
          Honda's cheapest car in China, the Fit compact, is priced from 89,800 yuan. That compares with 59,800 yuan for the F3 compact made by Warren Buffett-backed BYD Co., the nation's best-selling model last year. March sales of the Fit in China more than doubled from a year earlier.
          “Compared with the F3, the Fit is a higher-quality car,” said Takeshi Miyao, a supply-chain analyst at auto consulting company Carnorama in Tokyo. “But Chinese cars' performance is improving, so the Japanese need to be on their toes in terms of cost and quality.”
          Second Wuhan Plant
          While the Wuhan factory gets as much as 95 percent of components locally, 90 percent of those parts are bought from Japanese and European parts makers operating in China as opposed to Chinese companies, Yamamoto said. The factory makes Civic compact cars, CR-V sport-utility vehicles and Spirior sedans and has the capacity to produce about 1,000 vehicles a day.
          Tokyo-based Honda may increase sales 9 percent to 630,000 vehicles this year in China, where industrywide demand will likely grow more than 10 percent, Chief Executive Officer Takanobu Ito, 56, said at the Beijing Auto Show last week.
          Honda, which has three car factories in China, and Dongfeng are preparing to begin production at a second plant in Wuhan from the second half of 2012. The venture also plans to introduce a new brand for the Chinese market, following Honda and Guangzhou Automobile Group Co.'s plans to start selling a new low-cost car under the Everus brand next year.
          Robots vs. Workers
          The Honda-Dongfeng venture is gradually increasing automation at the existing Wuhan plant, said Shinichi Ikeda, a division head in charge of vehicle production. The factory has about 130 robots, compared with about 400 each at Honda's plants in Saitama and Mie prefectures in Japan, said Isamu Matsuoka, deputy president of the joint venture.
          About 15 percent of engine-assembly work is automated at the Wuhan plant, compared with 50 percent at factories in Japan. Welding is one area in which automation is already used, to ensure consistency, Ikeda said.
          Automation doesn't necessarily reduce costs given the need for equipment maintenance, Ikeda said. Wages in China are also lower than in Japan and the U.S., Matsuoka said.
          Most line workers are hired from local technical schools, and the average wage is about 4,000 yuan ($586) a month, including overtime. That compares with an average monthly wage of 357,324 yen ($3,800) for Honda's workers in Japan.
          After language study in Wuhan, some workers are sent to factories in Japan for three-month training courses, Matsuoka said. This year, 26 workers will be trained in Japan, he said.
          “Our concept is to harmonize human operation with automation,” Matsuoka said.
          Honda fell 1.5 percent to 3,235 yen as of 12:46 p.m. in Tokyo today, the first day of trading in Japan since the company reported earnings on April 28. The carmaker posted net income of 72.1 billion yen for the fiscal fourth quarter ended March 31, compared with the average 80.5 billion yen estimate of three analysts surveyed by Bloomberg.

          --Editors: Terje Langeland, Kae Inoue



          Honda cautious on full year as competition heats up

          TOKYO (Reuters) -- Honda Motor Co forecast a smaller-than-expected 10 percent rise in full year operating profit and warned of stiffer competition as Korean and U.S. automakers roll out models to rival its fuel-efficient line-up.

          Japan's No.2 automaker is benefiting from a recovery in U.S. sales with a fleet of gas-sipping models such as the Civic sedan, which will be joined by the CR-Z sporty hybrid in North America this summer.

          But Executive Vice President Koichi Kondo said neighboring South Korea's Hyundai Motor Co was rapidly raising its game, particularly in Honda's most profitable U.S. market, while the U.S. “Big Three” were also beefing up their offerings.

          “More and more, the passenger car segment, where we've traditionally been strong, is becoming a fierce battlefield,” Kondo told a news conference.

          For the year to end-March 2011, Honda forecast an operating profit of 400 billion yen ($4.3 billion), up from the 363.8 billion yen it made in the year to March 2010, but down on the 500 billion yen consensus forecast in a poll of 19 analysts by Thomson Reuters I/B/E/S.

          Honda sees net profit growing 27 percent to 340 billion yen this year, after a near doubling last year.

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          • Road Test: 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid Is An Intelligent Hauler

            The 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid is the gas/electric vehicle for people who don’t want to call attention to their eco-consciousness or desire to save money on gas. It is also for people who don’t necessarily revel in being able to sneak up on people in parking lots in silent electric mode all the time like Prius drivers do.

            The 2010 Civic Hybrid we tested was sometimes in electric only mode at very low speeds thanks to its 15-kilowatt electric motor (the Insight makes do with a 10-killowatt motor thereby making it less expensive) but mainly the sewing machine smooth gas motor was doing its share of the accelerative work. All Civic hybrid models are equipped with a CVT automatic transmission.
            The 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid also has a stop/start function which turns the engine off at stop lights saving thereby giving the sedan a 40 city/45 highway rating. During the test our 2010 Honda Civic Hybrid returned an excellent 42 miles per gallon. The Civic Hybrid runs of regular unleaded gas.
            The best part about the Civic Hybrid is the fact that it is a Civic sedan. That means it is smartly styled, roomy, handles nimbly and has great steering feel. This hybrid is definitely more fun to drive than the sometimes remote feeling Prius. The four cylinder engine and electric motor put out 110 horsepower and 123 pound feet of torque giving the Civic hybrid adequate acceleration for most any situation.
            Trunk space, while not cavernous, is usefully shaped and offers 10.4 cubic feet of cargo space. Where the Civic really shines is in rear seat room. This compact somehow manages to afford enough space for three full size adults.
            Prices start at $23,800 for a basic model that comes fully equipped with power windows, door locks, CVT auto, automatic temperature control and everything you really need. The only options are leather and navigation or leather together with navigation which can push the price up to $27,000.
            Whereas the Prius makes a ton of sense if you do a lot of stop and go city driving, the Civic Hybrid makes the most sense as a family commuter for people who travel long distances each day to and from work. And since it is a Civic you can trust that it is well built and incredibly fun to drive.


            ================================================== =============

            Honda Provides Gasoline-Free Vehicles for White House Correspondents’ Association Weekend

            WEBWIRE – Friday, April 30, 2010

            Zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered FCX Clarity to shuttle guests and VIPs to annual black tie gala

            TORRANCE, Calif. - In support of the White House Correspondents’ Association’s (WHCA) effort to reduce the carbon impact surrounding its annual black tie gala, Honda will be providing a gasoline-free fleet of vehicles to shuttle select VIPs and guests to the event. The eco-friendly Honda cars will hit the streets of Washington D.C. from April 30 through May 1, shuttling passengers to the WHCA dinner and to the various events that run throughout the weekend.

            The highlight of the fleet will be the use of a zero emissions, hydrogen powered FCX Clarity fuel cell electric vehicle. The sleek and modern sedan is propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated in an on-board hydrogen fuel cell. The FCX Clarity’s only emission is water, and its fuel efficiency is three times that of a modern gasoline-powered automobile and two times that of a gasoline-powered hybrid vehicle.
            Along with the FCX Clarity, several compressed natural gas -powered Civic GXs will be transporting guests around Washington D.C. The Honda Civic GX is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle ever certified by the EPA and was named the "Greenest Vehicle" by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE).

            To kick off the Correspondents’ Weekend, the gasoline-free fleet will transport select invitees to the Honda, The Washington Post and Funnyordie.com sponsored First Amendment Party in Georgetown. The second annual event takes place on April 30th and benefits the Impact Arts + Film Fund, a Washington D.C.-based arts organization.


            ================================================== ===========

            New 2011 Odyssey Spyshots

            2011 Honda Odyssey

            We've seen the concept at the 2010 Chicago Auto Show, but now one of our readers caught an early pre-production model with his iPhone camera. In order to protect our location in hopes of getting better photos, we're keeping the location secret – but the pictures were snapped here in the U.S.

            As you can see, Honda is keeping the production version very close to the concept – so there is no question as to what the photographs are. The new Odyssey was engineered and designed in the U.S., and will be built in Alabama.

            Watch for the new Odyssey to debut this coming fall.

            Brenda Priddy & Company

            There's not a lot that's new to see here compared to the shots we showed you last month, but things are pretty slow so we figured maybe these were worth a look.


            ================================================== ==

            Honda president says next Insight will beat Prius in mpg fight

            2010 Honda Insight – Click above for high-res image gallery

            Honda Motor Company is more than a bit bummed out. It appears as though the company is not exactly pleased that the Toyota Prius has killed its Insight in sales and is even more agitated that the Prius remains the mileage champ. So, what can the company do to hit back? Build an Insight that trumps the competition, of course. Honda's president Takanobu Ito is pushing company engineers to build a better Insight as quickly as possible. His dream is not just a slightly enhanced hybrid. He's shooting for the stars on the this one.

            Ito wants the next Insight to trump the Prius in gas mileage, a difficult task for sure. But if a company president is, as Ito said, "not satisfied," changes must be made and goals have to be achieved. The current Insight struggles to compete with the Prius and many reports have suggested that the Insight's mediocre mileage of 40 miles per gallon city and 43 mpg highway is to blame. The Prius manages 51 mpg city and 48 mpg highway, a significant difference. Making an Insight that can match the Prius' gas mileage is not an easy task considering that the mileage gap between the vehicles is over a 20 percent.


            ================================================== ==========

            Honda Thinks to Debut Acura w/ Clean Diesel Engine

            Honda Motor Co. is thinking it will equip some models of its luxury car Acura line with low-emission diesel engines as early as 2010 in Japan.
            Honda will try to attract the wealthy, environment-conscious customer. Isn't that an oxymoron?
            Some of Honda's cars will be equipped with the clean engine in both Japan and the United States the year after next.

            In another bid to bolster its presence in the luxury car market, Honda will market an updated version of its high-end Acura NSX sports car.

            Question can a car be eco-friendly, high-end, luxury, and a sports car at the same time?

            Honda thinks it can.


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            • Best Family Cars of 2010

              Parents Magazine and Edmunds.com Team to Compile List Based on Safety, Performance and Family-Friendly Features

              (CBS) For the third straight year, Parents magazine and Edmunds.comhave come up with a list of what they've judged as the best family cars on the market.

              After judging hundreds of vehicles for performance, reliability, safety, and family-friendly features, they narrowed it down to 15 vehicles in five categories.

              Parents Editor in Chief Dana Points showcased three of them on "The Early Show on Saturday Morning."

              And we have the complete list for you, as well.

              All the cars on the list are budget-friendly: Five start at less than $20,000 and one starts at just $13,300. The Best Family Cars of 2010 feature will appear in the June 2010 issue of Parents magazine, which hits newsstands on May 15.

              SEEN ON THE SHOW

              From the Crossover category:

              Honda CR-V

              Starts at $21,545
              MPG: 21 city/28 highway
              Call it a compromise free crossover. The CR-V has a breezy, carlike feel and excellent handling. Its cozy cabin has two glove boxes and handy under-seat compartments to keep all your kids' stuff organized. The rear seats fold down in various configurations, with minimal effort, to fit double strollers and science projects, and loading bulky gear is less laborious thanks to the superlight lift gate and low rear deck. We also like that even the base model comes with a folding center storage tray, front and rear power outlets, and a conversation mirror (which lets you see what's going on in the backseat without having to turn around).


              •Compromise-free crossover
              •One of the best choices available in the all important areas of on-road drivability and practicality
              •Breezy, carlike feel and excellent handling
              •Our readers love the way it drives in all weather conditions
              •Cozy cabin with two glove boxes and handy under-seat compartments to keep all the kids' stuff organized
              •Rear seats fold down in various configurations with minimal effort. Perfect to fit double strollers and other bulky gear.
              •Even the base model has: folding rear storage tray, front and rear power outlets and a conversation mirror which lets you see what's going on in the backseat without turning around

              From the Big Car Category:

              Chevrolet Traverse

              Starts at $29,224
              MPG: 16 city/24 highway
              It's just as versatile as a minivan, but this sporty SUV has way more street cred. The Traverse is remarkably spacious, with seating for up to eight passengers and a third row that's comfy even for grownups. The second row seats slide forward (perfect positioning for handing your kid his sippy) and back (for tweens who need more legroom). You can get a week's vacation worth of luggage into the rear cargo well, and with the seats folded down this vehicle could almost double as a delivery van. Still, the sure handling will make you forget all about its size.

              •Its nimble handling almost makes you forget how big it is, until you realize that it's….
              •Remarkably spacious with seating for up to 8 and a third row that's comfortable enough for grown ups
              •The second row slides forward to put kids in perfect position for moms to easily hand back sippy cups or toys
              •If you're heading out on a road trip, you could easily fit a week's vacation worth of luggage into the rear cargo area
              •Base LS models come with OnStar, satellite radio, a six-speaker CD/MP3 player with an auxiliary audio jack and folding second and third row seats

              From the Hybrid category:

              Ford Fusion Hybrid

              Starts at $27,625
              MPG: 41 city/36 highway
              Looking for a larger, plusher hybrid? Try the new Fusion, which was named 2010 North American Car of the Year at the Detroit auto show. The ride is luxurious, and the snazzy cabin has power seats and soft ambient lighting. Your kids will love the voice activated Sync audio system, which plays music on command. You'll appreciate the capless gas tank, which keeps your hands clean when you refuel. If you want to spend less, the non-hybrid Fusion starts at an affordable $20,000.

              •Great for green minded families who don't want to sacrifice style, comfort or safety
              •Sportier than you expect a hybrid sedan to be
              •Can run on battery power alone up to 47 mph
              •Luxurious ride
              •Comfortable power seats
              •Soft ambient interior lighting
              •Keyless entry pad
              •Kids and parents will love the voice activated Sync system which plays music on command (this is a standard feature)
              •Smart Perk: Capless gap tank that lets you keep your hands clean while you refuel

              COMPLETE LIST


              Honda Accord, Price Starts at $21,055, MPG 19 city/31 highway
              •Subaru Legacy, Price Starts at $19,995, MPG 18 city/31 highway
              •Volkswagen Jetta TDI, Price Starts at $22,830, MPG 30 city/41 highway


              Honda Fit, Price Starts at $14,900, MPG 27 city/35 highway
              •Mazda 5, Price Starts at $18,510, MPG 21 city/28 highway
              •Kia Soul, Price Starts at $13,300, MPG 24 city/31 highway


              •Chevrolet Equinox, Price Starts at $22,615, MPG 17 city/32 highway
              Honda CR-V, Price Starts at $21,545, MPG 21 city/28 highway
              •Toyota RAV4, Price Starts at $21,675, MPG 19 city/28 highway
              *Toyota has addressed the accelerator problem (which resulted in a recall for this model last January) in all new RAV4s being sold; we feel comfortable recommending it.


              •Toyota Prius, Price Starts at $22,800, MPG 51 city/48 highway
              Honda Insight, Price Starts at $19,800, MPG 40 city/43 highway
              •Ford Fusion Hybrid, Price Starts at $27,950, MPG 41 city/36 highway
              * Toyota has addressed the braking problem (which resulted in a recall in February) in all new Prius models being sold; we feel comfortable recommending it.

              BIG CARS

              •Ford Flex, Price Starts at $28,950, MPG 16 city/24 highway
              Honda Odyssey, Price Starts at $26,805, MPG 16 city/24 highway
              •Chevrolet Traverse, Price Starts at $29,224, MPG 16 city

              © MMX, CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved.


              ================================================== ===============

              Honda recognizes suppliers for top performance

              Saturday, May 1, 2010 1:44 PM

              Recognizing its base of more than 600 parts suppliers in North America, Honda honored its top original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and service parts suppliers for excelling in their respective key areas, including quality and delivery improvements.
              Fifty-three OEM suppliers and 64 service parts suppliers received awards, April 28-29 with some companies receiving multiple awards, during separate awards ceremonies at the company's annual supplier conferences in Columbus.
              OEM suppliers received their awards April 29, based on their performance in quality, on-time parts delivery and productivity. Suppliers were eligible to win awards in more than one category. Eleven OEM suppliers from Ohio received awards, including Marion Industries, Inc., one of two "triple-award" recipients earning top recognition in all three OEM categories. There were 13 double-award recipients.
              Rikenkaki America Corporation, located in Marysville, won a delivery performance award.
              U-Co Industries, Inc., also located in Marysville, won a double awards for quality and delivery.
              Hidenobu Iwata, who leads Honda's manufacturing in North America, expressed appreciation for the efforts of Honda suppliers to meet the needs of customers during an historic economic recession and market decline. "You responded by making the necessary changes to keep your companies competitive," he said. "Your flexibility and willingness to work together allowed us to weather this storm.
              Honda works closely with its 600 suppliers in North America to improve performance and optimize the supply chain. Even while responding to severe market conditions, they exceeded Honda's quality and delivery targets in the past year, said Bob Nelson, who oversees Honda's North
              Involvement of suppliers at the earliest stages of new-model engineering helped achieve top quality levels with launch of the new Accord Crosstour and Acura ZDX.
              In addition to operational performance, Honda recognizes suppliers for their social responsibility with the Honda Corporate Citizenship Award. The recipient this year is U.S. Engine Valve Company, Westminster, S.C. for demonstrating excellence in six areas: health and safety, equal opportunity, government relations, community involvement, ethics and compliance, and the environment.
              Service parts suppliers, who received their awards April 28, were rated based on their performance in quality, cost, and delivery. Distinct from the OEM supplier awards, an overall score is based on the combined performance in all three categories. Winners achieved top combined scores.
              "I want to thank you for your efforts to meet our delivery goals," Bruce Smith, vice president of Honda's parts division, told suppliers at the awards ceremony. "You have worked hard over the past year to improve your service parts business, and while there continue to be opportunities for improvement, it is clear that you are focused on achieving the objectives that have the most impact on our customers."
              Smith noted a study demonstrating Honda's leadership in service and parts availability and satisfaction. In the 2009 Carlisle & Company Automotive Parts Manager Survey, Honda or Acura led in most major measures including parts availability. In terms of overall satisfaction, Acura led with a score of 95.9 percent followed closely by Honda. In condition of shipments, Honda led in all categories, followed closely by Acura.
              In addition to gains in quality and delivery, Honda is working in partnership with suppliers to reduce truck transport. Honda carriers are using available space to pick up parts from some supplier plants, and suppliers themselves are sharing loads.


              ================================================== ===========

              Honda U3-X Personal Mobility Device makes virtual rounds since introduction in April 2010

              Earlier this month Honda released a prototype concept of a unique personal mobility vehicle and offered the first U.S. demonstration. The rider sits and uses natural body movements and balance for use indoors. With the world’s first omni-directional driving wheel system at its core, this twenty pound unit moves in whatever direction the driver leans into, including sideways. Battery-powered, the U3-X may never make it to market, but the internet is alive with commentary and opinion. See video below.

              Segway, once thought to be the future of urban transportation, finds its customer base primarily with municipalities, particularly in law enforcement. Airports, malls and other sprawling complexes offer the perfect environment for Segway use. Read about Segway for people with disabilities. Visit a Segway dealer serving greater metro Denver and Colorado.

              Honda demonstrates U3-X personal mobility vehicle incorporated into daily life by abled-bodied people – at the office, at a museum or shopping. Primarily intended for use indoors, its small profile and weight would make it more practical than Segway for taking in the car or on trips. Conversely, without the heft of Segway, the U3-X would not perform well on city streets, for example.

              The unit requires the rider to have enough lower-body strength and balance to control the vehicle, although its applications for people with disabilities could be widespread.

              The prototype uses Honda’s proprietary balance-control system based on its research for the development of the bi-pedal humanoid robot dubbed ASIMO. Honda expands its branding through this research into human walking dynamics, an added focus for over a decade, and says of itself now that Honda is in the business of “human mobility.” Among Honda’s other prototypes under review and consideration for the marketplace, are two Walking Assist devices, introduced in 2009. One (pictured above) manages stride, especially helpful for elders and others with conditions that weaken muscles. The other features a bodyweight support system that makes the device functional for activities that require extensive standing or repetitive lower body tasks, such as walking, stooping, or climbing.
              Honda's human mobility products are not yet on the market. A sampling of local metro Denver Honda dealers found that none have the prototypes on display for review or testing at this time.
              For other custom mobility products in metro Denver, visit Peak Wheelchairs in Lafayette, CO and Rocky Mountain Medical .
              Kathryn also writes as Denver Disability Examiner and Denver Senior Care Examiner. Contact for inquiries and to suggest future topics. Select "subscribe" to receive Kathryn's articles on a regular basis.


              YouTube - U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype

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              • Comparison Test: Midsize sedans (Part 1)

                Bread and butter cars they might be, but that doesn’t stop them from being stylish, sporty and fun to drive.

                The best selling cars in the country are midsize sedans and the best selling cars for most automakers are their sedan offerings. The midsize sedan offers practicality without the reputation crushing style of a minivan.

                At least, that’s what they want you to think.

                The Toyota Camry was once the most popular car in the world and a year ago, the Camry’s annual American sales typically exceeded the total annual new car sales in the average European country.

                With so much choice on offer in this segment, buyers are able to demand many different things from these four door cars.

                Some people buy them as family cars, opting for more room over a compact sedan, without sacrificing small car handling and fuel economy.

                Other people like a bigger car over a smaller one. Many people prefer the Honda Accord to the Civic because it has a bigger presence on the road. The larger car makes you feel safer and more secure during highway travel.

                Of course, the best midsize sedan would cater to all those needs, but that just isn’t going to happen. A sedan that looks great, is quick off the line, is able to handling like a Kia Forte Koup and drinks gas like a Prius is any car buyers dream.

                Over the past week I have driven to dealer after dealer on your behalf to find the best of the best in the midsize sedan segment.

                The competitors are,
                • 2010 Honda Accord EX
                • 2010 Hyundai Sonata Limited
                • 2010 Mazda 6 Grand Touring
                • 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited
                • 2010 Toyota Camry LE
                • 2010 Nissan Altima 2.5S
                • 2010 Chevrolet Malibu LTZ
                • 2010 Ford Fusion V6 SEL
                Now, of course, I tried to keep every car in the test around the same price of $25,000. I had to work with what dealers had so prices may vary on certain vehicles.

                Over the next week, you’ll find comparisons of each car in a number of categories, including styling, power, handling, interior space and a few others. Finally, I will give a list of the best midsize sedan to the worst.

                Check back each day to see the rankings emerge, and next Monday you’ll see which of the eight midsize sedans deserves the highest spot on your car buying list.
                Other Reviews You Might Like
                2010 Kia Forte Koup

                2010 Honda Accord Coupe

                2010 Toyota Camry LE



                Honda sales stay hot in April

                Robust light truck and sport-utility vehicle sales once again pushed Honda Motor Co. Ltd. to another double-digit percentage gain in U.S. sales last month.
                Torrance, Calif.-based American Honda Motor Co. said Monday it sold 113,697 vehicles in April, up 12.5 percent from 101,029 in April 2009. That accounts for a 12 percent jump in sales at 102,978 units for its namesake division and a 22 percent gain in sales at 10,719 units for the luxury Acura division.
                Honda’s top-selling Accord, assembled at its Marysville plant, saw a modest gain of 9 percent for the month, far outpaced by light-truck and SUV sales in both the Honda and Acura divisions. The East Liberty-assembled Element light utility vehicle, for example, saw sales jump 24 percent for the month. Sales of the CR-V sport-ute, also made in East Liberty, rose 37 percent to 16,661 units, making it the third best-selling brand of the month behind the Accord and Civic.
                Sales of Acura’s SUVs were even stronger. The Marysville-made RDX posted a 58 percent surge in sales to 1,168 units.
                Much like April, a light truck-fueled sales boost was behind a more than 20 percent gain in sales for Honda in March. For the first four months of the year, the automaker’s U.S. sales are up 11 percent to 370,109 units, from 332,014 a year ago.
                Honda bases its North American production headquarters in Marysville. The company ranks among Central Ohio’s biggest private employers with about 7,400 workers, according to Columbus Business First research.



                Honda Now Focuses on Fuel Economy for Hybrid Market

                Toyota Prius may be the most fuel-efficient car at the moment, but its competitor in the hybrid car market, Honda Insight, would beat Prius in terms fuel economy in future. That is what Takanobu Ito, Honda CEO, has recently vowed. Toyota is now leading the hybrid car market with a big difference from its competitors, but Insight has given a tough challenge when Honda introduced the second generation Insight in 2009. The biggest advantage of Honda Insight was its price. Last, it became the least expensive gas-electric hybrid car, and thus, putting a huge challenge for market leader Prius.

                Toyota already sold more than 1.6 million Prius so far. It may not be easy for Honda to surpass Prius in the neat future. After beating Prius in price, Honda’s focus is now on mpgs.

                Autoguide reported:
                Honda CEO Takanobu Ito has recognized this issue and an overall complacency at the Japanese automaker and has vowed to do something about it. Stating quite frankly that he’s not “satisfied,” with the efforts of the company, he has vowed that the next generation Insight will top the Prius in fuel economy. Currently the Insight gets just 40/43 mpg (city/highway) compared to the Prius at 51/48 mpg. Ito is also urging haste, telling Honda’s engineers to bring the car to market quickly – suggesting that the current Insight may not last for a full four or five year cycle.

                Well, it is pretty much clear that Honda would go all out to defeat Toyota Prius in the hybrid car market with its third generation Insight. So, it is high time, Toyota should also plan how to hold on to stave off Insight challenge.



                American Honda Reports April Sales Increase of 12.5 Percent

                Date: May 03, 2010 14:21
                Submitted by: Jeff
                Source: Honda Press Release
                Credibility Rating: Not Specified

                Honda Division up 11.7 percent; Acura Division up 21.6 percent

                TORRANCE, Calif., May 3, 2010 - American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted April sales of 113,697, an increase of 12.5 percent compared to April 2009 results of 101,029, the company announced today. American Honda year-to-date sales of 370,109 represent an increase of 12.6 percent based on the daily selling rate*.

                Honda Division posted April sales of 102,978, an increase of 11.7 percent versus April 2009. Honda light-truck sales increased 38.1 percent for the month to 42,034. The CR-V crossover utility vehicle, up 36.8 percent; Odyssey minivan, up 11.8 percent; and Pilot sport utility vehicle, up 41.9 percent, accounted for the highest light-truck monthly sales with totals of 16,661, 10,628 and 9,322 units, respectively.

                Acura Division April sales increased 21.6 percent to 10,719. The MDX luxury sport utility vehicle led the division with sales of 3,714, an increase of 58.9 percent.

                *The daily selling rate (DSR) is calculated with 26 days for both April 2010 and 2009. Year-to-date, the DSR is calculated with 100 days for 2010, versus 101 days for 2009. All percentages reflect DSR.

                For more information about Honda vehicles, please visit www.honda.com. For media inquiries please visit www.hondanews.com. For more information about Acura vehicles, please visit www.acura.com. For media inquiries please visit www.acuranews.com.

                TABEL vanzari => http://www.vtec.net/news/news-item?news_item_id=896325

                ================================================== =

                VW to take on Honda City with new sedan

                German car maker Volkswagen [ Images ] is looking to dislodge Honda's dominance in the premium mid-size segment in India [ Images ], with the launch of a new executive sedan in the second half of this year.

                To be known as Vento, it is targeted primarily at the Honda City [ Images ], which has been the segment's best-seller since its launch in September 2008, clocking average sales of around 4,000 units monthly.
                The new sedan is built on the same platform as the Polo, a premium hatchback launched by VW in February. The company will play the same strategy for the Vento as it has for the Polo, by positioning it in the premium category, in line with VW's higher brand value in the country.
                Pricing of the sedan is being kept under wraps by the company. However, industry sources say the Vento will be priced at Rs 9,00,000-10,00,000. Prices of the Honda City start at Rs 8,59,000 for the base variant, with the fully loaded automatic variant costing Rs 1.1 million (Rs 11.04 lakh) (ex-showroom, Mumbai [ Images ]).
                "Volkswagen has clearly targeted the City segment as there is least competition there, with the Honda car managing to gain the maximum from this void. The drive, handling, interiors and exteriors of the Vento have been developed keeping in mind the City," said the source.
                The area where the VW sedan is expected to score over the Japanese counterpart is the diesel engine option to be offered on the Vento. Honda does not offer a diesel option on any of its cars. The Vento will be available in both diesel and petrol models, with the Polo's 1.6-litre petrol engine due to be seen in the sedan, too.
                Neeraj Garg, director, Volkswagen Passenger Cars, Volkswagen Group Sales India, said: "The way we were competitive when we launched the hatchback (Polo), similarly, we will be competitive in terms of value proposition and impact segment with the sedan. We are a premium brand with premium products and do not intend to be in the price-sensitive segment."
                This sedan from the German company, now among the top three car producing companies in the world, will be produced at VW's new factory at Chakan, near Pune. This plant currently makes the Polo and Skoda's Fabia [ Images ].
                While the Polo, with its limited localisation capabilities is available at Rs 4.45 lakh (higher than Maruti [ Get Quote ] Swift [ Images ] and Ritz), the Vento, too, will be handicapped for similar reasons, as the engine and transmission, generally 35-40 per cent of a car's cost, will have to be imported.
                Honda Siel [ Images ] (HSCI), meanwhile, does not have anything planned for the City sedan this year in terms of refurbishments, as the company had added a new trim level to it just last year. HSCI had launched the 1.5V (in manual and automatic transmission). This new version got five-spoke alloy wheels, front fog lamps and beige fabric seats, among other features.
                Other cars in the premium mid-size category include the Mitsubishi Lancer and Cedia, Chevrolet [ Images ] Optra Magnum and the Toyota [ Images ] Corolla Altis [ Images ].



                Judge Approves Preliminary Settlement of Honda Brake Suit

                By CHRISTOPHER JENSEN
                2008 Honda Accord EX-L V-6 sedan.

                A federal judge has given preliminary approval to a settlement of a class-action suit that says the rear brakes on 750,000 Accords and Acura TSXs are wearing out much faster than they should.
                The suit was filed in September and covers 2008–9 Accords, 2009 Acura TSXs and a few 2010s. The suit claims the rear brakes wear out in 15,000 to 20,000 miles because a new brake design causes “excessive force to be applied to the vehicles rear wheels.”
                Honda agreed to a settlement earlier this year, although the company denied having done anything wrong with the brake design.
                On April 15, Judge Margaret M. Morrow of the United States District Court for the Central District of California granted preliminary approval to the deal. She ruled that the terms of the settlement “appear sufficiently fair, reasonable and adequate.” Now the court will accept comments on the proposed settlement before ruling later this year.
                Within 60 days of that approval, Honda is supposed to notify eligible owners of the proposed settlement.

                Here’s what is proposed:

                • Owners who had the pads replaced and rotors resurfaced before approval of the settlement would be reimbursed for one half of the cost, or a maximum of $125, “whichever is less.” That would be for repairs in which the original worn pads were replaced with pads of the same type. Owners can file claims for multiple repairs, and the work does not need to have been done at a Honda dealership.
                • Owners will also be given a one-time payment of up to $150 to have new, redesigned brake pads installed.
                Eric Gibbs of San Francisco and Berk Law of Washington, the lawyers for the plaintiffs, will get up to $2 million for fees and expenses.

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                • Honda Happy with Light Truck Sales

                  Honda isn't exactly giddy yet, but the Japanese automaker has been pleased with demand for its light trucks lately, and views the uptick as a sign that the U.S. economy is on the rebound.

                  Inventory is down to 42 days for light trucks at the beginning of April, reports Automotive News, down from 47 on March 1. Honda's light truck lineup, by the way, includes the Pilot, Odyssey, CR-V, Element, Ridgeline, and Crosstour. If you think counting the Crosstour as a light truck is wrong, consider that the government classifies the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Chevrolet HHR as SUVs.

                  "We're very short of inventory on the light-truck side," said John Mendel, Honda's U.S. executive vice president, to Automotive News. "That seems to be growing for us and the industry. Demand seems to be stronger than the car side.”

                  One look at Honda's sales results from April confirms this. Every light truck from Honda and Acura has sold more year-to-date than for the same period in 2009 -- even the Honda Element, which registers a 0.9 percent increase year-to-date. If the Crosstour was considered a car, Honda's light truck sales would still be up about 30 percent.

                  Part of this success is no doubt due to Honda's incentive spending for the month. While other automakers have been slapping far more money on the hood of each vehicle lately (see Toyota), with Honda's Civic and Odyssey are nearing the end of their product cycles -- not to mention the Element and Ridgeline -- there are deals to be had on Honda dealer lots.

                  ================================================== ===============

                  Honda Civic GX natural-gas sedan goes on sale in Oklahoma

                  The Honda Civic GX NGV, the only natural-gas-powered car sold by a major automaker, is now available to retail buyers in Oklahoma. This is the fourth retail market for this CNG Civic, following its introduction in California, New York, and Utah. In other states, it’s sold as a fleet car by selected dealers.
                  Natural gas, which is abundant in the U.S. and Canada, burns far cleaner than gasoline and is significantly less expensive. With a home-filling station, it can be about half the price of gasoline (per gallon equivalent). But general availability and the number refueling stations open to the public are regionally spotty. There are some 200,000 gas stations across the country, and less than a thousand natural-gas fueling stations open to the public. GX retail sales are therefore limited to areas where there is access to a decent natural-gas fueling infrastructure.

                  The GX got the gasoline equivalent of 30 mpg when we tested it in 2008. Not bad at all. But with a tank that holds the equivalent of only about 8 gallons of gasoline, the car’s driving range is limited.
                  Our bottom line is that the GX makes sense financially and environmentally only if access to natural-gas fueling stations is not a problem. It can be a good choice for running errands and local commuting, but longer trips require planning ahead to make sure you don’t run dry. We cover the pros and cons of the GX in more detail here.
                  —Maggie Shader

                  ================================================== ===========

                  Govt extends emission norms deadline for two-wheelers

                  The Centre extended the deadline for implementing cleaner emission norms for two-wheelers across the country, a move that has come as a big relief for auto manufacturers, especially the country's largest two-wheeler maker, Hero Honda [ Images ].

                  The government had earlier asked auto manufacturers to upgrade their two-wheelers to Bharat Stage (BS) 3 from BS 2 norms by April 1.
                  This deadline led to problems for Hero Honda, as its largest selling, and the country's most popular motorcycle, Splendor, is still on BS 2. There were fears that the company might see a fall in sales, as road transport offices were refusing to register the vehicle after March 31.
                  Under the new norms, which have been discussed with vehicle manufacturers and are expected to be notified soon, companies like Hero Honda would be given time until July 1 to convert their models to Bharat Stage 3 for sale in 13 cities, including Delhi [ Images ], Mumbai [ Images ] and Chennai. For sale in the rest of the country, auto makers would now have time until October 1 to switch their two-wheelers to BS 3.
                  The move has come as a respite to Hero Honda, which sells more than one million Splendors in a year, constituting 25 per cent of the company's total annual sales. The brand also accounts for 13 per cent of the total domestic sales of motorcycles.
                  "Yes, there was some confusion initially, but we asked the government that we must be given time to make the change," a senior Hero Honda official said. "The government has now agreed on a two-stage implementation process. Till then, there is no restriction or problem in selling our Bharat Stage 2 two-wheelers."

                  Two-wheeler manufacturers argued with the government that in many states BS 3 fuel is not available and it would not be possible for them to undertake the conversion across the country. Responding to the plea, the government prepared a draft notification on March 30 under which a new deadline was fixed. However, the rules were not notified, earlier leading to confusion in the market.
                  Experts say the conversion from BS 2 to 3 would make a vehicle dearer by about Rs 1,000. They also say that unlike in a car, using BS 2 or 3 fuel does not make any difference to the performance of the two-wheeler.
                  The confusion in the rules is reflected at both the dealer networks and at the road transport authority offices. "We are registering only two-wheeler vehicles which are bought before March 31 if they are Bharat Stage 2 complaint. But, because of the confusion, we are not registering new vehicles from April 1," said an official at the Road Transport Authority office in Kanpur.

                  ================================================== ============

                  Honda Executive Questions Policy Support for Electric Cars

                  Published May 4, 2010

                  John Mendel at 2009 debut of the new Honda Insight

                  John Mendel, Honda’s executive vice president, yesterday called for policy makers to refrain from promoting “the virtues of one technology and demonizing another.” Speaking at the Moving Ahead 2010 conference at Ohio State University, Mendel suggested that government agencies are “laying all their chips on the technology du jour.” Without explicitly pointing fingers at EVs, Mendel made it abundantly clear that he believes support for electric cars and next-generation batteries represent “a rush to select a winner that could lead us in the wrong direction.”
                  The Department of Energy has invested $1.4 billion in plug-in cars and battery research and development grants, $25 billion in low-interest loans, and has created a federal tax credit up to $7,500 for battery-powered vehicles. Meanwhile, consumer incentives for conventional hybrids have not been renewed, and investment in hydrogen fuel cell technology has been slashed.

                  “To put the country on the course to a single technology without fully understanding its implications, including whether customers will buy it, will put us behind in achieving our objectives,” Mendel said. The Honda executive believes that government’s role should be to set goals for achieving improvements in air quality, climate change and energy sustainability, and to “leave it to industry to figure out how to get there.”

                  Slow Adoption of New Technologies

                  Mendel pointed to the slow rate of adoption of conventional hybrids, which represent less than 3 percent of new car sales, 10 years after Honda introduced the original Honda Insight in December 1999. “If we can’t convince people to move a hybrid, which is fully functioning and is as easy to refuel as an internal combustion engine vehicle,” Mendel questioned, “then we have to serious consider what we will get them to accept in terms of battery electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles with their myriad of limitations, such as cost, driving range and refueling or recharging options.”
                  In the near term, Honda will pursue “expanded use of hybrids,” with a focus on making hybrid technology more affordable and appealing. With the 2010 Insight, Honda tried to offer the most affordable high-efficiency hybrid, but the Prius-look-alike did not meet its sales targets—because the price tag is not low enough and the mpg is not high enough. The company could face a similar problem with its attempt at hybrid sportiness, the Honda CR-Z due this summer. Mendel reiterated Honda’s plans to offer hybrid technology in its Acura luxury brand, and said the company was investing in lithium ion battery technology for future hybrids.

                  Honda views fuel cell cars, like the Honda FCX Clarity, as the ultimate long-term alternative vehicle technology.

                  Hydrogen fuel cells are the “ultimate alternative to petroleum,” according to Mendel. He pointed to the Honda FCX Clarity as a successful use of the technology, but acknowledged that it will take decades to overcome market obstacles.
                  Reluctant Steps Forward

                  Honda produced about 300 units of the all-electric EV Plus in the late 1990s.

                  Despite its questioning of policy support for electric-drive cars, Honda is considering the possibility of producing a plug-in hybrid. “We have a few things in the kitchen,” Mendel said. Nonetheless, he expressed concerns about the cost, weight and durability of hybrids with larger battery packs. Honda is also researching a short-distance all-electric city commuter car, according to Mendel.
                  The Honda executive said that new electric cars hitting the market later this year have roughly the same driving range as Honda’s 1997 EVPlus electric car, and continue to be expensive. “Despite legitimate advancements in [electric car] technology and infrastructure,” Mendel said, “There remain significant hurdles to high-volume market appeal.”

                  ================================================== ==========

                  First Ride: Honda U3-X

                  Hover cars and sprawling networks of suction-powered human-transport tubes remain sci-fi fantasies, but the Honda U3-X represents a clear glimpse into a type of transportation solution that may become widely available in the not-so-distant future.

                  First unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last fall, the U3-X is definitely not a car, bike, or Segway. It is a precise mating of balance control technology with a compact single-wheeled platform that Honda touts as its first iteration of an uncompromised personal mobility device. This means the U3-X can theoretically be used for daily excursions both indoors and out.

                  We recently had an opportunity to sample the U3-X, currently in prototype guise. At 12.4 x 6.3 x 25.5 inches and 22 pounds, the nimble engineering marvel has a narrow footprint and weighs less than some airport carry-on bags. Housed within its slim, figure-eight-shaped monocoque body is a battery, inclinometer, and control computer with balance control features lifted from Honda's revolutionary bipedal ASIMO robot. A proprietary omni-directional driving wheel system propels the device in all directions: front, back, side-to-side, and diagonally.

                  With the U3-X switched on and the stowable seat and foot pegs locked into position, hopping onto the motorized unicycle is similar to getting on a bar stool, albeit with a rider weight limit of 225 pounds. Per the design, the rider generally maintains an eye-height level with the average walking pedestrian for a natural line of sight. Honda engineers insisted on this comfort aspect because they did not want pedestrians to feel awkward using the device.

                  Loaded or unloaded, the inclinometer automatically adjusts the U3-X to maintain its poise and balance, even with a relocated center of gravity. The daredevil, hooning types within our reader base will be happy to know that the device is indeed manageable while riding solely on the pegs -- it was not recommended at the time, however.

                  Maneuvering the device is highly intuitive as simple weight shifts and directional nudges are all that is needed to change direction. The engineers at the demonstration recommended smooth, gradual input to get moving on the carpeted floor. Thanks to its small track, riders are able to move swiftly and, with one leg planted on the ground, pivoting remains a natural motion. As the U3-X moves in all directions, it emits a vacuum-cleaner-like motorized noise, something that is likely to be tweaked on later models.

                  While the U3-X achieves a top speed of 4 mph and an operating life of one hour, Honda asserts the U3-X has been tested and will work outdoors, although any incline greater than 8 degrees and rough terrain will be problematic. It takes 90 minutes to fully recharge and mobility on wet surfaces was also an unproven operational element.

                  If you are into industrial espionage, here's a tale for you: The omni-directional driving wheel system, designated the Honda Omni Traction Drive System or HOT Drive System, is a closely guarded company secret, meaning no photographing is allowed and no specifics will be disclosed. Aside from a publicly available CAD drawing and an explanation as to how the wheels work, Honda staff won't even release what type of material the wheels are made of.

                  After hearing all this, you may be thinking who in the world is the target market for this low-speed, motorized single-wheeler? Although it would be quite the sight to see a street full of U3-X users propelling themselves toward their various destinations, these machines are more relevant to those who can actually benefit from assisted mobility, including but not limited to those stricken with fatigued legs, arthritic joints, or fitted with prosthetic limbs. In the future, Honda hopes these devices will not only find their way to homes but to hot locales with heavy foot traffic as well, such as shopping malls or museums.

                  For now, the U3-X is just a prototype. But with some turn signals and a reasonable price tag, who knows what the future may hold.

                  ================================================== =============

                  Auto Dealer Launches Website to Support Expansion of Lexus, Toyota and Mazda

                  [May 03, 2010]

                  Auto Dealer Launches Website to Support Expansion of Lexus, Toyota and Mazda

                  Alan Cox Automotive, which has earned reputation for its auto maintenance and repair service on Honda (News - Alert) and Acura automobiles, now plans to expand its market. The company has recently announced that it will be offering its maintenance and repair service to the Lexus, Toyota and Mazda brands as well. The Alan Cox (News - Alert) technicians have been specially trained for servicing these new brands. The Alan Cox technicians would require to be ASE-certified for all models of the new brands. With all these arrangements, Alan Cox is expected to provide the same excellent service that it provides to Honda and Acura customers.

                  The company has recently launched new Alan Cox Automotive website to support its expansion into the arena of Lexus, Toyota and Mazda autos. The new website is designed to provide the Alan Cox customers with the information about the new maintenance and services available.
                  In this new Alan Cox website, pages are dedicated to each brand. The pages for corresponding brands highlight the new Alan Cox Automotive services and also contain a scheduling system for requesting appointments.

                  The website also has links to the company's monthly newsletter which provides helpful tips on keeping your vehicle in tip-top operating condition.
                  An online Auto Parts Store (http://www.alancoxautomotive.com/atl...essories.shtml) is also included the new website. The unique advantage with online parts store is that it is available 24/7 for customers to order "High Performance Racing Parts" and accessories for their Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus and Mazda vehicles. The store also offers replacement parts for most Japanese cars and trucks.
                  The customers can use the website to convey their willingness for the installation of "High Performance Parts" or replacement parts for their vehicles and Alan Cox ASE Technicians will be available for installing the desired part.
                  Alan Cox Automotive also sells used cars through its website. Customers can select from a select group of used Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, and Mazda vehicles. Often these cars come from existing customers so they are often very familiar with the condition of the cars they are selling.
                  "Since we have expanded our brands beyond Honda and Acura cars to include Lexus, Toyota and Mazda (http://www.alancoxautomotive.com/atl...-service.shtml) we can service a much larger segment of the Atlanta metro car market. The move has enabled the business to grow and by keeping our service at the highest standards we are getting increased numbers of referrals from existing customers. The new website has really helped our visibility on internet and increased the number of new customers coming from the web. Our web directory listings have highlighted the business on mobile devices which are also becoming an excellent source of new customers. Our warranty program, which certifies our work for 18 months or 18,000 miles versus our competitors who use a standard warranty of 12 months or 12,000 miles, continues to keep our customers coming back again and again. We live by our motto and strive to provide our customers...Care for a Lifetime," Sherry Richardson (News - Alert) the owner of Alan Cox Automotive commented on the expansion of the number of car brands serviced.

                  Madhubanti Rudra is a contributing editor for TMCnet. To read more of her articles, please visit her columnist page.

                  Edited by Erin Harrison

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                  ACURA & HONDA SUV FAN CLUB ROMANIA - http://daimyo.ro/index.php?action=forum


                  • Originally posted by tokyodream View Post
                    ================================================== ============
                    Honda Executive Questions Policy Support for Electric Cars
                    Published May 4, 2010

                    John Mendel at 2009 debut of the new Honda Insight
                    Ce vrajeala are in el nenea Mendel asta . Mananca rahat cu farasul... si nici gura nu-i miroase. Mult mai interesante sunt comentariile articolului

                    "Hydrogen fuel cells are the “ultimate alternative to petroleum? What a moron. EV's work now, are very efficent, less complex, and if mass-produced would be every bit as reliable and affordable as the filthy ICE's he clearly loves so much. He complains about a technology that was ready and viable decades ago to the hydrogen hoax which even he has to admit, will take "decades"(ie never) to get a H2 FCV to market. Which of course is exactly what shell, chevron bp etc pay guys like him to say.
                    But he saves the best for last
                    “There remain significant hurdles to high-volume market appeal.”
                    Yes there are, mainly in that no one is actually makeing or promoteing EVs for the mass-market. For years, auto makers have been saying EV's are just around the corner. Well here we are decades later and i STILL cant go out and buy a mass-market EV. IF that is not a hurdle then I dont know what is. But step outside and its ICE's far as the eye can see-really .Well see about the leaf(maybe, time will tell there) and GM volt-hoax with its patheic sub-40 mile range will never go anywhere-litterally. This guy seems rather upset that people are comeing to realize the EV represent the only real viable future for transport. This is a decision based on facts and science, rather than politics, greed and corruption which left the world a slave to the ICE engine for the last century. The same science shows ICE's are disaster and his FCV fantasy would be an even bigger disaster. His mantra of "let industry decide how best to go about it" is riduculous. Industry are the ones are trashing the planet with there gas-powered mobile trash-bins. They are the LAST people we should trust to move us to a healtier enviroment . Honda is the GM of the japanese car-makers. They share many of GM attributes. The both love H2 and neither of them can produce an acceptable hybrid(worthless as those are). People tend to forget that Honda crushed the perfectly viable EV+ shown above just as eagerly as GM crushed there own EV1's."

                    ...and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither does bread come to the wise, nor wealth to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happen to them all.


                    • Honda Trucks Go Fast Amid Reviving Consumer Confidence

                      Honda is experiencing high demand for light trucks and crossovers and can’t seem to keep up. Inventories of the CR-V, Odyssey, Pilot, and Ridgeline, are reportedly beginning to dwindle due to growth across the industry.
                      In total, the industry has experienced an increase in light-truck sales by about 24 percent in the month of April. As as result of this boost, light-truck inventories for Honda as well as other automakers are down.
                      “That seems to be growing for us and the industry. Demand seems to be stronger than the car side.” said Honda’s Executive VP John Mendel in an interview at the Moving Ahead sustainable-transportation conference. Honda and Acura combined, posted a 33% gain in April when compared to April of 2009 in U.S. truck sales.
                      Although increasing demand for new vehicles is certainly a welcomed development at dealerships across the country, Mendel was quick to caution dealers as the industry hasn’t fully rebounded just yet.
                      “Don’t go silly. It feels good, but don’t lose sight of the fact that we’re not where we were.”


                      ================================================== =============

                      Honda Opens Swindon Factory Doors For Corporate Customers

                      More than 300 corporate customers visit the Honda car plant at Swindon

                      SLOUGH, UNITED KINGDOM – May 5, 2010: Honda (UK)’s corporate sales team welcomed more than 300 customers from leasing companies and fleets to its Honda car plant at Swindon last week.
                      This rare opportunity to visit the production facility (HUM) gave visitors an insight into Honda’s reaction to the economic downturn, and the changes made at the factory to succeed through the period of reduced sales and production.
                      Visitors were given an extensive tour of both production lines at the plant where Honda builds the Civic, CR-V and Jazz models. This included a look at the investment in new equipment and improvements made to the site over the past 12 months. They also had the chance to test drive some of the vehicles produced in Swindon, including the 2010 CR-V model.
                      An inspiring presentation from Grant McPherson, Director of Quality and New Models at HUM, outlined Honda’s ‘Change is a Chance’ strategy, and the corporate sales team from Honda (UK) provided a look at the company’s plans for the future.
                      “There has been great interest from our customers in how Honda handled the economic crisis in the UK,” said Graham Avent, Manager – Corporate Operations. “It was fascinating for our guests to see how the production operation works first-hand, and to learn how the plant has been managed during the difficult conditions of the last year.
                      “From a corporate sales perspective, we also outlined how the tough decisions made at Swindon had a positive impact on Honda’s residual values, and explained our corporate strategy for the future.”
                      As well as getting a closer look at the current models coming off the line in Swindon, a sneak preview of the new Honda CR-Z sporty hybrid coupe was arranged for visitors, and they also had the chance to meet Honda Racing Team BTCC drivers Matt Neal and Gordon Shedden.


                      ================================================== ==============

                      Honda Jazz is the U.K.'s Best City Car

                      TULLAMARINE, AUSTRALIA – May 5, 2010: The Honda Jazz has been named the best supermini/city car in the 2010 Driver Power Top 100 – the definitive car ranking developed by U.K. motorists.
                      Three other Hondas join the Jazz in the annual survey, conducted by Auto Express Magazine – the Accord, the Civic and the CR-V (current and previous models).
                      The independent Driver Power survey is based on results from more than 23,000 car buyers and aims to find the best car in Britain in terms of customer satisfaction and reliability.
                      Each car is rated on ten key criteria including reliability, build quality, running costs, performance, braking, ride quality, handling, practicality, comfort and ease of driving.
                      The Honda Jazz has received many accolades in the U.K., most recently named Britain’s best car for retained value by leading U.K. car buyer website Parker’s in January this year.
                      Since its debut in October 2002, the Honda Jazz has sold more than 67,000 units in Australia. The economical light hatch is one of Honda Australia’s most popular models.


                      ================================================== =============

                      Honda's Mendel bullish on truck sales, lower inventories

                      COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Honda can't keep up with orders for its light trucks -- which Executive Vice President John Mendel says is a sign of reviving consumer confidence.

                      “Light trucks seem to be growing pretty spry,” Mendel said here yesterday in an interview at the Moving Ahead sustainable-transportation conference. “We're very short of inventory on the light-truck side, whether it's Pilot or Ridgeline or Odyssey or CR-V.

                      “That seems to be growing for us and the industry. Demand seems to be stronger than the car side.”

                      Honda, including Acura, posted a 33 percent gain in U.S. truck sales in April compared with April 2009. Total Honda sales rose 13 percent last month. For the first four months, Honda's U.S. truck sales rose 13 percent, compared with a 12 percent gain for all of Honda and Acura.

                      Total U.S. light-truck sales rose 24 percent in April and 15 percent for the first four months, while sales of all U.S. vehicles improved 20 percent in April and 17 percent for the year to date.

                      Low inventories

                      Honda's U.S. truck inventories have been falling, too. As of April 1, Honda averaged a 42-day inventory of trucks, down from 47 on March 1. As a whole, Honda averaged a 56-day supply on April 1, down from 68 on March 1. Total U.S. light truck inventories stood at 53 days on April 1, down from 66 on March 1.

                      Honda's brisk truck sales and low inventories have allowed the automaker to keep incentives low. Mendel said Honda will stick with a policy of minimal incentives, despite archrival Toyota's incentives binge as it tries to counteract negative publicity from sudden-acceleration recalls.

                      Honda is using incentives for specific vehicles -- such as the Civic, in its fifth year in its current generation, Mendel said.

                      But, he said, “We don't do 0 percent, we don't do cash back, and that philosophy's not changing.”

                      Don't overreact

                      Mendel said Honda is cautioning dealers not to overreact as sales improve from 2009. While dealers probably will have to hire more salespeople, he said, they shouldn't “staff for Saturdays” when peak shopping occurs, leaving them with excess staff at other times.

                      “We're saying don't compare yourself to the last day you felt good, which was last year. Try to compare yourself to where you were in April, May of 2007, 2006, and try to focus on that in terms of, if you're coming back, where should you be.

                      “Don't go silly. It feels good, but don't lose sight of the fact that we're not where we were.”

                      John Mendel of Honda: "Demand (for light trucks) seems to be stronger than the car side.”

                      ================================================== =========

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                      • Minivan Wars: 2011 Toyota Sienna SE vs. 2010 Honda Odyssey EX


                        ================================================== =========

                        Parents magazine names 'Best Family Cars of 2010'


                        ================================================== ==========

                        Type R Honda Civic Shootout


                        ================================================== ==============

                        2011 Hyundai Tiburon: It Will Make the Honda CR-Z Very Nervous


                        ================================================== ============
                        Iubesc masinile japoneze. Ele nu mint, nu inseala !
                        ACURA & HONDA SUV FAN CLUB ROMANIA - http://daimyo.ro/index.php?action=forum


                        • Best Cars for Families with Young Kids

                          When it comes to hauling around our most precious cargo, we all know safety and reliability are two basic requirements for any family car. If you have small children, automotive website Edmunds.com also recommends you look for a vehicle that allows you to easily install multiple car seats. That means looking for something with ample interior cabin space and large door openings too. Here are Edmunds.com’s top five picks:

                          1. Honda Odyssey

                          Parents and critics alike adore the Honda Odyssey. One of its most attractive features is that you can reconfigure the second row to provide you with a middle aisle leading to the rear seats, says Karl Brauer, editor of Edmunds.com. This allows Mom or Dad to easily get those car seats in and out of the third row.

                          2. Mazda MAZDA5
                          If you’re looking for something smaller than the Odyssey, the Mazda 5 may be the right vehicle for you. It’s compact but still offers sliding doors. The third row, however, is on the smaller side so this probably isn’t the right minivan for families with more than two kids.

                          3. Ford Flex
                          The Ford Flex is not your typical mom mobile. It looks a bit like the Mini Cooper but comfortably seats seven adults. But the real reason this crossover vehicle is family pleaser is because of its optional features, including an MP3 player and phone interface and refrigerator. Never again will you have to pack a leaky cooler for a road trip.

                          4. Chevrolet Traverse
                          I’ll admit this isn’t the sexiest vehicle around, but the Traverse is perfect for large families. It’s roomy — with ample cargo space and seating for eight — and allows parents to reconfigure both the second and third row seats. Brauer also points out that it’s based on a car platform so the Traverse is relatively easy to maneuver.

                          5. Volvo XC90
                          If prestige is important, Brauer recommends you consider the Volvo XC90. It’s definitely a step up from the others on the list. This vehicle also provides parents in the front row easy access to a car seat in the second row. In other words, you won’t have to pull over and get out of the car if your little one drops his sippy cup.

                          Do you agree with Edmunds.com’s list. What’s your favorite family car?
                          Little Hands and Little Feet image by Treehouse1977, courtesy CC 2.0.
                          ================================================== ==========

                          Honda Fit, Insight Named To KBB Top Green Cars List

                          Honda continues to bolster its reputation for producing some of this country’s most fuel-efficient rides with news that two of its cars, the Honda Fit and Honda Insight, were named among the Kelley Blue Book Top 10 Green Cars for 2010.
                          The Insight, Honda’s affordable new hybrid sedan, was commended for combining great features, great value and great performance at the gas pumps. A well-equipped Insight starts at just $19,800 and can achieve an EPA line of 40 mpg city/43 mpg highway/41 mpg combined. In addition, to help drivers attain those kinds of numbers, the car features Honda’s Eco Assist. This system offers a two-pronged approach to increased fuel savings: First, drivers can engage the Insight’s ECON button, which adjusts the car’s functions to prioritize fuel economy. Second, Eco Assist also includes a built-in feedback mechanism that can help teach owners to drive more efficiently.

                          But there’s more to the Insight than just impressive mpg numbers. It’s also a highly versatile hatchback with 60/40 split folding rear seats that fold flat for maximum room, as well as a highly contented package that can add a premium six-speaker sound system, a voice-recognition nav system, automatic climate control, dual-stage multiple-threshold front airbags and paddle shifters—and still maintain an MSRP of just $23,100.
                          The popular Honda Fit boasts EPA ratings of 28 mpg city/35 mpg highway/31 mpg combined, and the team at Kelley Blue Book rightly noted that it was a “fun, functional and interesting” choice for the Green Cars list.
                          Just consider the fun you can have driving the Fit, thanks to its dynamic i-VTEC engine and sporty suspension, the functionality of its rear seats, which fold down to allow for 57.3 cubic feet of cargo space and the interest your jealous friends will have in getting their own.
                          Of course, both of these Top Green Honda models could make you green with envy if you currently drive a rival.


                          ================================================== ============

                          The Everyman's Car Review: 2010 Honda Accord


                          ================================================== ============

                          Honda In 'Harmony With Humanity'

                          I don't want to come off sounding like a Luddite but really, we're already struggling to keep people active and now we encourage them to ride an enhanced unicycle to get from one office to the next?

                          I can totally see studies into the loss of leg power coming in the next 50 years. I can also see Keystone Kops inspired comedy videos with fa, erm, over-weight people riding on these suckers smashing into each other. Road rage will soon transform into office rage.

                          Honda rider: But officer I had the right of way to get to the photo copying machine! She came into me!
                          Other Honda rider: Not true! He didn't signal!
                          Cop: Why didn't you just walk?
                          1st Honda rider: Walk? What's that?
                          2ns Honda rider: So fail. This baby is epic!

                          Cripes, I just thought about the disaster in grocery store aisles! No man, this thing has to be banned.

                          That being said, it's a neat device from Honda. I won't be buying one since it'll make me feel somewhat incomplete if you get my drift. It would make a hyper guy like me feel way too lazy. But don't look to me. I'm not much of a gadget guy.

                          On the positive side, the human mind continues to evolve. Such devices can certainly help the elderly or physically challenged (handicapped) people. Just keep it out of the hands of the moronic, arrogant boss firing air hand pistols while winking around the office.

                          Boss: Keep up the good work, Jane. Wanna ride to the janitor's room?



                          YouTube - U3-X Personal Mobility Prototype[/URL]

                          ================================================== ===========

                          The Japanese In China: Horrors! We’re Losing!

                          There is a major shift underway in the Chinese auto market. Cars are morphing from something exclusively owned by the rich to an everyday item. Sure, luxury cars are big in China. But the volume growth is in low cost cars. As a result, the market share of sino-foreign joint ventures is eroding. Local players, such as BYD are gaining fast. The foreigners are getting worried.
                          The biggest loser in market share is Volkswagen. They are hit by a double-whammy of capacity constraints, and a focus on bigger models, while the growth is in the small models. They are building new plants in China, and maybe Suzuki will help them build cheaper cars. GM is holding its own, mainly through the preponderance of cheap little Wuling econoboxes in their portfolio.
                          The market share of the Hyundai and the Japanese is likewise eroding. The Japanese are sounding the alarm.

                          And they have all reason to be worried. According to The Nikkei [sub] 2009 was not a good year for Japanese car makers in China. In terms of market share, China FAW Group Corp., a joint venture with Toyota, lost 1.6 percentage points. Guangzhou Honda Automobile Co. slipped from 5.5 percent to 4.4 percent. Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co. dropped from 2.9 percent to 2.5 percent of the market. In the first quarter of 2010, that trend continued (see table left.)
                          Japanese carmakers don’t want to lose the war in China again and are going on the counter-attack for the hearts and pocket books of Chinese customers. Their strategy: They go native in China, they launch new low cost brands especially for China, and build R&D capacity in China to design for the Chinese market.
                          At the Beijing Motor Show, Honda (rather quietly) debuted a new brand, called Li Nian. Produced by the Guangqi Honda Automobile joint venture, cars should appear in 2011. Rumor has it, their first car will be based on the Honday City, but will cost 40 percent less. Honda also has plans to create a Chinese brand with Dongfeng Honda joint venture. Hondas are considered luxury cars in China, the new brands are supposed to appeal to the working masses. According to The Nikkei, “this is the first time for Honda to create new brands with a local joint venture.”
                          Nissan meanwhile is busy building a design studio, set to open in Beijing early next year. Task of the Chinese staff: Design cars that cater to the Chinese.
                          Toyota is in talks with the local government to build an R&D facility in Jiangsu Province.
                          Says the Nikkei: “For Japanese carmakers, finding a way to gain momentum in China as quickly as possible is of critical importance to their growth, given the potential of the market.”
                          Design studios don’t win the war, Honda seems to be the most proactive in the counter-attack, and as the numbers show, they have all reason to do something.


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                          Honda offers 'Dog Friendly' package for its Element


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                          • Sales of Alabama-built SUVs climbing out of deep slump

                            SUVs are seeing a resurgence in popularity this year, after high gas prices during the summer of 2008 and the ensuing global auto sales slump that stretched throughout 2009 led to plummeting sales of such models.

                            Strong returns are being seen in the mid-size SUV category, where two members of Alabama's auto lineup are sitting near the top.

                            So far this year, Honda has sold 31,291 of its Lincoln-built Pilot SUVs, a 17 percent rise from the first four months of 2009.

                            Hyundai, meanwhile, reports a 54 percent jump in year-to-date sales of its Montgomery-made Santa Fe SUV, for a total of 30,633.

                            The trend, which is happening amid a recovery in overall auto sales, is surprising, said Jessica Caldwell, an auto industry analyst with Edmunds.com, considering an industrywide move toward smaller, more fuel-efficient cars.

                            "It just shows the fickleness and forgetfulness of the consumer, which we've seen time and time again," she said.

                            Incentives could be helping the SUV sales surge, she said. Also, the impressive growth margins are enhanced by the fact that early 2009 saw rock-bottom lows in SUV sales.

                            "But there's absolutely some momentum there," she said.

                            That momentum may be short-lived, she added, as summer arrives and there's a lot of uncertainty about future gas prices, now averaging $2.92 for a gallon of regular in the U.S., according to the AAA motoring club. But if consumer interest in SUVs stays strong, it will be interesting to see how that fits into automakers' current focus on smaller cars, Caldwell said.

                            View full sizeThat focus has been seen in Alabama's auto assembly lines, which have always been dominated by SUVs. As the segment lost its luster, the state's factories gave more attention to sedans.

                            Last year, Honda added the V-6 Accord sedan to its Lincoln factory, which previously built only light trucks. And in 2014, Mercedes-Benz plans to move production of the C-Class sedan to its SUV and crossover plant in Vance.

                            For its part, Hyundai used the industry downturn to focus on its Alabama-built Sonata sedan, which used to be the only car produced in the state. The vehicle was redesigned for the 2011 model year, and strong demand for it has helped Hyundai hit sales and production records this spring.

                            Good news all over

                            As the U.S. economy shows signs of recovery from a deep slump, auto sales are rising across the board.

                            Last week, most automakers reported double-digit gains in U.S. sales during April. For example, Ford and Chrysler both reported a 25 percent rise in sales over a year ago, while Toyota sales increased 24 percent.

                            During April, U.S. passenger car sales rose to 523,541, a 17 percent surge over April 2009, according to the Automotive News Data Center. So far this year, passenger car sales are tracking 18.5 percent ahead of last year.

                            Meanwhile, U.S. light truck sales, which include SUVs, minivans and pickups, were 458,761 last month, jumping 24 percent from the year-ago period. Year-to-date sales of those vehicles are a 15 percent improvement over last year.

                            Among SUV sales in particular, smaller models such as Ford's Escape and Kia's Sorento are doing especially well.

                            Ford has sold 64,237 Escapes so far this year, up 44 percent from last year, while Kia has sold 33,981 Sorentos, a rise of 164.5 percent. Kia began building the Sorento domestically late last year at its new western Georgia factory and has been heavily promoting the vehicle.

                            The "robust" comeback in SUV sales is paired with a similar movement among truck sales, said Jesse Toprak, vice president of industry trends and insights for TrueCar.com.

                            For instance, Ford has sold 143,985 F-series pickups so far this year, a 30.5 percent increase from the same time period last year.

                            Sales of luxury vehicles, which correlate strongly with the stock market, consumer confidence and new housing starts, also are on the rise, Toprak said.

                            That trend, coupled with the SUV comeback, is helping sales of two other Alabama-built vehicles: the M-Class SUV and the GL-Class full-sized SUV, both made by Mercedes.

                            The automaker has sold 8,005 M-Class vehicles so far this year, a 29 percent rise from those sold during the first four months of 2009. Year-to-date GL-Class sales, which total 6,314, represent a 50 percent increase from the same time period last year.

                            Like luxury sales, SUV and truck sales also are tied to fundamental macroeconomic indicators, because they are large purchases. Many buyers have more clarity on the economy these days, Toprak said.

                            "A lot of the sales in SUVs and trucks are based on the economy and recovery," he said. "They just didn't feel right pulling the trigger until now, because of the tremendous uncertainty."


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                            Agora Pode Acura 2A 2025EX is organic every bit

                            The brainchild of Agora Pode, the Brazilian designer, this vehicle is named as Acura 2A 2025EX. Agora was inspired by prototypes and single-seat Le Mans and Chaparral 2A for the creation of this unique vehicle with a single-closed-themed streamline, aerodynamic shapes and organic design. Acura 2A 2025EX has wing integrated car shape that reduces drag and provides clean appearance. This vehicle is the most advanced of all time for it uses organic fuels to power Honda engine combustion rotary and keeps the pleasure of driving a car with combustion engine - consumes less fuel and emit less CO2 - alive at the same time.

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                            • Honda, Toyota top new-vehicle sales

                              In an era of unprecedented auto industry events - think General Motors Corp. bankruptcy last year - Trumbull County notched another one in April when two Japanese-make dealers led the county in new-vehicle sales.
                              Apostolakis Honda Mazda and Toyota Volvo Jaguar of Warren finished one and two with 81 and 45 sales, respectively, according to the Automobile Dealers Association of Eastern Ohio report issued Monday.
                              In total new and used sales, Apostolakis was second at 112 to Greenwood's Hubbard Chevrolet's 140, the latter up 122.2 percent from last year.
                              Overall, improved sales carried dealers to stronger year-over-year new-vehicle sales for the second straight month - the first time that's happened since May 2008.
                              A total of 1,702 new-vehicle titles were registered in Trumbull, Mahoning and Columbiana county title offices, an 11.5 percent increase from April 2009. March registrations rose 11.4 percent to 1,833.
                              Year-to-date registrations edged into the plus column at 1.99 percent at 5,745 versus 5,636 a year ago.
                              Used-vehicle title registrations gained over April 2009 by 1.4 percent to 3,547, but year-to-date sales of 13,753 remained weaker at 5.7 percent below last year's pace.
                              Apostolakis ran away from the competition, while Toyota squeaked by traditional American-make leaders Sims Buick GMC Nissan, third with 44 sales (90 new and used), and Diane Sauer Chevrolet, which tied Klaben Crown Ford Lincoln Mercury with 41 sales. Sauer was third in total sales with 96.
                              Ralph Gilpin, Apostolakis sales manager, attributed the Cortland dealership's strength last month to ''great leases - no money down and $199 a month for a (Honda) Civic" compact car instead of any negative publicity that may be hitting Toyota or U.S. brand vehicles.
                              He said sales at the dealership, which has new management and team members, so far in May are ''looking just as good, if not better.''
                              Wollam Chevrolet, also in Cortland, was among domestic vehicle dealers that showed healthy sales gains in April with a 52.9 percent gain to 26 new vehicles (52 total.)
                              Sales manager Tom Fye credited ''the best Malibu leases we've had in a year,'' plus rebates as much as $5,000 on the Chevrolet Silverado extended cab pickup truck for boosting sales.
                              He noted owners of discontinued Pontiacs and Saturns still can get $1,000 bonus cash toward a purchase.
                              Fye said May has ''started off a pretty good month; it may beat last month.''
                              Mahoning County's Fairway Ford Mercury led all association dealers with 112 new-vehicle sales, a 41.8 percent gain over last year. The Honda Store in Boardman was second with 101 sales, followed by Greenwood Chevrolet Hummer with 93 sales.
                              Fairway also led in total sales with 203, edging Greenwood Chevrolet Hummer's 199.
                              Chevrolet remained the vehicle of choice for area buyers with 411 new-vehicle sales. Ford was second at 286, with Honda third at 168 and Toyota at 121.
                              The Chevy Malibu was the most popular new vehicle with 136 sales, followed by the Ford Focus at 82 and the Lordstown-built Chev-rolet Cobalt at 64.
                              The Honda Accord and Civic finished the month with 62 and 53 new-vehicle sales, respectively.


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                              Honda jet's delivery delayed again to '12

                              GREENSBORO, N.C. - A Honda Motor Co. Ltd. subsidiary says initial deliveries of a lightweight private jet being built in North Carolina are now more than two years away.

                              Honda Aircraft Co. spokesman Stephen Keeney said Monday delays in receiving unspecified major components from suppliers will force the delay until the third quarter of 2012.
                              Honda Aircraft began taking sales orders for its HondaJet in 2006, with initial deliveries originally scheduled late this year. Last year, however, the Greensboro-based company said Honda's first aircraft would be delayed until late 2011 because of supply delays.
                              The $4 million jet features a bullet nose and engines mounted above the wings. It still must be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration.
                              The jets will be powered by engines made by a joint venture of Honda and Evendale-based GE Aviation, GE Honda Aero, which has offices in Springdale.


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                              Bob Montgomery gets President’s Award from Honda

                              Bob Montgomery Honda of Louisville has won American Honda Motor Co. Inc.’s highest dealership honor, the President’s Award for 2009.
                              The award is given to top-ranking Honda dealerships across the country based on their excellence in all areas of operation: customer service and satisfaction, sales, training and facility operation. It is the 10th time the Louisville dealership has earned the award.
                              “Earning the Honda President’s Award takes a team of dedicated professionals unwavering in their pursuit of excellence and customer care,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of automobile sales for American Honda, in a news release. “This year, 188 Honda dealerships are being recognized for their outstanding achievement, including Bob Montgomery Honda.”
                              According to Honda’s Web site, Jeff Wyler Honda of Frankfort, Ky., also was recognized with a President’s Award for 2009.
                              The President’s Award program has been in existence since 1995, with more than 1,000 Honda dealerships participating in 2009. “No one takes care of their customers the way we do, and it’s all because of our employees,” Bob Montgomery, president of Bob Montgomery Honda, said in the release.

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                              • The Daily Drivers: Four-cylinder Honda Accord Coupe EX-L an automatic success

                                When we drove the manual V-6 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L a few months ago, we were impressed with its sporty ride, the exhaust growl and sleek styling. The Accord Coupe recently visited us again, this time in the form of a four- cylinder automatic. Although it gives up some of the peppiness of its V-6 brother, this car is still solid and fun to drive.
                                Appearance: The streamlined design of the Accord Coupe is an eye-catcher. The exterior lines are subtle, contemporary and aerodynamic. Even the rear, which can be bulky and plain in a coupe, looks sharp.The eagle-eye headlights give the coupe a "don't mess with me" look.
                                Performance: For a four-cylinder, this car has a lot of get-up-and-go with 190 horses under the hood. The five-speed automatic shifted smoothly with good stopping power. This coupe seems suited for commutes, getting 21 miles to the gallon in the city and 31 on the highway, much better than the V-6's 17/25.
                                Interior: You won't give up much compared to the V-6. The leather seats are comfortable and supportive, and the sweeping dash surrounds you with simple but intuitive controls, including the navigation system, dual-zone climate control and heated seats. The display and gauges are sharp and easy on the eyes.


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                                A Safety Profile of Honda and Acura Vehicles

                                http://www.associatedcontent.com/art...and_acura.html - 4 pagini

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                                Honda Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary in Alabama

                                Lincoln, AL - Ten years ago today, during groundbreaking ceremonies, then Alabama Governor Don Siegelman welcomed Honda Manufacturing to Alabama.

                                Now, the plant in Lincoln has almost 4,000 employees and produces 300,000 vehicles and engines each year. This includes the Odyssey minivan, V-6 Accord sedan, Ridgeline pickup, Pilot SUV and V-6 engines.

                                Tuesday morning, Governor Bob Riley will join Honda officials along with state and local leaders for a celebration. Riley will also help open a time capsule presented to Honda by Lincoln students a decade ago.


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                                CNG Civics? Oklahoma, Here They Come!

                                When it comes to green technologies, the experts at Honda know a diversified strategy is a smart strategy. That’s why they’re not just offering affordable hybrids like the Honda Insight and gas-sippers like the Honda Fit. The company is also expanding the availability of the Honda Civic GX: Beginning immediately, all Oklahoma Honda dealers will be able to sell the only OEM-built, CNG-powered passenger car assembled in America.
                                The Civic GX looks like the sharp Honda Civic sedan on the outside, but under the hood it features one of Honda’s cutting-edge i-VTEC four-cylinder engines, adapted to run on CNG (compressed natural gas). As a result, the Civic GX gets the equivalent of 24 mpg city/36 mpg highway according to the EPA—the most fuel-efficient “regular” Civic gets a nearly identical 25 mpg city/36 mpg highway—and it’s the only vehicle certified to meet both Federal Tier 2-Bin 2 and Inherently Low Emission Vehicle (ILEV) standards. Which is a long way of saying the Civic GX is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle the EPA has ever tested.

                                The car first went on sale in California in 2006, followed by New York and Utah. Today, when dealers who sell to fleet customers are included, there are 134 dealerships in 33 states that can offer the Civic GX. Of course, with Oklahoma being the second-largest producer of natural gas in America, the decision to sell the CNG-powered Civic in that state was, well, a natural.
                                “Expanding Honda’s Civic GX retail program along with the continued success of fleet sales expresses our commitment to the environment and natural gas vehicle technology,” said Elmer Hardy, Honda’s senior manager of Alternative Fuel Vehicle Sales & Marketing. “Honda seeks market opportunities for the Civic GX where strong natural gas refueling infrastructure exists, and we continue to see its promise as a clean, sustainable, domestically sourced alternative fuel.”
                                * * *

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                                Parking FAIL: Honda Accord Hybrid parks a little too close to a 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z

                                This is precisely why it’s hard to blame someone for losing their top when they get upset at people who either don’t care that their parking skills are horrible at best, or that they’re just terrible at the rather simple practice.
                                This photo, which was taken by a member of The370Z forum, shows a Honda Accord Hybrid parking a little too close to a 40th Anniversary Nissan 370Z, which incidentally belongs to a member of the aforementioned forum. For the life of us, we have no idea how the driver of the Accord could park this close to the 370Z without at least noticing it. We just hope that the owner of the rare 370Z has a forgiving heart because if we were in his shoes, it would be a test of patience and kind-heartedness for us to not get upset over this.
                                Who are we kidding? We’d slaughter them.
                                Photo credit: Cunnos


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