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  • Radical redesign for Honda Civic

    The next generation Honda Civic will be smaller, lighter and more fuel efficient than was originally planned, the company's chief of automotive operations has said.
    However, the radical changes could delay the new car's launch, which was expected in late 2010. The Civic is crucial to Honda's line-up as its platform forms the basis for the CR-V, FR-V and Japan's Stream minivan.
    the CR-V and Element, Japan's Stream small minivan and Europe's FR-V.
    Speaking to Automotive News, Honda's Tsuneo Tanai said that Honda planned to downsize its next Civic platform, based on its own analysis of rising oil, steel and aluminum prices.
    However, he has revealed that, following the economic downturn, Honda chief Takanobu Ito ordered a complete re-evaluation of Honda's plans, killing its V8 and rear-wheel-drive programmes and demanding revamps of all existing designs.
    Initial designs planned for the next Civic to be larger than the current model, but now its exterior will be smaller, said Tanai. Instead, he claimed Honda hopes to create a perceived sense of increased roominess inside.
    Ito refused to identify a target launch date for the new Civic, but said: ""The team is struggling. We are injecting more manpower to meet our target."
    Tanai also revealed that Honda's focus is now on reducing weight on all its platforms and expanding its hybrid powertrain technology to more vehicle lines.
    It also has added development of electric vehicles, which Honda initially opposed, to bump up the Honda fleet's fuel efficiency and lower its emissions.


    • Evoluţia crescătoare a preţurilor micşorează viitorul Honda Civic

      Cristian Ionescu
      Marţi, 27 Octombrie 2009
      Constructorul japonez intenţionează să ajusteze – în jos – dimensiunile următoarei generaţii a modelului său compact, a cărei lansare ar putea fi amânată pentru 2011.

      Viitoarea generaţie Honda Civic va fi mai mică, mai uşoară şi mai eficientă (din punct de vedere al consumului de carburant) decât cea comercializată în prezent , anunţă ”Autocar”, citând un articol publicat de ”Automotive News”.

      Honda a intenţionat să realizeze un automobil compact de dimensiuni superioare (actualul Civic hatchback măsoară 4,25 metri lungime şi 1,76 metri lăţime) – în ton cu practicile din industrie – dar a renunţat în urma unei analize de cost care a privit tendiţa crescătoare a preţurilor oţelului, aluminiului şi petrolului.

      Tsuneo Tanai, directorul de operaţiuni Honda, a explicat că inginerii responsabili pentru proiectul Civic caută soluţii pentru realizarea unui interior care să pară mai încăpător, în ciuda reducerilor operate asupra dimensiunilor exterioare.

      Urmtătoarea generaţie Honda Civic trebuia lansată la finele anului viitor. Tanai a recunoscut că schimbarea planurilor iniţiale ar putea compromite această ţintă: ”Avem dificultăţi, dar vom aloca mai multe resurse umane proiectului, în încercarea de a putea atinge targetul asumat”.

      Honda Civic 5D 2008 - 1.8 M/T Galaxy Gray


      • In sfarsit, pot sa spun si eu "Bravo, Honda!'. Daca le iese bine planul, pentru toate modelele, au un 10 cu coronita de la mine.


        • cum am vazut in semanatura lui bogdan:

          "Sunt un "nostalgic blocat in trecut", conform noului CEO Honda, Takanobu Ito"

          eu as vrea sa completez si sa sustin ca nu as vrea sa aleg intre HONDA si HYUNDAI pt ca ca TOYOTA este deja muult inainte!cum detine 30% din subaru va avea un succes nebun!
          ex CL7 AT 2006
          CN1 Sport 2005
          KB 1 2007-"A gloriously good car that no-one in their right mind will ever buy"

          "The Honda Legend is a highly technically complicated and luxurious bit of kit that seems to be making more of a name for itself as the secondhand sale of the century"


          • Auto Motor und Sport a stat de vorba cu sefu´:

            HONDA. The finest from Japan. Since 1963.


            • Imi place cum a zis, sunt perfect de acord.


              • Originally posted by Seth View Post
                Imi place cum a zis, sunt perfect de acord.
                Tu ai citit acelasi articol?
                Nimic nou, se merge pe hibride, pe imbunatatirea sistemului, pe reducerea costurilor, China e o piata importanta, bla bla.


                • Articolul nu e complet, ca de obicei restul zace in versiunea scrisa pe doua pagini.
                  Tip: interviul nu e pentru asa-zisii nostalgici ci pentru realisti.
                  HONDA. The finest from Japan. Since 1963.


                  • Eu cred ca Seth a vrut sa spuna ca n-a inteles nimic articolul fiind in germana!
                    '09 Honda Accord Sedan 2.4 i-VTEC A/T, Executive, Crystal Black Pearl


                    • World's fastest Honda Civic circa 1976

                      2009 SEMA Show: World's fastest Honda Civic circa 1976

                      Way back in 1974, long before there was an Acura NSX, Honda S2000, or even a Civic Si, there was Honda performance pioneer Bob Boileau, otherwise know as “Honda Bob.”

                      Bob campaigned this Honda Civic on race circuits years before anybody started thinking of Hondas as performance cars. Bob and his Civic earned the title of World’s Fastest Civic in 1976, when he was clocked at 146 mph at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway. Bob went on to win six Sports Car Club of America GT5 championships between 1985 and 1990.
                      What makes all those championships even more notable is that Bob earned them back in the days when performance parts for the Civic were virtually unavailable. But he arguably helped set the stage for years of tuners and Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show exhibitors to come.

                      This year the tiny, unrestored Civic earned a place in the back of the Honda booth at SEMA, duct-taped fenders and all.

                      Hats off, Honda Bob.

                      Sursa: http://blogs.consumerreports.org/car...nda-civic.html
                      CR-V RE6
                      JAZZ GD1 CVT

                      Ex: Civic FD1
                      Ex: RDX TB1

                      Ex - JAZZ GD1
                      Ex - ACCORD Type-R
                      Ex - DEL SOL EH6


                      • New Super GT Honda Confirmed

                        New Super GT Honda Confirmed

                        With the last race of this year’s Super GT already over and done with, fans of Honda have been left wondering what will replace the current NSX GT car for next season.

                        Due to new Super GT regulations forcing the use of FR cars for the 2010 season, fans of the mid-engine Honda saw the last race of their venerate NSX earlier this month at Twin Ring Motegi Circuit here in Japan. With it’s first debut back in 1997 at the then All Japan GTC (followed by the JGTC and now Super GT), the NSX has had an illustrious career, claiming 49 poles with 36 race wins from 105 starts. With all this, Honda and the NSX teams have obviously attracted a multitude of fans and supporters over the last 13 years. But now, with rule changes forcing the end of the NSX’s career, Honda has announced that it will continue it’s participation in the Super GT. With an FR S2000 you say? Well no, actually with none other than it’s shelved FR Super Sports V10.
                        The shelved project, which had to be put on permanent hold along with Honda’s F1 involvement due to the economic crisis, will find new life and will be used as the base for the GT car in season 2010.

                        But surely it’s not possible!? While at first the idea may seem a little far fetched it all makes good sense. Before being given the axe, the FR V10 was under going development and work on a Super GT variant was already in place. It’s release was to coincide with the release of the road going version into the market. Times have changed though and whilst the race version of the car will be released next year, its road friendly counterpart will not. Honda will use special permission from the organizers of Super GT to allow this to happen and let the car compete in the GT 500. This will also let Honda off the homologation hook, meaning no limited run of V10s will have to be made or sold unlike the unicorn like NSX-R GT. (More photos below)

                        While details at this point in time are still sketchy, Honda will be releasing more details shortly and we await what FR goodness will be in store for us come 2010.

                        Sursa: http://www.7tune.com/new-super-gt-honda-confirmed/
                        CR-V RE6
                        JAZZ GD1 CVT

                        Ex: Civic FD1
                        Ex: RDX TB1

                        Ex - JAZZ GD1
                        Ex - ACCORD Type-R
                        Ex - DEL SOL EH6


                        • Acura adds some vroom to the TSX

                          Acura adds some vroom to the TSX

                          One of the few Japanese cars that can come close to replicating the fun driving experience of a premium European sport sedan, the Acura TSX, becomes even more compelling for 2010 with the addition of its first V-6 engine option.
                          Originally introduced in 2003, the TSX is the entry-level sedan from Honda's premium brand, and until now it was available only with a four-cylinder engine.
                          This might seem to be an odd time to introduce a V-6 engine in a car that has gotten along well with only a four-cylinder, though, as automakers have been downsizing their engines lately in the wake of last year's $4-a-gallon-plus gasoline.
                          For instance, GM recently said it soon will begin offering a four-cylinder as the base engine in the new midsize LaCrosse sedan, which has two V-6 options as well. And GM also plans to roll out a new Regal sport sedan next year — with only a four-cylinder available. (GM hasn't offered a four-cylinder engine in the new Camaro coupe yet, but I consider it only a matter of time ...)
                          TSX fans will tell you they've been perfectly happy with the performance of the four-cylinder engine, which, with the car's relatively light weight, produces sufficient power for spirited driving.
                          The most fun with the TSX comes from its nimble road handling, though, not raw power. It shines on those twisty back roads that driving enthusiasts love so much. It has a tight suspension and precise steering, which combine to give the driver confidence in tight turns.
                          With the V-6, there is more power, for sure — especially noticeable to me off the line, such as during merges onto the freeway at the start of my morning commute, but also at highway speeds when a burst of power is needed for passing.
                          The engine is smooth and sure throughout its power range, with maximum horsepower — 280 — available at 6,200 rpm (vs. 7,000 for the four-cylinder), and all of the torque offered up at 5,000 rpm (vs. 4,300 for the four).
                          TSX prices begin at $29,310 (plus $810 freight) for the base four-cylinder model with either a five-speed automatic transmission or a six-speed manual.
                          The V-6 model, which comes only with the five-speed automatic, begins at $34,850 and goes one step higher, to $37,950, when the Technology Package is added.
                          In the V-6 model, the 3.5-liter engine has 254 foot-pounds of torque, which is significantly above that of the 2.4-liter four-cylinder, which cranks out 201 horsepower and 170 foot-pounds of torque with the automatic or 172 foot-pounds with the manual gearbox.
                          Four-cylinder models with the Technology Package are $32,260 with either transmission. This option adds a GPS-based navigation/communications system with voice recognition, Zagat restaurant information and an integrated rearview camera; the AcuraLink satellite communications system; real-time traffic with a new rerouting function; AcuraLink weather; a 10-speaker Acura/ELS premium sound system with multiformat, six-disc DVD-audio changer; and a GPS-linked, solar-sensing, dual-zone automatic-climate-control system.
                          The audio system was named for and designed by Grammy award-winning sound engineer Elliot Scheiner. Acura says the sound from DVD surround-sound audio discs played on this system is 500 times clearer than from a traditional compact disc.
                          The V-6 comes with unique 18-inch wheels and a revised suspension, and has EPA fuel-economy ratings of 18 mpg city/27 highway. That compares with 20/28 for the four-cylinder with manual transmission and 21/30 with the automatic.
                          All models come with front-wheel drive, which goes against the typical setup of the European sport sedan (and the Infiniti G, as well). Acura does not offer its Super-Handling All-Wheel Drive on the TSX, but it is available on the slightly larger TL sedan, which comes with the same V-6 engine as the TSX.
                          The V-6 has Acura's Sequential SportShift transmission, with grade-logic and shift-hold control. The transmission can be operated in full automatic mode, or the driver can shift it manually (without having to use a clutch).
                          Acura uses a specially tuned double-wishbone front and multilink rear suspension system, and the car has five-spoke aluminum wheels and Michelin Pilot all-season tires. Also different from the four-cylinder model is a revised front fascia and a V-6 badge on the trunk lid.
                          The new TSX exterior design, introduced for 2009, is called “Keen Edge Dynamic,” which Acura said was intended to give the car “a cutting-edge appearance” to resonate with its youthful consumers — typically young, single professionals or couples.
                          Even the four-cylinder model is well-equipped. Standard amenities include leather interior, a power moon roof, high-intensity headlights, Bluetooth hands-free phone link and a great audio system with standard XM satellite radio and USB connection point.
                          All models also have Honda's Advanced Compatibility Engineering front body structure, designed to minimize damage to other vehicles and injury to pedestrians hit by the car.
                          The TSX comes with a drive-by-wire throttle system, which has no direct mechanical link between the accelerator pedal and the engine. Fuel is delivered by a computer-controlled programmed fuel-injection system.
                          Other safety features include four-wheel antilock disc brakes with electronic brake assist; electronic stability and traction control; front seat-mounted side air bags; roof-mounted side-curtain air bags for both rows; front and rear crumple zones; and a tire-pressure monitoring system.
                          The car seats five, and the very comfortable perforated-leather front bucket seats are heated. The driver's seat has an eight-way power adjustment and the passenger seat a four-way power adjust. The steering wheel is wrapped in leather.
                          There is a choice of either an aluminum-alloy or wood look for the interior trim, and carpeted floor mats are standard.
                          The 60/40 split-folding rear bench seat is roomy enough for two adults to sit rather comfortably, or for three if necessary (but probably not comfortably).
                          Other amenities include power windows/mirrors/door locks, cruise control, steering-wheel-mounted audio controls, a tilt-and-telescopic steering column, dual-zone automatic climate control and a universal garage/gate opener.
                          Also standard is torque-sensing variable power rack-and-pinion steering, along with front and rear stabilizer bars. Four-cylinder models come with 17-inch alloy wheels.
                          A variety of dealer-installed options is offered, including interior trim kits, spoilers and 18-inch alloy wheels.

                          Sursa: http://www.mysanantonio.com/business...o_the_TSX.html
                          CR-V RE6
                          JAZZ GD1 CVT

                          Ex: Civic FD1
                          Ex: RDX TB1

                          Ex - JAZZ GD1
                          Ex - ACCORD Type-R
                          Ex - DEL SOL EH6


                          • Multumesc sensei MARUTA pentru ajutor....in urmatoare ora am de afisat vreo 11 pagini cu stiri ( si numai link-uri ).
                            asa ca o sa dureze pana pun link cu link pe topicurile respective!
                            Sa incepem !

                            Tokyo-Motor-Show 2009 : Honda :












                            Honda Announces MUGEN Accessories for U.S.-Spec Accord Sedan at SEMA:


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                            http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-drive/car-tips/buyers-guide/what-theyre-offering/article1351166/ - HONDA/ACURA

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                            Honda BF200 and BF225: Superior Power and Reliable Performance:


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                            • Most Fuel Efficient Full-Line Carmaker in the U.S.: Honda. Again.


                              Once again, Honda has the most fuel-efficient model range of the nine carmakers that sell a full lineup of vehicles in the U.S.
                              Preliminary figures from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed Honda averaging 23.6 miles per gallon across its 2009 vehicles, closely trailed by Hyundai (23.4 mpg) and Toyota (23.2 mpg). The 2009 average across all vehicles sold is 21.1 mpg.
                              Estimates track final figures
                              The EPA estimates are made using sales estimates and confidential information on model mix and engine options from the carmakers, as well as early sales data. Final figures based on actual sales will be released next year, but they don't vary much from the estimates.

                              2009 Honda CR-Z concept car
                              Enlarge Photo

                              Honda unveils 2009 Civic and Civic Hybrid
                              Enlarge Photo

                              2010 Honda Fit Sport
                              Enlarge Photo

                              The three U.S. carmakers were at the bottom of the list, due to their sales of full-size pickup trucks and sport utility vehicles. Ford was third-to-last, at 20.5 mpg, General Motors was second at 19.9 mpg, and Chrysler came in dead last, at a mere 18.7 mpg.
                              Honda: harder and faster
                              For the model year that's just started, the company launched the 2010 Honda Insight dedicated hybrid in February, which will be followed by the 2011 Honda CR-Z hybrid two-seat sports coupe and then by a future Honda Fit Hybrid as well.
                              But Honda is hardly standing still. Indeed, in the face of oil prices that have recently risen from $30 to $80 a barrel, and increased global regulation of carbon emissions and/or fuel economy, Honda is doubling down on efficiency improvements.
                              No V-8s, no big cars
                              It is changing plans for its model lineup, working harder and faster to take weight out of its new cars lighter, and make themless thirsty, even while keeping them nimble, clever, and fun to drive. It has already canceled a line of large rear-wheel-drive cars and a V-8 engine.
                              In addition to its hybrids, Honda's strength has always been its compact 2010 Honda Civic and midsize 2010 Honda Accord sedans. More recently, the well-received and versatile 2010 Honda Fit subcompact hatchback has been eagerly adopted by younger buyers.
                              [Detroit News]

                              ================================================== =====

                              Acura RSX: Why is Honda Getting Rid of Its One of Its Bestselling Cars?


                              Honda started its more upscale brand Acura in 1986. While Honda was making affordable cars for most price tags they also wanted to appeal to a different market. Luxury cars started becoming more and more popular and the entry level luxury car still more popular.

                              Thus the Acura brand came into being. It was originally started with just two models, the Integra and the Legend. There are many newer models in the Acura family today like the RL, the TL, MDX and RDX, but the Integra remained its pride and joy and it continued to sell. It was later renamed the RSX but that didn't slow down its popularity. It became so popular that it even became one of the most stolen cars in the US. Now after more than twenty years of solid reliability Honda is retiring the Acura RSX. Although Acura made steady sells with the Integra it is time to let go. Because of the unavailability of its parts the Integra was popular among thieves. With the model now being discontinued any RSX owners may want to keep a close eye on their car. They will become rarer in the next few years, but it will certainly still be a high demand car.

                              So why is Honda getting rid of its one of its bestselling cars? The Integra was originally tailor made to be a bridge model between the high end Legend and the more affordable Honda models. This certainly helped ease consumers into the Acura brand, but now in the 21st century there is no longer a need for this transition car in the market. Acura has now developed more upscale models that it was originally intended for. With other brands like Toyota and Nissan also creating luxury brands like Lexus and Infiniti it is time for Acura to step up its game. This means there is no longer room for the RSX. It is outdated and investing in a newer model would be a step back for the company looking to raise their competitiveness.

                              As far as the luxury coupe goes there is no longer a high demand. They used to be everywhere, but now the only cars that have managed to hold on are the Ford Mustang and Mitsubishi Eclipse. However, in order to satisfy the demand, should there prove to be one, Acura is considering making

                              their TL Sedan into a coupe. Acura is also considering bringing back the sporty NSX. This would certainly be the top end vehicle for Acura consumers. This is not all Acura has hidden behind its doors. Out with the old and in with the new. We can expect lots of changes from Acura in the future.

                              Although Acura made steady sells with the Integra it is time to let go. Because of the unavailability of its parts the Integra was popular among thieves. With the model now being discontinued any RSX owners may want to keep a close eye on their car. They will become rarer in the next few years, but it will certainly still be a high demand car.
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                              • 2010 10 Best Cars - 10 Best Cars !


                                This year, for the 28th running of our annual 10Best competition, the rules were simple. First, we raised the price cap from $71,000 to $80,000 (roughly three times the average transaction price of a new car) in the belief that 80 grand is the current point of automotive excellence’s diminishing returns. Cars get more expensive than that, but they don’t get much better. More important, raising the cap makes eligible nominees in two other vital categories: luxo-sport GTs and luxury sedans. Never mind that only two new cars qualified (and one was about to be replaced in a few months, so we left it out).
                                Second rule: As is the norm, we invited back 2009’s 10Best winners and all the new or significantly altered cars for 2010. Every qualifying vehicle must be on sale no later than January 2010, ergo the complete absence of vaporware.
                                In all, we hosted a total of 58 automobiles at our secret base hidden amid the farm plots of southeast Michigan. We flogged the cars for a week over our long-standing route, which serves up everything from smooth curves to pockmarked apexes to first-gear corners to high-speed straights to elevation changes.
                                There, we sought answers to the following questions: 1) How well does this car perform its intended mission? Does a given luxury car, for example, ride harshly? Does it sacrifice rear-seat headroom for an aggressive tumblehome? 2) Is this a highly engaging, fun-to-drive vehicle in its category? Does it compel the driver to get in and enjoy it? And 3) What kind of value does it represent? How much goodness does it deliver for its price?
                                The cars on the following pages max out in all three areas. These are the machines that have cracked the greatness code. The overwhelming consensus in our results, arrived at by a diverse array of drivers and their biases, has convinced us that these are the 10 worthiest cars on the American road. And their average base price of just over $35,000 was far below our $80,000 cap.

                                The Nominees:

                                Nominees consist of all-new cars, 2009 10Best winners, cars that were not available for the 2009 competition, and those with significant updates. All cars must fall under our base-price cap of $80,000 and be on sale in January 2010.
                                Acura TL 6-sp manual • Acura ZDX • Audi A5 2.0T • Audi A6 3.0T • Audi S4 • Audi S5 Cabriolet • Audi TTS • BMW Z4 • BMW 3-series/M3 • Buick LaCrosse • Cadillac CTS/CTS-V • Chevrolet Camaro • Chevrolet Corvette/Grand Sport/Z06 • Ford Fusion/Fusion hybrid • Ford Mustang/Shelby GT500 • Ford Taurus/Taurus SHO • Honda Accord • Honda Fit • Honda Insight • Hyundai Genesis coupe • Infiniti G37 • Jaguar XF/XFR • Kia Forte/Forte Koup • Kia Soul • Lexus HS250h • Lexus IS convertible • Lincoln MKS EcoBoost • Lotus Evora* • Lotus Exige S 260 Sport • Mazda MX-5 Miata • Mazda 3/Mazdaspeed 3 • Mercedes-Benz E-class • Nissan Cube • Nissan 370Z • Pontiac G8 GXP* • Pontiac Solstice coupe* • Porsche Boxster / Cayman • Porsche 911 Carrera • Subaru Legacy • Subaru Outback • Suzuki Kizashi • Toyota Prius • Toyota Venza • Volkswagen Golf*/GTI

                                2010 Honda Accord - 10Best Cars!

                                The miracle from Marysville.

                                In 28 years of 10Best competition, Honda’s Accord has made the list 24 times. Somewhere in Japan, there are about 200 engineers wringing their hands and asking each other, “Where’d we go wrong in those four losing years?” Maybe that’s why the car is so good.
                                In ’08, the redesigned Accord sedan vaulted into the EPA’s large-car domain yet retained the taut, square-jawed underpinnings that make it so gratifyingly competent to drive. The automatic transmission never draws attention to itself, body motions are subdued, the cockpit is hushed, the steering discreetly reveals what the front tires are up to, and the 2.4-liter four is not only quick to rev but also offers the idle quality of a six.
                                But what so reliably sets the Accord apart is its platform—as solid and unyielding as a shotgun barrel.
                                If the sedan pegs your personal blandness meter, investigate the slick coupe. When fitted with the 271-hp V-6, it becomes an Accord coup. Row through the velvety manual six-speed—barking the front tires something fierce as you shift into second—and 60 mph manifests in 5.6 seconds. It feels peculiar to be nailing apexes and heel-and-toeing in an Accord—it’s like yelling at your mom—but it’s okay to tell friends that this is the spiritual successor to the feisty Prelude.
                                The V-6 coupe could benefit from less torque steer, a less confusing center stack, and a friendlier sticker—an over-$30K Accord is in Celine Dion territory. She could call hers the Accord Dion.Continued...

                                2010 Honda Fit - 10Best Cars!

                                Brilliance at a budget price.

                                The overachieving Fit is one of our quick-draw answers when people ask us which car to buy. It’s all the car anyone needs—big fun, and as cheap to own and operate as a hamster. Despite the Fit’s microbial footprint, it takes truly Sasquatchian dimensions to be discomforted inside, and all that space is surrounded by quality materials and thoughtful design unmatched in many vehicles costing much more.
                                While the 1.5-liter’s 117 horsepower won’t much squish the seatback foam, keeping the four-pot revving can make for an engaging game with either of its two available transmissions. With short shifts and direct, mechanical movement, the base five-speed manual should be studied by the world’s finer sports-car makers. Pairing the automatic with the Sport model nets an obedient paddle-shifted slushbox that does the cheapest F1 impression on the market.
                                If momentum isn’t particularly easy to summon up, it’s a riot to conserve. The Fit zips through corners with an agile, balanced manner directed by quick and accurate steering. Thick bolsters on the front seats keep occupants comfortable and in place while reinforcing the idea that the Fit is not just an economical car but an entertaining one, too. It is engaging enough to inspire back-road thrusts and parries, but it won’t alert police.
                                Everything about this Honda feels like a more expensive, more upmarket vehicle. It is the marriage of a number of seemingly paradoxical concepts, but its greatest accomplishment is the association this little runabout dissolves: The Fit proves more decisively than any other vehicle that affordable and cheap are mutually exclusive concepts.
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