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  • hehehe!stiu eu cati-va cocalari cu 3-ar care ar spune ca indienii conduc honda in uk!bine nu-si dau seama ca se pun astfel in inferioritate singuri.B.M.W.-e masina clasica a cocalarului manelist,capsunar,italian sau a sclavului plecat la munca inafara.de cartier!in proportie de 90%!
    ex CL7 AT 2006
    CN1 Sport 2005
    KB 1 2007-"A gloriously good car that no-one in their right mind will ever buy"

    "The Honda Legend is a highly technically complicated and luxurious bit of kit that seems to be making more of a name for itself as the secondhand sale of the century"


    • Asta e, acum piata romaneasca e in formare de ceva timp... Din pacate cei mai slabi de inger sunt si cei mai vehementi. Citeam deunazi pe clubmazda ca Accordul e pt. pensionari... Ce sa-i faci, chestie de gusturi
      If Honda built people, nobody would ever die.


      • daca va uitati si la celelalte topuri:

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        Performance | Build Quality | Running Costs | Reliability | Comfort | Practicality | Ease of Driving | Braking | Handling | Ride Quality

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        • Honda, Guangzhou Honda and Dongfeng Honda at the Shanghai Auto Exhibition - An environmentally responsible mobile life

          China, April 20, 2009 - Honda, Guangzhou Honda and Dongfeng Honda, as well as a number of models under the luxury Acura brand and other competitive new models, are on display at the Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition. With a theme of “Mobility for the Earth”, the environmentally responsible products show the way to the mobile life of the future with innovative and advanced technologies. Many models powered by new sources of energy, including the fuel cell FCX Clarity and completely new hybrid Insight, are on display for the first time at the exhibition. Guangzhou Honda released the next generation Odyssey, which represents the height of fashion in MPVs, and Dongfeng Honda launched the upgraded Civic Hybrid in step with the international market. The SR-9, an upper-end sports car currently under development, was displayed as well. The outstanding products exemplify Honda’s strength in technology innovation and continuing commitment to environmental responsibility.

          Sports Premium Sedan SR-9 (Exhibition Sample)

          The FCX Clarity also makes its debut in Shanghai, being displayed at the exhibition. With the unique V Flow FC Stack, an innovative compact, but powerful fuel cell stack developed by Honda, the FCX Clarity provides a superb driving experience wrapped in fashionable design. Fuel cell vehicles are powered by hydrogen, and electricity, generated by the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, powers the car. The only exhaust emission is water, so it is the ultimate environmentally responsible vehicle.

          Hybrid power technology is currently the most viable and effective environmentally responsible technology. Honda has brought the Insight, a completely new hybrid model shown in China for the first time. The IMA (Integrated Motor Assist) hybrid power system, created by Honda, uses a petrol engine as the primary power, while the electric motor provides an intelligent assist. The system is compact, effective and lightweight. The new Insight with the IMA system combines excellent environmentally responsible performance and an enjoyable driving experience.

          The fourth generation Odyssey, which will begin production by the end of 2009, is also on display at the Shanghai Automobile Exhibition. The all-new ODYSSEY is a multi-purpose vehicle developed by Honda in line with the latest trends in the global MPV market. The vehicle has been developed around the concept of “Dynamic Prestige”. Continuing the high quality tradition of the ODYSSEY brand, this new generation vehicle differs in that it has been designed to be more sedan-like in profile, driving experience and interior configuration. It is also characterized by enhanced safety, environmental responsibility and energy efficiency technologies. These elements make it a mid-high range MPV that boasts many of the advantages of a sedan. It is a new development trend in MPVs, and makes the vehicle more commercial, tasteful and practical, and puts it in a powerful position in the MPV niche.

          New ODYSSEY
          The new Civic Hybrid, in line with the latest trends in the international market, is being released at the auto exhibition, and will go on sale nationwide in June. The Civic is on display in an elegant cloud white, with a fashionable and dynamic appearance. A fuel consumption test conducted by Tsinghua University showed that the fuel consumption of the Civic Hybrid is 4.7L/100km, 37% better than the conventional Civic EXi AT. The hybrid vehicle’s fuel economy ranks among the world’s best.

          New CIVIC HYBRID

          Dongfeng Honda is displaying for the first time a new model under development, codenamed the SR-9. The “S” in SR-9 represents Sports Premium Sedan, while the “R” signifies that the car is under research and development, and “9” is the largest digit. The first sports car exhibition prototype aiming at the upper-end market in China, the SR-9 has set a new design concept for upper-end sport cars. With many advanced technologies, the model combines streamlined fashion and a dynamic sporty character. Precise operation, a human-oriented concept, high technology driving, and ample space will make the sports car a leading model for the upper-end market. Mass production is expected to begin in the second half of 2009. It will allow Dongfeng Honda to lead the upper-end sports car industry by exploring a completely new market.

          Sports Premium Sedan SR-9 (Exhibition Sample)
          Other competitive models, including the Accord, Fit, City, CR-V, and Civic are also at the Shanghai International Automobile Exhibition. Honda devoted special attention to the design of the exhibition stand. The earth, in blue, is the major element, signifying Honda’s wish for the future ---- the harmonious development of a mobile life and the environment. The environmentally responsible products and technologies, as well as the elegant exhibition stand, are sure to make an impression.


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          Honda Aircraft Company Updates HondaJet Program

          Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A., April 30, 2009 - Honda Aircraft Company, Inc., announced important updates to its HondaJet aviation program including revised first flight and delivery timetables for the company's industry-leading advanced light jet. Ongoing global aerospace industry business challenges have resulted in a delay in receiving critical components for conforming aircraft production, which will result in a new first flight target of January 2010 and projected first customer delivery in the fourth quarter of 2011.

          Honda Aircraft Company is partnering with leading aerospace industry suppliers for the manufacture of major subassemblies utilizing proprietary Honda designs and technologies. Delays in delivering some of these critical components to Honda for conforming aircraft production has required a revision in the first flight target for conforming aircraft to January 2010. As a result, first customer delivery, originally scheduled for late 2010, is projected in the fourth quarter of 2011 following completion of FAA flight-testing certification.

          "We have been working very closely with our suppliers over the past year in an effort to minimize the effect of the ongoing worldwide economic instability on HondaJet development," said Michimasa Fujino, Honda Aircraft Company president and CEO. "Unfortunately, we now have no choice but to revise our schedule. We appreciate our customers' continued trust and their understanding of the challenges we are facing to bring to them the most advanced light jet available."

          Honda Aircraft Company has progressed with the establishment of its new state-of-the-art world headquarters campus in Greensboro, North Carolina, where the HondaJet is being developed and will be manufactured. The campus complex includes a world headquarters building that incorporates all engineering, sales, support, marketing, and administration functions. The recently completed world R&D center on campus features over four acres under roof and houses the ongoing construction of conforming aircraft. The R&D facility also houses the world delivery center for all HondaJet aircraft.

          The HondaJet offers superior performance, greater interior space and cargo capacity, higher levels of standard equipment, and significantly lower fuel consumption than any light jet of its size. At $3.9 million, the HondaJet is also priced for much less than its leading light jet competitor. "We are confident we will deliver to our customers the best-performing and best-valued light jet in the industry," added Fujino.

          Ground will be broken this summer on the final phase of campus infrastructure development with construction of the HondaJet production facility. With the completion of the HondaJet production facility, the company's total world headquarters complex will reach 500,000 ft2 under roof on the 83-acre campus.

          "We are moving forward confidently with the HondaJet program with the full backing and strength of our parent, Honda Motor Company. Our production facility will incorporate not only production functions, but also world-class flight training facilities. We will deliver to our customers an aircraft of outstanding quality that will be supported with exceptional sales, service and flight training programs," said Fujino.


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          Honda Canada Commemorates Milestone of 5 Millionth Vehicle Made In Canada

          TORONTO, Canada, April 28, 2009 - Honda Canada Inc. commemorated the 5 millionth vehicle made in Canada at its Honda of Canada Mfg. vehicle manufacturing facility in Alliston, Ontario. This milestone reflects Honda’s commitment to Canada since it began manufacturing vehicles in the country 23 years ago.

          The 5 millionth vehicle built – a 2009 Honda Civic sedan – was presented by Honda President and CEO, Mr. Manabu Nishimae, to the Province of Ontario in a ceremony held at Queen’s Park. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty received the keys to the new Civic of behalf of the Province of Ontario and, in turn, presented the car to Pamela Fuselli, executive director of Safe Kids Canada.

          “This is a significant accomplishment for Honda in Canada,” said Manabu Nishimae, president and chief executive officer of Honda Canada Inc. ”In 1986, we built the first of three factories in Alliston, based on our company’s philosophy to build our products close to our customers. Honda continues to invest its profits back into Canada as we strive to be a company that Canadians will want to exist. We are also committed to the manufacturing of green, safe, fun vehicles. Our donation to the Province, and to Safe Kids Canada is a reflection of this pledge to our Canadian consumers and to consumer safety.”

          “We are grateful to Premier McGuinty, the Ontario government and Honda Canada for their support and commitment to keeping children safe on our roads,” said Pamela Fuselli, executive director, Safe Kids Canada. “It is donations like this from our partners and supporters that enable Safe Kids Canada to provide Canadians with practical and reliable solutions to prevent injuries so that our children can be active, healthy and safe.”

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          • Road Test: 2009 Honda Accord EX-L !


            I've had an affinity for the Honda Accord since having one for a company car about ten years ago. For three years all I did was put gas in it and drive it, just like you drive a car you don't own. When I handed the keys back I realized that even with all the abuse that Accord took, it had been completely problem-free and felt just like the day I first took it home. I would have bought one after that, except for the small problem that these cars of outstanding value were UGLY! I realize that such a statement is subjective, but at the very least previous Accords were extremely bland.

            2009 Honda Accord EX-L. For more images, click the gallery link.

            In Honda's defense there was never much incentive to change one of the top selling cars in North America. The Accord did get its first significant beauty makeover in 2003 and then another one last year. The 2008 redesign remains unchanged for 2009 for good reason – it looks good! It's not a head turner, but it has an attractive profile and nice strong stance. The more I look at it, the more I like it.
            I give more points for the interior treatment. My EX-L Navi (L for leather, Navi for Navigation) tester has a manufacturer's suggested retail price of $33,090 when the $1,200 automatic transmission is included. This is about $8,000 more than the most basic LX model with cloth and five-speed manual transmission. With high quality leather seating and trim, tasteful faux wood accents and an attractive dash it's easy to imagine having spent much more. The centre stack with its large LCD Navigation screen is a thing of beauty, but does have its irritants. The controls for the stereo and climate control are a wash of indistinguishable buttons of similar size and colour. It looks like clutter. I'm not crazy about some of the ergonomics either.
            For example, I found it annoying that the fan speed control was way over on the passenger side of the stack. Sure, it has automatic dual climate control, but as the driver I would like to be able to tweak the fan myself without having to unbuckle! The navigation system, however, is quite easy to reach and use. Honda dropped the touch-screen in favour of an intuitive rotary knob. Many functions are also available through voice command, which works surprisingly well. It's addictive, and over time I completely forgot that nerdy feeling I first had when talking to the car. The eight-inch LCD is deeply recessed and is transflective, so it actually gets brighter in sunlight instead of dimmer.
            The EX-L package includes a big upgrade to your listening experience too, by taking the base 160-watt AM/FM/MPS/WMA system to 270 watts and providing seven speakers including a subwoofer. It also adds a 6-disc in-dash CD changer and XM satellite radio. I was fairly impressed that even fitted out with the optional Navigation system and Bluetooth wireless phone interface my tester still listed under 35 thousand dollars.
            Thanks to Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), the stereo system or your conversation with passengers is not competing with road or engine noise. Honda introduced this five years ago. The system emits an opposite signal that cancels out certain noises so the human ear cannot detect them. This is standard in most models with the automatic transmission. I wish I were able to jump into one Accord with ANC and one without to compare, but there's an acoustic engineer in a lab coat somewhere who swears it works and the Accord is quiet for it's price range.
            The 2009 Accord is the roomiest Honda ever, thanks to added head, leg and hip room both front and rear. The leather seats are firm and comfortable and look like they come from a much higher end car. My longest drive was two hours, but I felt like I could drive comfortably for many more hours. There is such a solid feel when driving the Accord with it's independent front and rear multi-link double wishbone rear suspension, while the steering is responsive and handling feels much like some pricier European models.
            While relatively spacious in the cabin, the Accord's 397-litre (14-cubic foot) trunk is not huge by any stretch. Honda has put up with a lot of criticism for using archaic gooseneck trunk hinges that get in the way of cargo, but obviously not enough to make a change for this year. The rear seat folds down but it's not a 60/40 split. It does feature a lockable pass-through armrest/door, however.
            My tester had the middle of the pack 190 horsepower 2.4-litre four cylinder. The base is a 177 horsepower version of that motor. If you're interested in some or all of the aforementioned options that come with the EX-L package then you'll be starting with the 190 horsepower, but you may want to consider stepping up to the 3.5-litre V6. This would set you back an additional four thousand dollars, which is significant, but I found the 190 horsepower only adequate. The more powerful V6 is so efficient, with Honda's Advanced Cylinder Management which puts the engine into six, four or three cylinder modes, that the fuel economy is only marginally worse than the four. On paper the EX-L 2.4L is rated 9.9 L/100 km city and 6.5 L/100 km highway. After 563 kilometres (350 miles) of mostly highway driving I was closer to the city number at 9.5 L/100 km.
            On the safety side, the Accord has the usual complement of airbags, 4-wheel anti-lock brakes (ABS) with Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) and Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with traction control. While the Accord is in the top-ten of mid size cars in testing by the US Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), the new testing guidelines by the European New Car Assistance Program rated the Accord five stars across the board.
            It is still not one of the flashiest cars on the road but the 2009 Honda Accord manages to punch above its weight class in just about every area, just like its predecessors. I bet that old company car still runs like a charm!

            ================================================== =

            2009 Infiniti G37 Tops Consumer Reports' Upscale Sport Sedan Category !

            YONKERS, New York — The 2009 Infiniti G37 came out on top in Consumer Reports' June issue with the best overall rating in the upscale sport sedan category.

            The G37 received an "Excellent" overall test score, while its competitors, the redesigned Acura TSX, Audi A4 and Volkswagen CC, only obtained a road test score of "Very Good."

            Overall, the G37 and TSX are the only vehicles that have performed at a level to be recommended by Consumer Reports. The pricing on the vehicles tested range from $29,675 for the TSX to $37,525 for the A4.

            "The Infiniti G37 continues its reign as top in the class. The drivetrain is still the highlight of the car, delivering very strong performance while getting better fuel economy than the previous generation. The G37 is very quick and handling is agile and fun," says David Champion, senior director of Consumer Reports' Auto Test Center.

            The Infiniti received the accolade thanks to its new 3.7-liter engine and seven-speed automatic that helps the vehicle get better fuel economy without losing power. Specifically, the car makes 328 horsepower and averages 21 mpg overall with premium fuel. Good braking also combines with a reasonably spacious cabin to help bring the G37 sedan to the top of the category.

            Inside Line says: Even with heated competition from Acura, Audi and Volkswagen, Infiniti comes through in the end with the highest overall road test score. — Mike Lysaght, Correspondent


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            • Honda Insight Becomes First Hybrid to Rank as Best-Selling Vehicle in Japan

              Some good news for Honda and for hybrid fans too. The Honda Insight was the number one selling vehicle for the month of April in Japan. According to sales figures from the Japan Automobile Dealers Association, Honda sold 10,481 units of the Insight last month alone. The new Honda Insight was released in February 2009 in Japan. It was the first time ever that a hybrid car held the lead in Japanese monthly sales.
              And Honda is doing well overall in Japan, with its Fit being the best-selling vehicle for 2008 and still going strong this year, topping sales for March and coming in second to the Insight for April.
              Still, with falling auto sales in the US (including hybrids), a key market for hybrid vehicles, and US gas prices at very consumer-friendly low-levels, it will be a struggle for Honda, or any automaker with a hybrid on the market, to achieve the same thing in the United States. And Europe too will prove to be a challenge, given the market power of diesels in the largest markets there such as German, France and Italy.

              1.8 i-VTEC MT CIVIC 5D Nighthawk Black
              Mavi Travel - Aducem lumea mai aproape de tine


              • O veste foarte bună.
                Să sperăm că va avea acelaşi succes şi în alte părţi.
                CR-V RE6
                JAZZ GD1 CVT

                Ex: Civic FD1
                Ex: RDX TB1

                Ex - JAZZ GD1
                Ex - ACCORD Type-R
                Ex - DEL SOL EH6


                • Bianco On Cars: Insight into Prius !


                  Monday, May 11, 2009 – Cars By Todd Bianco, West Hollywood

                  West Hollywood, California (Monday, May 11, 2009) – Is anyone else besides me tired of Toyota's Prius? These rolling refrigerators, with all the driving fun of Novocain, are everywhere in LA.

                  2010_Toyota_Prius_production. WeHo News.
                  Last Saturday, while eating lunch at the oh-so-hip Father's Office burger and beer joint, you couldn't walk one block on Montana Avenue without being nearly run over by a Prius.
                  In the Whole Foods parking lot, every other car was a Prius or something expensive and German. These things run in electric mode at low speeds so it's hard to hear them creeping up on you except for a low electric buzz.
                  I'm just sick of the same old hybrid.
                  Just in time for Earth Day 2009 (April 22), Honda brings us an all new 2010 Insight hybrid. Except you might mistake it for Toyota's iconic Prius because it looks just like the Prius.
                  Honda's excuse for this styling doppelganger is that aerodynamics, safety and packaging dictate the shape. I don't buy it and neither do most automotive engineers. There is more than one way to cheat the wind!

                  2008 Toyota Prius. WeHo News.
                  Honda was first to the (US) hybrid market in 1999 with the odd 2-seat Insight. It never caught on in the general market and died quietly in 2006. However, during the Great Gas Panic of 2008, used Insights were selling for more than their original price. People were desperate for anything with good fuel economy.
                  Honda thought that the solution to the original Insight “too quirky” problem was to make its best-selling Civic into a hybrid. Unfortunately, the Honda Civic Hybrid, while a great car, suffers from blending in too much.
                  There are only very subtle styling differences between the ordinary Civic and the hybrid version. It turns out that people who buy hybrids want to trumpet their Green Creds to the world and Toyota hit the jackpot with the 2nd generation Prius when it went on sale in 2004.
                  The Prius is a stand-alone hybrid car nameplate. Toyota hasn't had nearly as much luck with the hybrid versions of the Camry and Highlander simply because they don't look “green” enough to buyers. It hurt Honda's corporate feelings that otherwise loyal customers bought the Prius over the Civic Hybrid.


                  Honda's response was to rush to get a Prius clone to market that got as good fuel economy as the (current) Prius but cost at least $2,000 less. And since Honda was first in the US market with a stand-alone hybrid nameplate, the marketing team dusted off the old Insight badge and slapped it on the company's new Prius fighter.

                  So here it is folks. The 2010 Honda Insight uses Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology found in the Civic Hybrid. A 1.3 liter, 98 hp four-cylinder engine is assisted by a 13-hp electric motor/generator.
                  The battery is still a nickel-metal hydride package, but it's been condensed to the size of a couple of shoe boxes. Fuel economy should be around 41 mpg around town and yes, if you were wondering, that's still not as good as the outgoing 2009 Prius and substantially less than the incoming 2010 Prius.
                  The Insight isn't fast, but if you're into these hybrids, you don't care that it takes over 10 seconds to get up to highway speed. What is new about the hybrid system is that it can run in all-electric mode up to 30 mph. (I just don't want to be behind you at a stop light while you experiment with how long you can coax the car along on just battery power.)
                  If you're looking for leather seats – the Prius is your car. If you want a keyless entry system with push button start/stop – again, the Prius is your car. If you want that slick new solar panel on the top of the roof that powers the AC system while your car sits parked in the hot sun – yup, you guessed it, the new Prius is your car.

                  Honda won't leave you with a stripped car. You do get power windows and automatic climate control standard along with Honda's vast array of safety equipment.

                  Insight Exterior. WeHo News.
                  With the EX model you can get voice-activated navigation, iPod integration and Bluetooth for hands-free phone usage.
                  For me, the Insight is just another homely wedge-shaped refrigerator targeted to the budget-minded eco-conscious buyer. At least it will drive more like a fun Honda than the near-dead drive of the Prius. The Insight has typical Honda traits like clever packaging, quality materials, solid build and an ergonomic interior design.
                  The devil will be in the price to MPG ratio. The lower the price for the Insight, the better 40 mpg looks. It also depends on the price of gasoline. Who knows where it will be a year from now?

                  So if Honda prices the base Insight LX at, say $18,000, buyers get a pretty decent bang for the buck. The top-priced Prius will likely cost $8,000 - $10,000 more than the top-line Insight EX.
                  You can sure buy lots of gas for that price difference.
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                  • Top green cars in Canada !


                    The most fuel-efficient vehicles in Canada are not necessarily best-sellers in this country.
                    Part of the reason may be price -- vehicles such as hybrids tend to cost thousands more than non-hybrid vehicles.
                    Another reason may be that some of the most environmentally friendly cars -- subcompacts such as the Smart fortwo -- are not ideally suited to our often-harsh climate and terrain. Canadians, on average, buy three times as many compact cars (19,697 as of February, 2009, according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants) as they do subcompacts (6,780 during the same period).
                    We also buy almost as many light trucks, including pickups, SUVs and vans (a total of 39,444), as we do passenger cars (40,786). And trucks, in general, don't tend to be as fuel efficient as cars by nature of their size.
                    Perhaps there is some room for improvement if we want to become more green in nature. But that's not to say that Canadians are not heading in the right direction.
                    In fact, out of the top fuelefficient vehicles for 2009 as chosen by Natural Resources Canada's Office of Energy Efficiency, two are best-sellers in Canada: the Toyota Yaris and Ford Ranger.
                    Winners are chosen based on testing that simulates 20,000 kilometres a year, broken down as 55% city and 45% highway driving, according to Natural Resources Canada.
                    If you are interested in becoming a more fuel-efficient driver, check out the winners. From smallest to largest, the following are the top fuelefficient vehicles for the 2009 model year:

                    TWO-SEATER: SMART FOR TWO

                    The cute little gasoline-powered runabout has a 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine and a five-speed automatic transmission with manual mode.
                    The Smart fortwo's fuel consumption numbers are impressive at 5.9 litres per 100 kilometres in the city and 4.8 L/100 km on the highway.
                    The fortwo uses 1,080 litres of fuel annually at a cost of $1,188.
                    Pricing for the base Smart fortwo coupe starts at $14,990.


                    There are multiple winners in the subcompact category.
                    The Mini Cooper and Cooper Clubman each feature a 1.6L, four-cylinder engine with a manual six-speed transmission.
                    Each has a fuel economy of 7.1 L/100 km in the city and 5.3 L/100 km on the highway.
                    The Mini Cooper and Mini Clubman each use 1,260 litres of fuel annually at a cost of $1,386.
                    The Mini Cooper starts at $24,800, while the Clubman goes for $26,400.
                    The Toyota Yaris and Yaris Hatchback each have a 1.5L, four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission.
                    The Toyotas use 6.9 L/100 km of fuel in the city and 5.5 L/100 km on the highway. Annual cost for fuel is $1,260 for a fuel usage of 1,260 litres.
                    Pricing for the Yaris sedan starts at $12,965, $12,205 for the three-door hatch and $13,305 for the five-door hatch.

                    COMPACT: HONDA CIVIC HYBRID

                    The Honda Civic Hybrid owns the compact category.
                    It features a 1.3L, four-cylinder engine with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).
                    The Honda's fuel consumption numbers are 4.7 L/100 km in the city and 4.3 L/100 km on the highway.
                    The annual fuel cost is $900 for 900 litres.
                    The Honda Civic Hybrid starts at $27,350.

                    MID-SIZED: TOYOTA PRIUS

                    The Prius features a 1.5L, four-cylinder engine with a CVT.
                    Fuel consumption for the hybrid is an impressive 4.0 L/100 km in the city and 4.2 L/100 km on the highway.
                    The Prius will cost you only $820 a year for 820 litres of fuel.
                    Pricing for the Prius starts at $27,710.


                    There are multiple winners here, too.
                    Honda's second award-winning green car features a 2.4L, four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission.
                    The sedan uses 9.4 L/100 km of fuel in the city and 6.4 L/100 km on the highway. Its annual fuel cost is $1,600 for 1,600 litres.
                    Pricing for the Honda Accord Sedan starts at $25,290.
                    The Hyundai Sonata has a 2.4L, four-cylinder engine with a five-speed automatic transmission with manual mode.
                    Its fuel consumption rating is listed as 9.5 L/100 km in the city and 6.2 L/100 km on the highway. Its 1,600 litres of fuel a year costs $1,600.
                    The Hyundai Sonata's base price is $21,995.


                    The Jetta wagon with the 2.0L, four-cylinder diesel engine is tops in this category.
                    Equipped with a manual six-speed transmission, the Jetta Wagon TDI Clean Diesel uses 6.8 L/100 km of fuel in the city and 4.8 L/100 km on the highway.
                    Its annual fuel cost for 1,180 litres of diesel fuel is $1,180.
                    The Volkswagen Jetta Wagon TDI Clean Diesel starts at $24,275.

                    PICKUP TRUCK: FORD RANGER, MAZDA B2300

                    Two trucks made the grade here.
                    Ford's Ranger has a 2.3L, four-cylinder engine and a manual five-speed transmission.
                    It uses a respectable 9.9 L/100 km of fuel in the city and 7.5 L/100 km on the highway.
                    The Ranger's annual fuel cost is $1,760 for 1,760 litres.
                    The base price of the Ford Ranger is $14,329.
                    The Mazda B2300 also features a 2.3L, four-cylinder engine with a manual five-speed transmission.
                    Its fuel consumption and cost are identical to the Ranger's (9.9 L/100 km in the city and 7.5 L/100 km on the highway, and $1,760 for 1,760 litres).
                    The Mazda B2300 starts at $15,695.


                    The 2.5L, four-cylinder, CVTequipped Ford Escape Hybrid is certainly special with its frugal fuel consumption of 5.8 L/100 km in the city and 6.4 L/100 km on the highway.
                    Its annual fuel cost is $1,220 for 1,220 litres.
                    The base price for the Ford Escape Hybrid is $34,899.
                    According to Natural Resources Canada, special purpose vehicles incorporate SUVs and light-duty trucks based on specific EPA class definitions. Crossover vehicles may or may not be included under the special purpose class depending on platform and features.

                    MINIVAN: MAZDA5

                    Touted as the hip alternative to the boxy minivan, the Mazda5 features a 2.3L, four-cylinder engine with a five-speed manual transmission.
                    It uses 9.6 L/100 km of fuel in the city and 7.0 L/100 km on the highway.
                    It will cost Mazda5 drivers $1,680 to fill up on 1,680 litres of fuel.
                    The minivan starts at $20,495.
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                    • Honda Accord 2.2 i-DTEC EX !

                      EVEN in this day and age, the element of surprise never seems to amaze and, with car makers still continuing to add to the list of 'firsts' appearing in their ranges, the opportunity remains for folk to continue widening their knowledge of the motor world.
                      My latest experience of this 'first' phenomenon involved a road test of the latest generation of the Honda Accord. It was at the beginning of this year that Honda introduced its first automatic gearbox for a diesel engined car, an eagerly awaited event created to boost further the Accord's appeal in the corporate market.
                      The new five-speed box has been specifically created to deliver the missing link in Honda's line up and get the very best out of the 2.2-litre i-DTEC 16-valve turbo diesel, whether in Tourer form or the Saloon.
                      While this latest Honda Accord features quite a generous level of kit at the ES entry level, including electric windows and sound system with CD, the model doesn't get the likes of front fogs, automatic lights and windscreen wipers or Bluetooth Hands Free telephone connection.
                      While the EX range topper driven here does make a very strong case for stressing what it doesn't include in the manifest as opposed to what it does, the Accord flagship's extensive standard fittings include the likes of automatic climate control dual zone air con, voice recognition sat nav, premium high security audio system with six CD changer, rear view parking camera, electric tilt and slide sunroof, cruise control, leather upholstery, heated front seats and door mirrors.
                      Safety and security features include six airbags, Honda super deadlocks, ISOFIX child seat restraint mechanism and locking wheelnuts. The question of driver safety aids, too, has been well addressed and includes the likes of sharply attentive ABS braking with electronic brake force distribution and emergency brake assist plus Honda's vehicle stability assist traction control, while the option box also includes a lane change alert system.
                      Plenty of electric movement with memory to the driver's seat helps to guide drivers pretty painlessly to a comfortable driving position in wrap around seating which should suit most folk.
                      However, while the dash does look a little on the busy side, which may perhaps take a little getting used to for some, all round vision is very good indeed, thanks to the much slimmed down windscreen pillars.
                      Within the muscular look of its bold and quite sporty silhouette, the Accord is a generously roomy saloon providing good levels of comfort in all five seats and while the boot is perhaps not the most generous in the sector, the 464 litres available with all seats taken will prove satisfactory for most families.
                      On the road the 2.2-litre 148bhp turbo diesel paired with the new automatic gearbox proves an ideal combination delivering a refined and very relaxing drive with the 0-62mph mark from a standing start coming in a more than satisfactory 10.3 seconds, as opposed to 9.6 seconds experienced in manual transmission models.
                      The all new five-speed automatic transmission does its work well delivering swift and smooth gear changes to provide some strong power delivery in quiet and pretty unobtrusive manner while the absence of wind and road noise adds to the quality of performance.
                      The Accord corners well, with handling proving sharp and positive with body roll nicely under control.
                      Should spaciousness, easy driving, comfort and refinement be your bag and the family budget will run to it, then the Honda Accord i-DTEC automatic is well worth further consideration.

                      FAST FACTS:

                      Honda Accord 2.2 i-DTEC EX 4dr auto
                      Price: £25,495
                      Mechanical: 148bhp, 2,199cc, 4cyl diesel engine driving front wheels via 5-speed automatic gearbox
                      Max speed: 129mph
                      0-62mph: 10.3 seconds
                      Combined mpg: 44.1
                      Insurance group: 11
                      CO2 emissions: 170g/km
                      BiK rating: 20%
                      Warranty: 3yrs/ 90,000 miles

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                      • Honda closes in on Chrysler !

                        Experts predict Japanese automaker will outbuild bankrupt competitor in North America this year !


                        Honda Motor Co., Japan's second-biggest automaker, might build more vehicles than bankrupt Chrysler LLC in North America this year, further weakening Detroit's grip on its home market.
                        Honda narrowed the gap to 17,011 vehicles at the end of April from 236,645 a year earlier, and with most Chrysler plants currently shut for as long as 60 days, analysts expect the Japanese automaker to overtake its rival.
                        Honda might also surpass Chrysler in U.S. sales to trail only bankruptcy-threatened General Motors, Toyota and Ford.
                        ''There's a sea change under way,'' said Michael Robinet, an analyst at forecaster CSM Worldwide in Northville, Mich. ''This crisis with Chrysler and GM has acted as an accelerant to the systemic change that was already occurring.''
                        Toyota passed Chrysler in U.S. sales in 2006 and then Ford in 2007, as Japanese automakers lured customers with more fuel- efficient vehicles. The big three U.S. automakers' market share has plunged to 44.4 percent this year, from more than 70 percent a decade ago, while overall sales have slumped to the lowest volume in about three decades.
                        Honda, fifth in the U.S. since 1988, has outsold Chrysler this year as of April. Its sales in the country slid 32 percent to 332,014, compared with a 46 percent drop for Chrysler to 323,890. Overall U.S. sales are down 37 percent through the first four months of the year.
                        ''Market share isn't something we target,'' said David Iida, a spokesman for Honda's U.S. unit, based in Torrance, Calif. ''We're very committed to local production, irrespective of what other companies are doing.''

                        Honda shares have risen 50 percent in Tokyo trading in 2009.

                        Industrywide, North American car and light-truck production plunged 49 percent through April, with Chrysler leading the declines among major manufacturers, according to Haig Stoddard, an IHS Global Insight analyst. Chrysler's production in the period fell 57 percent to 322,773, based on company figures.
                        Honda built 305,762 autos at assembly plants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico through last month. That was down 40 percent from a year ago. The maker of Civic and Accord cars has U.S. plants in Ohio, Indiana and Alabama.
                        Chrysler, hoping to emerge from bankruptcy within 60 days as a new company led by Italian automaker Fiat SpA, halted work at most plants on May 4 while it reorganizes. The company also said it's closing six factories, including a stamping plant in Twinsburg, that won't be part of the Chrysler-Fiat deal.

                        ''Honda and Toyota are
                        both likely to outbuild Chrysler,'' said John Sousanis, director of industry data for Ward's Automotive Group. ''We have each of them making 1 million vehicles or a bit more in North America this year, and Chrysler building just under 1 million — and that's before Chrysler announced its plan to shut down plants.''
                        Next year, Japanese, German and South Korean automakers will likely build more than half of the vehicles assembled in the U.S., outstripping local manufacturers for the first time, said CSM's Robinet.

                        By 2011, Asian and European automakers will have more overall auto-assembly capacity in North America than U.S. competitors, said economist Kim Hill, with the Center for Automotive Research in Ann Arbor, Mich.
                        ''The market has matured,'' said Hill. It ''is moving away from the traditional Big Three model to one that's much more international.''

                        ================================================== ========

                        Honda Begins Production of Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicles at Indiana Plant !


                        Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC (HMIN) began production of the natural gas-powered 2009 Civic GX at its plant in Greensburg, Indiana. The Civic GX was formerly produced at Honda’s East Liberty, Ohio plant and has ten years of proven performance as a natural gas powered vehicle. The Civic GX is the only natural gas vehicle built by a major automaker in the US.
                        First introduced in 1998, the Civic GX is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle certified by the EPA—90% cleaner than the average gasoline-powered car on the road today. As a result, the GX is certified by the EPA as an Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV). It is the only natural gas powered passenger car available for sale in all 50 states, and is eligible for a $4,000 federal tax credit as a qualified alternative fuel vehicle.
                        It is powered by a 113-hp (84 kW), 1.8-liter, 16-valve, SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine built at Honda’s engine plant in Anna, Ohio, and it is designed with a higher compression ratio—12.5:1—to maximize performance from natural gas fuel. The engine develops 109 lb-ft (148 N·m) of torque at 4,300 rpm, and is coupled with a five speed automatic transmission. It has an average range of more than 220 miles, and has fuel economy of 24 mpg (city) and 36 mpg (highway).
                        Honda Manufacturing of Indiana began Civic GX production just seven months after starting mass production of the 4-cylinder Honda Civic sedan at its new plant in Greensburg, Indiana. The $550 million plant currently employs approximately 1,000 associates and is designed as a zero waste-to-landfill facility.
                        Assembling the Civic GX brings flexibility and new capabilities at the plant. HMIN is a comprehensive production facility that includes metal stamping, plastic injection molding, subassembly, and final assembly. Producing the GX on the same assembly line with other vehicles required the addition of unique production processes, including fuel tank sub-assembly and installation, and a fueling center for compressed natural gas.
                        The Honda Civic sedan being built in Indiana features the fuel-efficient 140-hp, 1.8-liter, 16-valve SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylinder gasoline engine also produced by Honda associates in Anna, Ohio. As in all new 2009 model Honda and Acura automobiles, the engine meets or exceeds US EPA Tier 2 Bin 5 emissions standards. The Civic sedan also qualifies as an Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle (AT-PZEV) as rated by the California Air Resources Board (CARB).

                        ================================================== ============
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                        • O stire de pe TOV:


                          Within the last week or so, there have been rumors concerning a new "4-door coupe" that Honda is said to be working on. Auto Motor und Sport (a German publication) asserted that this vehicle would be a new top level version of the European Accord (also known as the Acura TSX in North America). Auto Motor und Sport claims that the 4-door coupe will feature short front and rear overhangs as well as a coupe-like high beltline. AMuS further contends that base versions of this vehicle will likely be front-wheel-drive and use largely carryover (2.4L ~200hp 4-cylinder) powertrains. They also suggest that a Type-S version featuring a 260hp turbocharged 2.3L 4-cylinder, DSG double clutch transmission, and SH-AWD will be in the offering as well.

                          Now comes another story, this time from a Japanese outlet. Daniel Garcia Rodgriguez just returned from a quick visit to Japan and while he was there he picked up the latest issue of Holiday Auto magazine and scanned in these images. If you're not familar with the magazine, Holiday Auto is one of Japan's "car scoop" magazines. I'm not real clear on their track record on past scoop stories, but apparently they too have heard of this supposed 4-door coupe, and they have a slightly different take on what it will be. Here is what Daniel was able to decipher from the Japanese text:

                          Jeff, I got something for you in Japan. Sorry for not having time to work out the text, but from what I understood very quickly, there is not much real information. Here is what I think I got of what seems Honda's answer to the "4door coupe" incipient market according to Hollyday-Auto (June 2009 issue):
                          - expect it for 2010 (calendar year).
                          - should sit in between the TL and TSX in terms of size (see the figures on the table).
                          - should get similar powertrain-transmission combo as the ZDX.
                          - styling wise, think about a dropped-off ZDX.



                          Holiday Auto lists some dimensional figures comparing this vehicle to the TSX, TL, RL, and forthcoming ZDX.

                          Commentary: With several outlets jumping in on this rumor, it seems that there could be something to it, but if this vehicle is going to be based on the existing FF platform, I'd have to assume that these drawings are probably not very accurate. It's a great look, but for it to be pulled off properly, the front overhang needs to be shorter than just about anything Honda currently sells. This would make a fantastic vehicle to build upon Honda's on-again/off-again FR platform, but don't get your hopes up. Scanning the text of the article, I noticed a few English letters that caught my eye, particularly 'FR' and 'V8' along with 'SH-AWD'. Daniel assured me that the text of the Holiday Auto article makes mention of those things as items that Honda was working on, and the article makes it clear that Honda decided not to use that platform for this vehicle and instead to make it happen with existing technology. Ah, here we go again...

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                          • Honda Begins Production of Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicles !


                            Honda Manufacturing of Indiana, LLC (HMIN) today began production1 of the environmentally responsible, natural gas-powered Civic GX, at its plant in Greensburg, Indiana. HMIN associate Alonzo Miles of Indianapolis drove the first Civic GX off the line in a special ceremony at the plant.
                            The Civic GX has received top environmental awards including the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy's "America's Greenest Car" award for five consecutive years. Honda has a long history of environmental leadership, including the introduction of America's first mass-produced hybrid, the Honda Insight, and the first vehicle to meet California's low emission vehicle standards well in advance of regulatory requirements as well as the first government-certified fuel cell electric vehicle.
                            The Civic GX is the only natural gas vehicle built by a major automaker in the U.S. First introduced in 1998, the Civic GX is the cleanest internal combustion vehicle certified by the EPA – 90% cleaner than the average gasoline-powered car on the road today.

                            As a result, the GX is certified by the EPA as an Inherently Low Emissions Vehicle (ILEV). It is the only natural gas powered passenger car available for sale in all 50 states, and is eligible for a $4,000 federal tax credit as a qualified alternative fuel vehicle.
                            It is powered by a 113-hp, 1.8-Liter, 16-valve, SOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylinder engine built at Honda's engine plant in Anna, Ohio, and it is designed with a higher compression ratio to maximize performance from natural gas fuel. The Civic GX was formerly produced at Honda's East Liberty, Ohio plant and has ten years of proven performance as a natural gas powered vehicle.
                            It has an average range of more than 220 miles, and has outstanding fuel economy at 24 MPG (city) and 36 MPG (highway).
                            Honda Manufacturing of Indiana began Civic GX production just seven months after starting mass production of the fuel-efficient, 4-cylinder Honda Civic sedan at its new plant in Greensburg, Indiana. The $550 million plant currently employs approximately 1,000 associates and is designed as a zero waste-to-landfill facility.
                            Assembling the Civic GX brings flexibility and new capabilities at the plant. HMIN is a comprehensive production facility that includes metal stamping, plastic injection molding, subassembly, and final assembly. Producing the GX on the same assembly line with other vehicles required the addition of unique production processes, including fuel tank sub-assembly and installation, and a fueling center for compressed natural gas.
                            "We are excited about producing the environmentally responsible Civic GX, the latest production milestone in our short history here in Indiana," said HMIN president Yuzo Uenohara. "We applaud the efforts of our Indiana associates who are dedicated to building the very best Honda products for all of our North American customers, with customer satisfaction as our top goal."
                            The Honda Civic sedan being built in Indiana features the fuel-efficient 140-hp, 1.8-liter, 16-valve SOHC i-VTEC® 4-cylinder gasoline engine also produced by Honda associates in Anna, Ohio. As
                            (May 13, 2009)
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                            • Honda clean diesel coming to Canada !


                              Pedro Arrais, Times Colonist

                              Published: Friday, February 08, 2008

                              Honda has just announced that it will introduce a clean diesel engine into the North American market in 2009. The new i-DTEC diesel technology will first be introduced in Europe later this year in the European model of the Honda Accord.
                              According to inside sources, the 2.2-litre, four-cylinder diesel engine will likely first be seen in the new Acura TSX sedan (which is similar to the European Accord) in 2009 as a 2010 model.

                              The TSX is slated to be introduced in Canada this June sporting a gasoline engine at first, with the diesel arriving a year later.

                              Super Clean Tier II Bin 5 diesel engine research vehicle (European Accord) and Takeo Fukui, President and CEO of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

                              The new engine will comply with U.S. EPA Tier 2 Bin 5 and Euro 6 emissions standards through use of a nitrogen oxide-reducing catalytic converter. According to Honda the new engine will meet these stringent standards without the need for on-board urea to treat the exhaust.

                              The engine will most likely be used in a Honda-branded product in the future.
                              "Leave it to Honda to redefine the diesel," says John Graham, sales manager of Acura of Victoria. "If anybody can do it, Honda can."
                              He acknowledges that people rarely ask about diesels at his dealership and most customers wonder when Acura will follow Honda in offering gasoline/electric hybrids.
                              Graham thinks offering diesels in the Acura lineup is the right direction. "It gives customers another choice when they are looking for a fuel-efficient car."
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                              • Japanese automakers' vehicle output slides further

                                Global production at Japan’s top automakers continued to decline in April amid few signs of relief for the beleaguered industry.

                                Toyota Motor Corp, the world’s biggest automaker, reported Thursday its global vehicle production tumbled 46.5% in April from a year ago to 433,979 vehicles. It said sales dropped in Japan and overseas, exports from Japan languished and overseas production declined across nearly all regions.

                                Like their overseas rivals, Japanese automakers have been hammered by the global slump in auto demand, tightening credit in the key North American market and the strong yen, which erodes overseas profits.

                                Honda Motor Co, the nation’s No. 2 automaker, fared slightly better because of strong sales of its Insight hybrid and Fit subcompact in Japan, where Honda’s sales rose in April for the first time in six months.

                                Honda made 231,399 vehicles in April, down 29.7% on year and marking the sixth straight month of on-year decreases that began in November.

                                Nissan Motor Co, allied with Renault SA of France, saw its production fall across the globe, except for China, and made 183,248 vehicles worldwide in April, down 38.2% from the same month the previous year.

                                Global production for Mitsubishi Motors Corp. in April totaled 46,289 for the 14th straight monthly decline, marking a 54.3% drop over April last year.

                                Mazda Motor Corp also reported a drop in global production at 63,307 vehicles, down 43.8% on year.
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