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  • Green thinking is having an impact!


    NOT so long ago sustainable vehicles were perceived as more of a spectacle than a serious purchase and green technology was one for the future.
    However, the publicity battle that is hotting up between the latest hybrid heavyweights - the new Toyota Prius and the Honda Insight - demonstrates that sustainable vehicles are becoming a credible option for mainstream consumers.
    Manufacturers are greening their product ranges and drivers are purchasing in greater numbers than ever before. This is supported by new figures from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) which show that the average emissions of a new car in the UK fell by the biggest margin ever in 2008.
    The average model now emits 158g/km which is 4% less than in 2007 and the improvement that the UK is showing is reflected in many other countries around the world.
    In the US sales of Toyota's hybrid cars have now passed one million highlighting the rising popularity of vehicles that are perceived to have an ecological benefit. What's more, while it took seven years for Toyota to sell the first 500,000 hybrids in the US, the next 500,000 have been sold in just two.
    The drive towards electric has never been stronger, and because of the current worldwide recession, in many ways has never been more relevant. Last years volatile fuel prices combined with the economic downturn have made sustainable vehicles more attractive because of their cost saving potential.
    This has helped to accelerate a switch to low-cost, more efficient vehicles, while squeezing demand for the more expensive cars that tend to be higher emitters of CO2.
    Other initiatives are also playing a part in educating consumers at the point of purchase. The introduction of voluntary colour-coded new car CO2 labels have clearly contributed to an increase in the awareness of environmental performance of new cars.
    The green credentials of new vehicles have never been more important and as a result information on the best performing cars has never been more readily available. Just log onto the 'Act on CO2' website and you can look at a list of the best performing cars by class.
    With government investment in manufacturers linked to green performance we will see the technology developing at a more rapid pace than ever before. The result will be greater choice and quality of sustainable vehilces which can only help to grow their popularity.
    Mike Waters is director of market insight at Arval, Europe's leading fleet and fuel management company.

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    More hybrid options to fit your budget !


    LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Economy- and environmentally-minded drivers have had limited choices when it comes to buying a hybrid car or SUV. Now you have more options to fit your budget.
    Almost 10 years ago, a funny-looking new coupe was introduced to Americans. It was the original Honda Insight, a hybrid electric vehicle that got amazing fuel economy. However, it had a few limitations. Honda has created an all-new Insight. It is a much bigger car with four doors and is much more useful than its older version. It also brings new affordability to the hybrid segment.
    "People in lower-income segments couldn't really even consider a hybrid as something that they could purchase," said Honda spokesman Chris Martin. "So what the Insight is looking to do is pioneer itself into a whole new demographic of buyers."

    Advances in technology allowed Honda to keep the price fairly low, around $20,000. And the Insight gets a combined EPA fuel economy rating of 41 miles per gallon.
    Nearly everyone who sees the Insight seems to say it resembles a Toyota Prius. Honda says the shape is dictated by aerodynamic efficiency and that it actually mimics the original Insight.
    One of the reasons hybrid vehicles have become so accepted by mainstream drivers is because they're like driving any other mainstream vehicle. The only difference is you're just using a lot less gasoline.
    Not everyone buys a hybrid for gas mileage. Some just want a greener version of a vehicle that fits their lifestyle. Lexus has introduced a new RX crossover SUV. The upcoming hybrid version improves upon the previous model.
    "It offers much better acceleration, smoother acceleration and a more natural driving experience. And at the same time, it gets better fuel economy," said Paul Williamsen, Lexus spokesman.
    The Lexus RX hybrid gets 30 miles per gallon combined. The RX is not inexpensive. It is more than $50,000 with all the options. But many luxury buyers still want to use less fuel overall.
    If you need even more size and luxury, Cadillac is offering an Escalade Hybrid. The fuel economy improves to 20 miles per gallon, which is much better than the regular Escalade at 14 to 15.
    Hybrids have gone from strange oddities to mainstream vehicles and the selection should continue to get better and better as more buyers ask for them.

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    • Road Test: 2009 Honda Civic Coupe EX-L !


      A prominent topic of conversation when it comes to purchasing entry-level or compact cars is that of safety. When looking at a small car, buyers want to know if it is built and equipped to handle those worst-case driving scenarios that end with a bang. I also find that when it comes to choosing between options of heated leather seats or ABS brakes, people opt for the ABS without a second thought. After all, as great as butt warmers are, they're not going to save your butt when it comes to emergencies.
      Whether you're behind the wheel of the subcompact Fit or the Pilot SUV, Honda literally has your back when it comes to top-notch safety features. From ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) body construction to loads of airbags, every seat is a safe seat. This is no different when it comes to one of the most popular-selling vehicles in Canada, the Civic. And for the 2009 Civic Coupe EX-L, Honda adds Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with traction control to its list of standard features. That's not bad for a car that also comes with heated leather seats, P205/55R16 tires on 16-inch aluminum-alloy wheels, ABS brakes and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). I guess Honda has your back, butt and brakes, no pun intended!
      Even with all its safety features, the Civic probably wouldn't sell well if it didn't offer a smooth ride, great handling and lots of popular goodies including, in the EX-L coupe, a USB device connector (located in the centre console) and a 350-watt premium stereo system with seven speakers and a subwoofer. The blue backlighting and digital speedometer is a bonus in my books too. It's practical and cool at the same time, kind of like most Honda vehicles.

      Speaking of practicality, the '09 EX-L coupe comes with either the standard 5-speed manual transmission or an optional 5-speed automatic transmission, linked to a 1.8L, 16-valve, DOHC inline 4 engine. This peppy, reasonably potent mill produces 140 horsepower at 6,300 rpm and 128 lb-ft of torque at 4,300 rpm. The coupe I took out for this test came with the automatic, but I'd been driving a manual-shift Civic sedan a couple of weeks previously. And for city driving purposes, the coupe's automatic transmission was a lot more practical. Of the two transmissions, if I had to choose one I'd opt for the manual based on personal preference, but would definitely consider an automatic with all the around-town driving I do. Either way, it's a winning choice.
      Both drivetrain configurations offer great fuel economy: With the automatic transmission the Civic uses an estimated 8.2L/100km in the city and 5.7L/100km on the highway, and with the manual it uses an estimated 7.4L/100km in the city and 5.4L/100km on the highway. So when it came time to fill up the coupe's tank, it wasn't a daunting experience. In fact, when it cost me under $30 to fuel up for over 300 km of driving, I thought to myself, "Yesss!" It's nice to have to the ability to drive around a lot without paying an arm and leg for it.
      Convenience-wise, the Civic Coupe isn't the handiest when it comes to loading people or groceries in or out of the rear seats. Two doors are ideal if you've only got one or two people hopping in and out, but when you add a third, fourth or fifth person it's a little more work. The coupe does, however, offer a generous amount of head and legroom in the rear (especially if you're sitting behind me), making it a comfortable four-passenger vehicle (five people will fit, but it's a little cozy!). Personally, I really like the coupe's sportier look and its nimbleness on the road compared the four-door, but if easy access is what you're after the sedan may be a better fit.
      What I wasn't so gung-ho about with the Civic coupe were its power door locks. I don't understand why the Civics' (or any Honda with power locks for that matter) don't automatically unlock when the key is pulled out of the ignition, or at least maybe unlock when the passenger pulls on the door handle. Perhaps it's another safety feature, but it's not the most convenient one. I had several passengers who, while not necessarily complaining about it, commented on its tediousness. But I guess if that's the worst part about this little Honda, it's not doing too badly. And for a coupe, even visibility isn't too bad; granted it's a little harder to judge distances when parallel parking or backing up due to the relatively high trunk, but it's definitely not impossible.
      The 2009 Honda Civic EX-L Coupe comes with all the safety bells and whistles along with a few nice added perks. It's nice to know that there are cars available for under $25K that have great safety standards and a nice look too.

      Specifications (Honda Civic EX-L Coupe):

      Price Range (MSRP): $17,190 - $24,980 CDN
      As Tested (MSRP): $24,980
      Destination: $1,310
      Body Type: two door coupe
      Layout: front engine, FWD
      Engine: 1.8L, 16-valve DOHC I-4; 140 hp, 128 lb-ft of torque,
      Transmission: 5-speed manual (opt. 5-speed auto)
      Brakes (front/rear): disc/disc, ABS, EBD
      Dimensions (L/W/H/WB): 4,457 / 1,751 / 1,396 / 2,650 mm (175.5 / 68.9 / 55.0 / 104.3 in)
      Curb Weight: 1,230 kg (2,712 lbs)
      Tires: 205/55R16
      Trunk: 327 L (11.5 cu ft)
      Fuel Economy (city/hwy): 8.2 / 5.7 L/100 km
      Warranty (mo/km): 36 / 60,000 comprehensive; 60 / 100,000 powertrain
      Direct competitors: Chevrolet Cobalt, Ford Focus, Pontiac G5, Saturn Astra, VW Rabbit

      Web Site: www.honda.ca

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      • Car Thieves Love California !


        California number one when it comes to vehicles -- for thieves, that is.
        For the second year in a row, and the fifth of the last six years, Modesto is the top city in the country for vehicle thefts, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, with 829 stolen cars per 100,000 people.
        Overall, thefts dropped nationwide from 2007 to 2008 -- but California dominates the list of favorite cities for auto thieves, with 6 of the top 10 spots.
        “The good news is, we’re seeing steady progress in reducing the overall theft rate and that means Americans aren’t shelling out as much to cover the cost of stolen vehicles in their insurance premiums." Joe Wehrle, NICB president and chief executive officer said.
        "We’ve also seen significant decreases in key areas along the border such as San Diego, where thefts dropped nearly 20 percent."
        Vehicle thefts went up in Stockton from '07-'08 but in the Bay Area, they decreased. The San Francisco, Oakland, Fremont area ranked fifth in 2007 and dropped to ninth position for 2008.
        The Vallejo/Fairfield area made the top 20 list at 18 and San Jose and Sunnyvale area ended up at number 40. The Sacramento area ranked high - at 14th on the list.
        The list is:
        1. Modesto, CA
        2. Laredo, TX
        3. Yakima, WA
        4. San Diego/Carlsbad/San Marcos, CA
        5. Bakersfield, CA
        6. Stockton, CA
        7. Las Vegas/Paradise, NV
        8. Albuquerque, NM
        9. San Francisco/Oakland/Fremont, CA
        10. Fresno, CA
        The Vallejo/Fairfield area made the top 20 list at 18 and San Jose an Sunnyvale area ended up at number 40. Sacramento area ranked high - at 14th on the list.
        Hondas are still a thief favorite, with Accord and Civic ranking one and two on the list.
        California is also leading the way for motorcycle thefts.

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        2009 Most Fuel Efficient Cars !


        For years the most fuel efficient cars have come from overseas. Places like Japan, Germany and China have always led the way in cars that gave better gas mileage. With the up and down gas prices and the fear that gas might go back up to $4

        and $5, the demand for cars that are more fuel efficient is going up.

        American carmakers are now trying to get their foot in the door of the less fuel using car market. Some in part to get some of the government bailout money. But is it too little to late? After years of making sub par cars, will people trust them to make a quality fuel efficient car? Will these cars stand up to the European and Japanese cars?

        What are the most fuel efficient cars? Lets find out. We'll look at the cars for 2009.

        Standing at the top of list is the Toyota Prius. The Prius gets 45 miles per gallon on the highway and 48 mpg in the city. It only uses 7.4 barrels of gasoline per year

        Coming in second is the Honda Civic Hybrid. It gets 40mpg city and 45mpg highway and uses 8.8 barrels of gas a year.

        Next comes the Smart Fortwo. Both the convertible and the coupe get 33mpg city and 41mpg highway and they both only use 9.5 barrels of gasoline a year.

        Next in line is the Pontiac Solstice, which gets 19mpg city and 28mpg highway and uses 15.6 barrels of gasoline a year.

        Then we have the Saturn Sky that also gets 1 9mpg city and 28mpg highway and also uses 15.6 barrels of gasoline a year.

        Then there's the MINI Cooper, which gets 28 mpg city and 37mpg highway, but only uses 10.7 barrels of gasoline a year. The automatic version of the gets MINI Cooper 25mpg in the city and 34mpg on the highway.

        The Toyota Yaris is next on the list. It also has two versions. The manual version gets 29mpg city and 36mpg highway and uses 11 barrels of gasoline a year. The automatic version gets 29mpg in the city and 35mpg on the highway and uses 10.7 barrels of gasoline a year.

        Then we have the Volkswagen Jetta. It gets 31mpg city and 41mpg highway while using 11.6 barrels of gasoline a year.

        Moving on we have the Nissan Versa, getting 26mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway It uses 12.2 barrels of gasoline a year.

        Next is the Hyundai Sonata, which gets 22mpg in the city and 32mpg on the highway. It uses 13.7 barrels of gasoline a year.

        Then we've got the Honda Accord. It gets 22mpg in the city and 31mpg on the highway. It uses 13.7 barrels of gasoline annually.

        Coming up next is the Jetta SportsWagon. It has two versions. The manual transmission gets 30mpg city and 41mpg highway and uses 11.6 barrels of gasoline annually. The automatic gets 29mpg city and 40mpg highway and uses 11.9 barrels of gasoline


        Next we have the Kia Rondo, which gets 20mpg city and 27mpg highway and uses 15.6 barrels of gasoline a year.

        And last we have Saab 9-5 SportCombi. It gets 18mpg city and 27mpg highway and uses 16.3 barrels of gasoline a year.

        As you can see there aren't many American made cars on this list. But with the changes the American car makers are suppose to make lets how many of their cars make the most fuel efficient cars list next year.
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        • Honda Teams With Google to Manage Used Vehicle Sales Online !


          With the help of Google, Honda and its network of dealers have found a way to stem some of the financial losses in this down economy - with increased sales in certified used cars.

          Gwinnett Place Honda in Georgia, one of the country's top volume Honda dealers, sold about 400 new cars a month before the economic crunch. While it hasn't been on pace with those figures in recent times, Gwinnett has seen an uptick in certified used car sales through Google.

          "In January and February used cars sales were up tremendously, it's really what's gotten us through this," says Bob Wannamaker, Internet sales manager at Gwinnett. "Over the last six months used cars have been an important part of the market. Customers shopping online for used cars - over the last couple months doubled. We get good quality leads from the Google links."

          In 2006, sales in Honda certified used cars declined, so Honda's ad agency RPA launched Honda.com/google in 2007. It's a Google sponsored link, using Google's tools such as maps and database, in addition to telling users which cars are available in neighboring dealers. There is a nightly data feed of real time inventory from dealers across the country that participate in the certified used cars program. Honda saw a record number of sales in used cars after launching the site.

          "There was a tremendous amount of online search activity around 'used Honda,' 'used Honda Accord,' so instead of taking people to the manufacturer's Web site where they'd have to find certified used car information, we exposed all of this local inventory right off the bat on the search results page," says Mike Margolin, RPA's interactive marketing director. "We've seen is an incredible increase in leads and great cost efficiency in cost per lead."

          According to RPA, there was increased interest in used cars, especially in first quarter of 2009. Clicks to that site are up 22%, while views of vehicle listings are up 30% and leads are up 62% from Q4 of 2008.

          Certified used cars are usually fairly new, since the supply comes from people turning in their leased cars. Certification for used cars is a plus for consumers and dealers. "On the consumer side, you get that additional warranty and you know the car has been inspected and refurbished. You get more peace of mind and more confidence in your purchase," says Fern Shlauter, RPA's management supervisor. "For the dealer, it's great because it allows them to add value to the purchase process, it helps them make a little more money off of the vehicle."

          According to Google's Insights for Search page, there is a particular spike in used car searches from states that have higher unemployment rates, such a Michigan. Google, which gets revenue from sponsored links, has also seen an interest from dealers who've built marketing campaigns around parts and services recently.

          "This savvy campaign is particularly relevant in the current economy, successfully tapping into the rising consumer demand for used cars through Google products available to any marketer," says Davang Shah, Google Auto's head of marketing.
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          • http://www.adac.de/Auto_Motorrad/pan...ePageID=250114

            cam jos Jazzul si Civicul
            Accord 2.0i i-VTEC 2007


            • 2009 Honda Accord Road Test Review !


              Vehicle Tested:2009 Honda Accord LX-P 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl 5A)Pros:Plenty of interior space, decent fuel economy, tight steering, easy-to-read center console buttons.Cons:Ride quality may be too firm for some, trunk doesn't maximize usable space, excessive road noise.

              Large cars often bring larger expectations. When pondering big sedans, you probably think of a car with a huge trunk, cushy ride and handling in the nautical class. Although the EPA has classified the 2009 Honda Accord LX-P sedan as a large vehicle, it retains its midsize handling dynamics and remains a strong competitor in the volume-selling family sedan segment.

              On our test car, the "P" in LX-P stands for premium. This $1,000 upgrade over the standard Accord LX nets you 16-inch wheels, a security system, auto up/down driver and passenger windows with illuminated switches, an eight-way power driver seat and a chrome exhaust finisher. With an MSRP of just less than $24,000, the LX-P trim presents a viable alternative for those considering the more luxed-out EX, while also hoping to save a few bucks.

              For family sedan shoppers, the 2009 Honda Accord remains a strong, sensible choice. It may not be as sporty as the Nissan Altima or the Mazda 6, but it offers a more satisfying driving experience than its closest competitor, the Toyota Camry. What the Accord may lack in sportiness, it makes up for in build quality and cabin materials. This improved quality, combined with Honda's well-deserved reputation for reliability, makes the Accord a solid bet in the midsize sedan segment.

              View More Photos

              • The Accord sedan's subdued styling places it about midpack for flair in relation to its competitors.
                (photo by: Kurt Niebuhr)
              • Enlarge Photo
                Though not terribly flashy, the Accord's interior is spacious, and has a well-designed and functional layout.
                (photo by: Kurt Niebuhr)
              • Enlarge Photo
                The Accord sedan's most notable exterior design cues are found in the taillights and trunk lid.
                (photo by: Kurt Niebuhr)

              On par with its four-cylinder competitors, the Accord's 2.4-liter engine produces 177 horsepower and 161 pound-feet of torque. Opting for the EX model will increase the output of the 2.4-liter by 13 hp, but the base engine is sufficient for everyday use. The EPA estimates that the 2009 Honda Accord LX-P will net 21 mpg city/30 mpg highway and a combined 24 mpg. During our testing, we averaged 22 mpg in varied conditions.

              Though equal in thrust to most of its base-engine foes, the Accord does not fare as well when it comes to stopping. At the test track, the Accord's brakes earned a "poor" rating. According to our testers, the feel of the pedal remained consistent under heavy braking, but yielded an underwhelming 60-0 stopping distance of 137 feet. This is about 12 feet longer than it takes to stop a 2009 Mazda 6. Our testers also noticed a high level of body roll during hard cornering.
              Most Accord owners will never drive their cars on a track, however, and in real-world driving conditions, the brakes garnered no undue attention. Around town, the 2.4-liter engine accelerates the Accord smartly, with sufficient power to pass slower vehicles. Steering is tight and accurate, and when pushed, the Accord reveals a capable chassis lurking beneath the body roll. Beyond the fact that you might have to start looking for slightly larger parking spaces, rarely does the Accord give the impression that you are driving such a spacious sedan.


              The 2009 Honda Accord's cavernous interior makes it easy to get in and out of the car, and finding a comfortable driving position is also a breeze thanks to a tilt-telescoping steering wheel. An eight-way power-adjustable driver seat is included in the LX-P trim, but our test car did not have lumbar support. Rear passengers will find that they have copious amounts of leg- and headroom. There was also plenty of room to install child safety seats on either side, both forward- and rear-facing.

              Since Honda had more interior space to work with, the Accord's seats benefit from a few more inches of hip and shoulder room. Regardless of where you sit, you'll find that the seats are firm and well-bolstered, and the cloth upholstery is soft and comfortable.
              The Accord's ride quality is slightly firmer than its competitors' this, of course, is a common trend with vehicles in the Honda lineup. It's not necessarily a bad thing if you're looking for a sportier feel, but accompanying the firm ride is a moderately high level of road noise. You can hear and feel every change in the pavement or bump on the road. As long as you're not expecting Buick levels of isolation, the Accord's level of involvement can prove quite satisfying from the driver's perspective.

              Function :

              Some of our editors have found the 2009 Honda Accord's center stack to be "overly cluttered with identical-looking buttons." This may be the case on the upper trim levels with navigation and heated seats, but on the LX-P, the layout is more straightforward. Each horizontal row of buttons has a different-size arrangement, and most are large and easy to read. The major functions (climate control, stereo volume and tuning) are mapped to uniquely shaped knobs that can be identified easily by touch. The steering wheel also has a set of controls for cruise control and basic stereo functions. However, we found ourselves using the large volume knob on the dash more often than the small buttons on the steering wheel.
              The power outlet in the center stack has a strange design quirk. It's covered by a plastic flap that doesn't stay in the up position. This flap needs to be held up with one hand as you manipulate your fingers to remove the cap that covers the socket; only then can you plug in the charger, using your other hand. As a result, plugging in a phone charger takes a bit more dexterity than it should.
              The Accord's trunk has a large opening, but the placement of the rear struts causes the usable space in the back of the trunk to narrow like an hourglass. With a maximum cargo capacity of 14 cubic feet, this limitation causes the Accord to have less usable trunk space than its competitors. In our real-world testing, we were able to easily fit a large suitcase and a few golf bags in the trunk. To squeeze in more luggage, you'll need to place smaller bags in first or fold down the one-piece rear seatback.

              Design/Fit and Finish:

              The Accord's styling can best be described as inoffensive. Its simple and clean design cues don't stand out, and the best angle is from behind, with its trapezoidal-styled taillights and slightly rounded deck lid. To put its increased size into perspective, the 2009 Honda Accord is 5 inches longer and an inch wider than a 2009 Camry.
              High-quality materials have been used throughout the Accord's well-built interior. The instrument cluster has a clean layout and the brushed aluminum on the gauges gives the car an upscale look. The buttons on the center stack have a nice, solid feel to them, regardless of how you feel about their placement.

              Who Should Buy This Vehicle:

              People looking for a spacious, well-equipped and fuel-efficient sedan. The Honda Accord has gotten larger this generation, but the increased size doesn't come at the expense of its driving characteristics. The LX-P trim level adds value to the base-model Accord with some noteworthy additions that bring the equipment list reasonably close to that of an EX.

              Others To Consider :

              Ford Fusion, Mazda 6, Nissan Altima, Toyota Camry.

              The manufacturer provided Edmunds this vehicle for the purposes of evaluation.

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              • Model Year



                LX-P 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl 5A)

                Base Price

                Price as Tested

                Options on Test Vehicle

                Drive Type
                Front-wheel drive

                Transmission Type
                5-speed automatic

                Transmission and Axle Ratio (x:1)
                I=3.267; II=1.778; III=1.154; IV=0.870; V: 0.647; R=3.583; Final=4.39

                Engine Type

                Displacement (cc / cu-in)
                2,354cc (144 cu-in)

                Block/Head Material

                Double overhead camshaft

                Compression Ratio

                Redline (rpm)

                Horsepower (hp @ rpm)
                177 @ 6,500

                Torque (lb-ft @ rpm)
                161 @ 4,300

                Brake Type (front)
                Ventilated disc

                Brake Type (rear)

                Steering System
                Speed-proportional power steering

                Steering Ratio

                Suspension Type (front)
                Double wishbone

                Suspension Type (rear)
                Independent, multilink and stabilizer bar

                Tire Size (front)
                P215/60R16 H

                Tire Size (rear)
                P215/60R16 H

                Tire Brand

                Tire Model
                SP Sport 7000 A/S

                Tire Type

                Wheel Size
                16-by-6.5 inches front and rear

                Wheel Material (front/rear)

                Manufacturer Curb Weight (lb)

                Curb Weight As Tested (lb)

                Weight Distribution, F/R (%)

                Recommended Fuel
                Regular unleaded

                Fuel Tank Capacity (gal)

                EPA Fuel Economy (mpg)
                21 city/30 highway

                Edmunds Observed (mpg)

                Testing Conditions
                Temperature (Fahrenheit)


                Elevation (ft)

                9 South

                0 - 30 (sec)

                0 - 45 (sec)

                0 - 60 (sec)

                0 - 75 (sec)

                1/4 Mile (sec @ mph)
                16.6 @ 84.3

                0-60 with 1-ft Rollout (sec)

                30 - 0 (ft)

                60 - 0 (ft)

                Braking Rating

                Slalom (mph)

                Skid Pad Leteral acceleration (g)

                Handling Rating

                Db @ Idle

                Db @ Full Throttle

                Db @ 70 mph Cruise

                Tester Comments
                Acceleration Comments
                No real technique with this little power. Not enough oomph to spin tires...even with stability control off and utilizing brake torque. Overall, engine seems uninterested.

                Braking Comments
                Remarkably, no read fade but underwhelming (and typically Honda) stopping distance. Pedal remained consistent.

                Handling Comments
                Slalom: This car needs stability control. Truly wants to go backward with it off. Best (and only good) run required rolling into the throttle for full length of slalom to stabilize chassis. Skid pad: Very low limits. Lots of body roll but remarkably unintrusive stability control during steady-state cornering. Transitions are a different story.

                Length (in)

                Width (in)

                Height (in)

                Wheelbase (in)

                Front Track (in)

                Rear Track (in)

                Turning Circle (ft)

                Legroom, front (in)

                Legroom, rear (in)

                Headroom, front (in)

                Headroom, rear (in)

                Shoulder Room, front (in)

                Shoulder Room, rear (in)

                Maximum Seating Capacity

                Cargo Volume (cu-ft)

                3 years/36,000 miles

                Power Train
                5 years/60,000 miles

                5 years/Unlimited miles

                Scheduled Maintenance
                Not available

                Front Airbags

                Side Airbags
                Standard dual front

                Head Airbags
                Standard front and rear

                Knee Airbags
                Not available

                Antilock Brakes
                4-wheel ABS

                Electronic Brake Enhancements
                Braking assist, electronic brakeforce distribution

                Traction Control

                Stability Control

                Tire Pressure Monitoring System
                Tire-pressure monitoring

                Emergency Assistance System
                Not available

                NHTSA Crash Test Driver
                5 stars

                NHTSA Crash Test Passenger
                5 stars

                NHTSA Crash Test Side Front
                5 stars

                NHTSA Crash Test Side Rear
                3 stars

                NHTSA Rollover
                5 stars

                IIHS Offset
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                • florine,ultimele caracteristici tehnice sunt ale accordului N.A. sau ale celui japonez/european?ca nu mai inteleg valorile de cuplu,putere,etc.
                  ex CL7 AT 2006
                  CN1 Sport 2005
                  KB 1 2007-"A gloriously good car that no-one in their right mind will ever buy"

                  "The Honda Legend is a highly technically complicated and luxurious bit of kit that seems to be making more of a name for itself as the secondhand sale of the century"


                  • E modelul american, nu a incaput articolul intr-un post

                    ================================================== =======

                    Honda takes hybrids in new direction

                    Carmaker forms venture with GS Yuasa Corp. to manufacture powerful lithium-ion batteries !


                    FUKUCHIYAMA, Kyoto Pref. (Kyodo) Back in the early 1970s, Honda Motor Co. both impressed and shocked the global auto industry by becoming the first automaker in the world to develop an engine that complied with stringent U.S. emissions controls at the time.
                    Battery buddies: Honda Motor Co. President Takeo Fukui (right) and GS Yuasa Corp. President Makoto Yoda participate in a groundbreaking ceremony for a lithium-ion battery plant in Fukuchiyama, Kyoto Prefecture, on Tuesday. KYODO PHOTO

                    Nearly 40 years later, Japan's second-largest automaker remains ahead in the green race for fuel-efficient cars, bringing a megahit, low-priced Insight hybrid hatchback into a market pounded by an unprecedented dive in worldwide car sales.
                    And now, it is ditching its go-alone policy by forming a joint venture with GS Yuasa Corp. to manufacture lithium-ion batteries for gasoline-electric hybrids that are more compact, lightweight and powerful than existing batteries.
                    The move marks a departure from Honda's earlier focus on clean diesel engines for medium-size and larger cars to distinguish itself from Toyota Motor Corp., which became a pioneer of the hybrid technology with the launch of the first-generation Prius in 1997.
                    "It's true that engines have formed the core of Honda's history in the past 50 to 60 years, but in the new age, electric motor technology will become a crucial pillar," Honda President Takeo Fukui told reporters in Kyoto on Tuesday.
                    Following a groundbreaking ceremony for the joint venture plant, Fukui indicated Honda may install the lithium-ion batteries that will be produced with GS Yuasa in its second-generation Civic hybrid or a hybrid model of the Fit compact expected to be released after 2010.
                    According to a recent report by JPMorgan Securities Japan Co. in Tokyo, the global hybrid market is expected to expand from 500,000 units in 2007 to 9.62 million units by 2018 with 10 percent of global auto sales expected to be made up of hybrid cars in 2020.
                    JPMorgan analysts also expect lithium batteries to become mainstream by mid-2010, replacing nickel-metal hydride batteries that currently power most hybrids, including Toyota's Prius and Honda's Insight.
                    "Regardless of what may come out in the future, lithium batteries for now are the most advanced among existing technologies," said Yasuaki Iwamoto, an auto analyst at Okasan Securities Co.

                    "In a sense, it now represents a predetermined course for any automaker" to pursue the advanced battery technology, he said.
                    While its Insight batteries were supplied by Sanyo Electric Co., Honda has often stood out for its reluctance to go along with other domestic rivals in committing to a single partner in the manufacture of next-generation batteries.
                    Toyota formed a separate battery venture with Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., now Panasonic Corp., back in 1996, while Nissan Motor Co. partnered with NEC Corp. in 2007.

                    Toyota plans to introduce a lithium-ion battery-powered plug-in hybrid by the end of this year, while Nissan has said it will launch an electric vehicle and a lithium-ion battery-powered hybrid in 2010.
                    GS Yuasa also has a separate joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors Corp. and Mitsubishi Corp. to develop lithium-ion batteries that will be used to power MMC's plug-in electric vehicle to be launched in the summer.
                    But despite its late partnership with the Kyoto-based battery maker, many analysts say Honda still remains the only formidable threat to industry leader Toyota in terms of the hybrid market.

                    "The auto industry is scrambling to promote development of fuel-efficient technology," said Shigeru Matsumura, an auto analyst at SMBC Friend Research Center. "But the only ones now who can make profitable hybrids are Toyota and Honda."
                    Just as Honda shattered the myth that costly hybrids are for the affluent through the release of the Insight with a sticker price just shy of 2 million, both Honda and GS Yuasa are determined to develop affordable lithium-ion batteries partially through aggressive cost cuts in production lines.
                    Yet, even as Honda follows the general hype over lithium-ion batteries, Fukui made it clear the company is still pouring resources into the development of a fuel-cell-powered vehicle while showing apathy in electric vehicles, a hot product most automakers are eager to roll out in the next few years.

                    "Toyota has an unparalleled advantage in terms of funds, but in Honda's case, there have been some twists and turns when it comes to the question of where it will allocate its limited resources for the future," Okasan's Iwamoto said.
                    Even then, Honda has been relatively flexible and swift in redistributing its resources as it sees fit, making a timely shift to next-generation batteries from clean diesel engines as they lost their competitive edge amid higher and volatile oil prices.

                    And so far, it has narrowly managed to stay in the black for most of the just-ended business year, a feat both Toyota and Nissan have failed to achieve as they anticipate deep losses caused by a stronger yen and the recession.

                    But that agility will become handier with even experts clueless on who will take the dominant position in the race for next-generation batteries and eco-friendly cars, which may well determine the survival of the automakers.

                    "Lithium-ion batteries are becoming the current trend, but this isn't the answer to everything and things will continue to evolve, said Junichi Yamaki, a Tokyo-based analyst at Moody's Japan K.K. "Nobody knows who the real winner will be."
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                    • Honda, Toyota make $3,100 profit on each hybrid sold !


                      The whole Insight/Prius price war thing has been settled. We know that the cheapest 2010 Toyota Prius will be $21,750 and the lowest-cost 2010 Honda Insight will be $20,470. Hybrid buyers win because of the competitive price drops, but it turns out that both automakers are also winners. According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei (via Green Car Congress), each hybrid that Honda and Toyota sell earns the respective company about $3,100 in profit. Of course, Toyota also sells the Lexus hybrids, which bumps up the average, and the numbers are calculated using 2008 sales of the second-generation Prius, but this is still good news for the Japanese automakers. In fact, Green Car Congress says that the companies make as much money on each hybrid as they do on each small, gasoline-engined vehicle they sell. With numbers like that, there's no reason to expect the "hybrid for everyone" (the Insight) and the world's best-selling hybrid (the Prius) to go away any time soon. Wonder what Saturn thinks of all this?
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                      • Honda Civic still the benchmark compact !


                        The 2009 Honda Civic is a far cry from the stubby little hatchback that landed on our shores in 1972. Since then Honda has stayed the course, year after year adding, improving and perfecting the Civic in response to customer needs and the ups and downs of market conditions. It's a business model that Ford, GM and Chrysler have never understood.
                        For the 10 years between 1997 and 2007, it was the top-selling car in Canada and today, it remains the benchmark for all compacts in North America.
                        Not only that, it comes in three models -- high-performance Coupe, Family Sedan and Hybrid -- neatly covering the all the bases in the marketplace and appealing to a broad range of individual tastes. Now in its eighth generation, the 2009 Civic is leaner, cleaner, more sophisticated and, with nearly 40 years of development behind it, reliable as a hammer.
                        Honda Civic.


                        More pictures: < Prev | Next >

                        Our test car was the Civic EXL Sedan finished in Crystal Black Pearl with Gray Leather Seating. Introduced last year, the latest Civic has a sleeker, more aerodynamic shape that flows in continuous curves from the integrated front bumper, over the steeply raked windshield, before sloping gently back to the rear deck lid. The smoother shape means less wind resistance and optimum fuel efficiency.
                        The slightly flared fenders and elegant ten-spoke, 16-inch aluminum alloy wheels give the Civic a purposeful look while the body-colour outside mirrors and door handles add a touch of understated luxury.
                        A great handling car starts with a rigid body structure that resists flexing or twisting when negotiating bumps or cornering.
                        The Civic's ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering) body structure takes this a step further by incorporating load bearing substructures to disperse energy away from the cabin in the event of collisions.
                        Power is provided by a 140-horsepower four-cylinder 1.8-litre, 16-valve, SOHC engine with i-VTEC, Honda's exclusive " i" for intelligent Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control.
                        Without getting too technical, the system provides more efficient combustion for increased performance and fuel economy while lowering emissions, earning the Civic EPA's ULEV (Ultra Low Emission Vehicle) status. The engine delivers 140 horsepower and 128 lb-ft of torque to the front wheels via an electronically controlled 5-speed automatic transmission while The Drive-By-Wire Throttle System replaces mechanical parts with electronic impulses for a more immediate and smoother response to the accelerator pedal.
                        A 5-speed manual transmission is standard but our tester came with the optional 5-speed Automatic with Lock-Up Torque convertor. (The high performance Si Coupe and Sedan come with a 197-horsepower, 2-litre I4 while the Hybrid combines a 1.3-litre I4 with an Electric Motor Assist).
                        The EXL combines heated (front) leather seating with manual seat controls. Not a usual combination but perfectly acceptable. Getting comfortable behind the wheel is no problem thanks to the tilt/telescoping steering wheel and the 6-way manually adjustable driver's seat (4-way adjusters for the front passenger).

                        The Civic's two-tier instrument panel features a bold digital speedometer flanked by linear gauges for engine temperature and fuel, positioned in the direct line of sight. At first, I found the digital speedometer a distraction as the large numbers kept changing with the car's speed. But after a while, your peripheral vision accepts it without taking your main attention away from the road.
                        A more conventional tachometer, redlined at 6,300 rpm, is positioned in the lower tier with a read-out panel for odometer and trip odo, plus transmission mode indicator. I particularly liked the three-spoke steering wheel. It features audio and cruise control buttons plus thumb notches that allow for comfortable (and correct) 3- and 9- o'clock hand positions. The interior, finished in soft shades of grey, uses a pleasing mix of surface textures, highlighted with brushed metal trim to convey a high-tech look.
                        All the controls are intuitive and easy to reach. An info panel for the clock, trip odo, ambient temperature and audio system tops the centre stack. Simple controls for the speed-sensitive audio system are set below, featuring AM/FM/CD plus MP3/WMA compatibility. Conventional controls for the AC (with air filtration) and heating are positioned below. The multi-functional centre console features two beverage holders, stores up to 20 CDs and serves as an armrest for both front seat occupants.

                        On the road, the Civic provides a quiet, comfortable ride. With its tall fifth gear, the engine is only turning 2,000 rpm at highway speeds, enabling it to deliver 5.7 L/100 km (50 mpg). The supple suspension smoothes out road irregularities and the power-assisted, variable rack and pinion steering is light and direct with a strong on-centre feel at highway speeds. In stop-and-go city driving, I found it best to select D3.
                        This allows the transmission to utilize the bottom three gears, leaving fourth and fifth for higher speeds. Power-assisted anti-lock (ABS) disc brakes with EBD (Electronic Brake Distribution) inspire confidence with short, controlled stops on any surface. New this year is standard VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) with Traction Control that checks wheelspin to maintain directional control on any surface. Occupants are protected with 3-point seatbelts with pre-tensioners for all five positions, active front head restraints and the full complement of airbags: dual-stage, dual-threshold front; front seat side (with Occupant Position Detection); and full, side curtain airbags.
                        The trunk capacity of 340 litres (12 cu.ft.) is almost doubled by folding down the rear seat and easily accommodates two golf bags and weekend luggage. Other amenities include keyless-entry system; power remote/heated outside mirrors; Immobilizer Theft-Deterrent System; power windows with auto up/down driver's side; variable, intermittent wipers; MP3 auxiliary input jack and LATCH tethers for child seats.
                        "The EXL is a great addition to the Civic line," says Kelvin Frumento of Nanaimo Honda. "We didn't have a model with leather seating before and so it gives people a chance to enjoy a new level of comfort and luxury without giving up Civic's well known affordability and economy."

                        Alan McPhee is a Canadian automotive journalist and is former editor of Carguide Magazine. His articles appear each week in this space.

                        BOTTOM LINE:

                        HONDA CIVIC EXL

                        Type: FWD compact sedan
                        Engine: 1.8-litre SOHC L4
                        Horsepower: 140 @ 6300 rpm
                        Torque: 128 @ 4300 rpm
                        Fuel economy: 8.2 L/100 km city; 5.7 L/100 km highway
                        Base price: $24,680
                        Price as tested: $25,990
                        (includes PDI and freight)

                        Vehicle provided by Nanaimo Honda.
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                        • Acura Announces April Sales Results !

                          TL Performance Luxury Sedan Monthly Sales Leader for Acura
                          TORRANCE, Calif., May 1 -- Total Acura sales for April were 8,813, down 32.3 percent compared to April 2008, with Acura year-to-date* sales totaling 33,333 units, down 33.4 percent. The all-new TL performance luxury sedan remained as Acura's top selling model in April, a three month sales trend, with TL sales reaching 3,105 units, down 27.6 percent as compared to last year.

                          The TSX sports sedan continues to be a popular choice and was Acura's next best selling sedan in April with 2,429 units sold; TSX total sales for 2009 are 9,684, up 5.7 percent. Acura light truck sales were led by the MDX luxury SUV with 2,337 units sold, while RDX crossover SUV sales tallied 740.

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                          • Hybrid Sales Up Slightly for April in Otherwise Dreary Market !


                            SANTA MONICA, California Hybrid sales in the U.S. rose in April for the fourth consecutive month and posted the highest monthly volume since October 2008. The bump illustrates the influence that novelty and price still have on the market: The all-new 2010 Honda Insight and a heavily incentivized Honda Civic Hybrid largely account for the gain.

                            Dealers sold 21,735 gas-electric hybrids in April, according to Edmunds.com data, up 1.4 percent from 21,433 in March but down 45.9 percent from April '08 sales of 40,198 the second best month on record for hybrids.

                            Toyota's Prius, due to be replaced by an all-new, next-generation model by the end of this month and helped by big incentives in some markets, continued to be the top-selling hybrid in the nation, although April sales of 8,385 were down 6 percent from March and off 61.5 percent from a year earlier.

                            The 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid was second in volume with 3,361 sold in April, up 17.1 percent for the month but down 22.3 percent from April '08.

                            Toyota's Camry Hybrid was the third biggest seller for the month, but sales of 2,198 models actually represented a 14 percent decline from March and a 67 percent plunge from a year earlier.

                            The 2010 Honda Insight, with a base price of just over $20,000 making it the least-expensive new hybrid, was the fourth best-selling model as sales more than tripled to 2,096 from its introductory month in March.

                            The total likely would have been higher but not all dealerships were fully stocked.

                            Inside Line says: A complete list of April sales figures for the current crop of hybrids can be found over at Green Car Advisor. John O'Dell, Senior Editor
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                            • 'reliable as a hammer' faina fraza, dar stiu ca e si sustinuta de realitate. chiar modelel mai vechi, desi nu erau as aratoase ca ultimul model si tot semanau satisfactie printre clienti.


                              • Conform ultimelor "date", Accordul CL7/9 se simte bine.

                                If Honda built people, nobody would ever die.