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  • Honda cuts annual forecast as 3Q profit tumbles :


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    Honda Reports 90% Drop in Profit, Guides Down :


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    Yet Effective Changes For '09 Honda CBR600RR:



    WE DRIVE: Honda Insight hybrid :


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    Honda FC Sport Concept Car to Make Canadian Debut :


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    • ACEEE Dubs Honda Civic GX Greenest Car For 6th Year; Prius In Second Place


      In an anticlimactic repeat, Honda's natural-gas burning Civic GX topped the annual "greenest vehicles" of the year listing being published this morning by the non-profit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy.

      It is the 12th year the Washington-based environmental and economic lobbying group has published its Green Book Online, which ranks passenger cars and light trucks for overall environmental impact.

      Although the list for the 2009 model year contained no big surprises, it was marked by the reappearance of General Motors Corp., with trio of small cars among the dozen "greenest" vehicles in the market - the Chevrolet Cobalt compact and its Pontiac G5 twin placed eighth overall and the Chevrolet Aveo subcompact finished10th.

      The GM cars, which were rated highly for their fuel economy, knocked Ford's Focus off the "greenest" list after its appearance there last year as the only domestic car in the top twelve.
      The Ford didn't get a lower score - but the average scores in the top 12 were higher this year than last.

      Evolution, Not Revolution:

      Generally, the 2009 list was marked by continued improvements in the fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions of scores of vehicles rather than by stellar performances from just one or two models.
      Manufacturers are fine-tuning their engines and transmissions, improving materials, and adding emission control technologies, said ACEEE transportation program director Therese Langer.

      "We are seeing a lot of incremental improvements" she said, "More direct-injection systems, improvements to the internal combustion engine. It's amazing how little of the market [now] falls below 'bin 5' standards," for tailpipe emissions.
      Vehicles rated lower than bin 5 are generally described as environmentally "dirty."

      Diesels Step Up:

      One notable event this year, Langer said, is that the onset of clean diesel fuel and improved diesel emissions systems, coupled with growing demand from consumers for smaller, more efficient vehicles, have put diesels "in the running among environmentally preferable vehicles."
      Volkswagen's diesel-fueled Touareg SUV, which ranged as the dirtiest, or "meanest" vehicle of the year in 2008, isn't offered in the U.S. as an '09 model, so the gasoline-or-E85 ethanol "flex-fuel" Hummer H2 from General Motors Corp. fell into that unenviable spot this year.
      ACEEE ranks vehicles for overall environmental friendliness, and also ranks them by category (right) to help car shoppers find the greenest vehicles in each segment. It rates vehicles on numeric scale with 100 points marking theoretical perfection. So far the best any vehicle has done is 57 points--the score awarded his year to the Honda Civic GX.
      The ratings consider fuel efficiency, estimated fuel expenses, tailpipe emissions that affect human health, emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases linked to global warming - both from fuel consumption and from the vehicle manufacturing process (a score using weight-based industry estimates of carbon output)


      In the overall rankings, the Honda Civic GX outscored the rest of the field for the sixth consecutive year.
      While not the industry's fuel-efficiency leader, the Civic GX has cleaner emissions and produces less greenhouse gas than any other mass-market vehicle sold in the U.S today.
      The car is a standard Honda Civic converted by the manufacturer to run on compressed natural gas, which has about 30 percent less carbon content and about 95 percent fewer smog-causing emissions than gasoline.
      Toyota's Prius hybrid placed second with 53 points; Honda's Civic hybrid was third with a score of 51; the two-seat Smart from Daimler ranked fourth with 49 points and Toyota's Yaris subcompact and Nissan's Altima hybrid sedan tied for fifth place on the green list with 46 points each.


      The mean list was dominated by heavy pickups, SUVs and exotic sports cars with gas-guzzling, carbon-spewing engines.
      Following the 16-point Hummer H2 flex-fuel SUV at the bottom of the rankings as the nation's "meanest" or least-environmentally friendly vehicles were the V-12 powered Lamborghini Murcielago sports car and the heavy-duty GMC Yukon 2500 SUV, tied at 18 points; and the Mercedes-Benz G55 AMG ans ML63 AMG "high performance" SUVs, the Lincoln Navigator SUV, Maybach V-12 luxury car and GMC Sierra K2500 heavy duty pickup, at 19 points each.

      In addition to identifying the greenest and meanest vehicles in the market, the ACEEE ranks the various market segments - from subcompact economy cars to heady duty pickups - to help consumers select the greenest vehicle that meet their needs.
      Among the leaders were the Toyota Tacoma for full-size pickups, the Ford Ranger for compact pickups, the Chevrolet Tahoe hybrid C1500 for large SUVs and the Subaru Outback for wagons.

      More to Come:

      With the 2009 model year affected by soaring gas prices, an abrupt shift in consumer demand away from trucks and toward fuel-efficient smaller cars and the year-end election of a new president with decidedly green leanings, Langer said, ""things have been changing rapidly on many fronts" for the world's automakers.
      "We can imagine that we'll see more substantial shifts incoming years, but right now we are not seeing things change fast enough to make a significant shift now."
      It's not discouraging, though, Langer said, adding that improvements this year "still were quite impressive."
      Change is coming, she said, "and although we expect it to be evolutionary and not revolutionary for a few years, we think that maybe by 2020 we'll see he big shift" to electric vehicles, plug-in hybrids and other types of private transportation vehicles that don't rely primarily on petroleum for their primary fuel."
      ACEE's 2009 Green Book Online ranks more than 1,400 vehicle models with various engine and transmission combinations. As its name implies, it is available on-line with monthly or annual subscriptions.

      Posted by John O'Dell February 3, 2009, 5:00 AM
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      • http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/glean...uto/auto4.html

        2010 Honda Insight, 63.4 mpg!

        This year is shaping up to be a big one for hybrid, and Honda has revive the Insight brand. The original Insight was the first hybrid to make it to the US market, but it was never very commercially successful.

        Honda only managed to sell about 18,000 Insights worldwide over six years. Honda has created a five-seat hatchback that it says will be the most affordable hybrid in the world. Honda is targeting worldwide sales of 200,000 Insights a year, with half of those going to North America.

        The Insight makes good use of its Fit based chassis for fun steering and handling, and still manages to get outstanding fuel efficiency of 63mpg.

        Honda S2000 to be terminated year end !

        One of Honda's sports cars, the S2000, will come to an end at the close of the 2009 model year. The S2000 has been around for 10 years and a pink version was seen in the movie, Fast and the Furious.

        Sales of the S2000 for December '08 numbered 72 units and the amount sold for 2008 was 2,538 coming from 4,302 units from the year before. Honda has sold 110,000 in its 10-year run.

        The high-revving roadster has always had more in common with the company's high-performance motorcycles, thanks to its 9,000 rpm redline and minimal low-end torque .

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        The Best New Cars !


        If you're in the market for new wheels, Kiplinger's is here to help. We screened sedans in five categories -- under $20,000, $20,000 to $25,000, $25,000 to $30,000, $30,000 to $45,000, and $45,000 and over -- and selected Best New Car and Best in Class models in each category. (To search and sort comprehensive data on more than a thousand 2009 cars, crossovers and SUVs, go to Kiplinger.com.)

        If you're in the market for new wheels, Kiplinger's is here to help.In the Under $20,000 category, the redesigned Honda Fit wins Best New Car, boosted by its fuel-efficiency (33 miles per gallon on the highway) and an amazing 21 cubic feet of cargo area. Best in Class honors go to the Volkswagen Jetta for safety, roominess and European driving dynamics at a value price. Both the Jetta and Fit Sport earn the top safety rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety -- a rare honor at this price point.

        To find a hybrid, you'll have to move up to the $20,000-to-$25,000 category. We gave the Best in Class nod to the Honda Civic Hybrid, which gets slightly lower fuel economy than the Toyota Prius but is a top safety pick because it comes with standard stability control. The larger, more powerful Mazda6 is Best New Car. The four-cylinder Mazda6 i Sport has a respectable 170 horsepower and gets 30 mpg on the highway.

        Midsize hybrids and family sedans with more extras populate the $25,000-to-$30,000 category. For the second year in a row, Best in Class plaudits go to the Honda Accord EX V6 for its mix of roominess, power, superb handling and good fuel economy. The Dodge Challenger R/T gets our Best New Car award. With design cues from the classic 1970 pony car, 372 hp of Hemi muscle, and plenty of legroom and cargo space for family affairs, the new Challenger generated an excitement that few 2009 introductions could claim.

        The real action for 2009 is in the $30,000-to-$45,000 category. The stunning Cadillac CTS earns Best in Class, and the much-hyped Hyundai Genesis, the Korean carmaker's first luxury entry in the U.S., wins Best New Car. When a flawlessly finished rear-driver with scads of standard equipment starts at just $32,000, who cares about status?
        Fuel economy isn't a perk in luxury cars that cost more than $45,000. Here, it's all about craftsmanship, power and status. The Jaguar XF, which replaces the Jag S-Type, gets our Best New designation. "It's to die for," says Erich Merkle, lead auto analyst for consulting firm Crowe Horwath LLP. Best in Class is the BMW 535xi, a true value considering that its world-class BMW engineering and drivability, plus no-charge maintenance for the four-year warranty period, are all yours for about $54,000.

        Copyright 2009 Salem Web Network. All Rights Reserved.

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        Honda joins Mitsubishi, GM in cutting production output!


        Honda Motor Co. said Tuesday it will cut output further than previously planned in Canada, the United States and Japan as demand for new cars and trucks continues to shrink worldwide.
        In its second production cut in two weeks, Honda said it would cut its domestic production by another 21,000 vehicles and its North American output by an additional 29,000 vehicles. The company’s assembly facility in Allison, Ont., is among its facilities affected.
        The automaker will trim production at Alliston by 9,000 vehicles through the end of March, said company spokesman Richard Jacobs.
        One assembly line at the facility will go from two daily work shifts to one, he said. Output of Civic and Acura MDX models made on the line will be halved from 800 units a day to 400 units. Honda will also take four non-production Fridays in February, Mr. Jacobs said.
        The workers affected will not be laid off but reassigned to another assembly line or to the neighbouring engine plant, Mr. Jacobs said. "It’s kind of readjusting everything," Mr. Jacobs said. "We’re going to have to see how the market is by the time we get into March."
        The adjustment cuts its planned manufacturing output in North America to 1.26 million units for its fiscal year ending in March, a 12% decrease from a year ago. It cuts its output in Japan to 1.15 million units, also a 12% drop.
        Japanese automakers are being hit by slowing sales at a time when the yen is getting stronger versus many currencies, making it more expensive to sell cars overseas they build in Japan. Toyota Motor Corp. has predicted it will post its first operating loss in 70 years this year. Honda, which last year pulled out of Formula One racing as a way to save money, expects to update its own earnings forecast on Friday.
        Mitsubishi Motor Corp., another Japanese-based automaker, said on Tuesday it will suspend production at its Illinois assembly plant for another five weeks this year on top of the 12 weeks shutdown already planned. On Monday, General Motors Corp. said it would initiate further output reductions at factories in Canada and the United States and cut 2,000 U.S. jobs.
        Analysts expect new-vehicle sales in the United States this year to be about 10 million, the lowest level since the early 1980s.
        Just over 2 million passenger vehicles and heavy trucks were built in Canada last year, a 19% drop from the previous year.
        That number will drop to 1.66 million this year, according to a forecast by DesRosiers Automotive Consultants.

        Copyright (c) National Post
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        • http://www.theautochannel.com/news/2...10/417669.html

          Honda Insight at Melbourne Motor Show !

          TULLAMARINE, Australia – February 10, 2009: The world’s most affordable hybrid, the Honda Insight, will be the main attraction at the 2009 Melbourne Motor Show from 27 February to 9 March.
          Mr. Fumihiko Ike, Chief Operating Officer of Regional Operations for Honda Asia Oceania announced the Insight’s arrival at his recent visit to Australia to launch the all-new Honda City.

          Honda Australia’s Senior Director, Mr. Lindsay Smalley is looking forward to the Insight being available in Australia in the near future.
          “After pioneering hybrid motoring in Australia with the original Insight in 2000 and following this with two generations of Civic Hybrid, we are looking forward to showcasing our latest innovation in hybrid technology with the second generation Insight.

          “This is one part of our vision to offer more hybrid motoring options to the Australian public,” Mr. Smalley said.
          The all-new Insight hybrid vehicle is currently on sale in the United States and Japan.
          The new Honda Insight has been designed to offer a practical, five-seat family car at an affordable price, with excellent fuel economy and low CO2 and other emissions. The Insight has a boot capacity of 408 litres with the seats up. The repackaging of the IPU and batteries means the Insight has seats which fold almost flat, increasing the boot capacity to approximately 1,017 litres.

          Honda’s latest hybrid vehicle revives the Insight nameplate, which was first used in 2000 and marked the introduction of hybrid motoring to Australians. It also marks a return for Honda to producing hybrids in a dedicated aerodynamic body, designed to optimise the performance of the efficient petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain.

          The Insight combines an optimised 1.3 litre i-VTEC engine, now with Vehicle Cylinder Management (VCM) which shuts down cylinders and in some cases all four cylinders, to reduce fuel and emissions. It has a compact thin electric motor that gives the engine assistance when increased performance is required and acts as a generator during deceleration and braking. It also allows electric only operation in some slow and medium speed conditions.
          The Insight has been designed to give good real world emission and fuel economy figures. Its key element is the Eco Assist system that is fitted as standard. The upper instrument cluster where the speedometer is situated features a colour changing ambient light that illuminates green when driving ecologically, blue/green when the car is being driven acceptably and blue when driving with less regard for economy.

          The ambient lighting of the speedometer combines with a bar diagram which is more than a simple instantaneous economy meter. The display in the centre of the rev counter shows how aggressively the driver is accelerating or braking and encourages the driver to stay towards the middle with lighter more progressive use of the brake and accelerator pedals.

          To chart progress during each journey, leaves will appear on the bare stems of the plant icons on the centre meter if the driver is matching the ecological driving conditions ideal. Should their driving go outside of these parameters for a length of time, the plants will wilt. At the end of each journey the driver is given a score which they can build up over time and gradually they will be rewarded with trophy symbols for continued good driving.

          The practical interior is complimented by an attractively styled and aerodynamically profiled body, (similar in looks to the FCX Clarity fuel-cell car), which achieves an excellent CD of 0.28, helping the Insight to achieve excellent fuel economy and low emissions.

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          • Honda Ridgeline production to start Monday in Lincoln !


            Honda Manufacturing of Alabama LLC announced Thursday it will begin production of its third vehicle – the Ridgeline – at the Lincoln plant on Monday.
            The addition of the Ridgeline will make Honda Manufacturing the sole production source of three light truck products: the Odyssey minivan, the Pilot sport utility vehicle and the Ridgeline pickup.
            Honda officials announced plans to move production of the Ridgeline pickup from Canada to Alabama in March 2008.

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            2009 Chicago Auto Show: 2010 Acura TSX V6 !


            CHICAGO — Acura aims to fill a perceived gap between its redesigned TL sedan and the four-cylinder TSX with the new 2010 Acura TSX V6, which made its debut at the 2009 Chicago Auto Show on Wednesday. The V6-equipped TSX goes on sale this summer.

            Acura says the new model is "aimed at youthful buyers who want a performance-oriented sports sedan in a more personal size." Undoubtedly, it's also for buyers put off by the four-cylinder TSX's mediocre 7.7-second 0-60-mph time.

            The TSX V6 shares its 3.5-liter VTEC engine with the base Acura TL. The V6 makes 280 horsepower and 254 pound-feet of torque — a big upgrade over the current TSX's 201 hp and 172 lb-ft. Unlike on the four-cylinder model, though, the only available transmission will be Acura's SportShift five-speed sequential automatic, which comes with paddle shifters on the steering wheel.

            The TSX V6 features revised suspension tuning and larger-diameter Michelin Pilot all-season tires mounted on 18-inch five-spoke aluminum wheels. A mildly revised front fascia and a discreet badge on the tail are the only visual clues to the V6's identity.

            Inside Line says: A V6 engine should inject some life into the otherwise lukewarm Acura TSX, but expect a $30,000-plus sticker when the 2010 Acura TSX V6 hits dealers. — Paul Lienert, Correspondent

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            • 'Green' vehicles gain momentum :


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              Econo-Car Pick #1: 2009 Honda Fit. A sweet rear spoiler and bright-cherry red color elevate this 29-mpg economy car from geek to chic. For under $19,630,it's a more affordable economy hatchback than many competitors and remains to be a highly reliable vehicle in Consumer Report's reporting. The 117-horsepower 1.5-liter 4-cylinder is s confident and the acceleration onto the highway is bold for its engine size.

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              • Honda proposes settlement in odometer cases !


                REGINA -- Honda Canada has proposed a settlement in three class action suits brought against it that allege the odometers in certain Honda and Acura vehicles overstate the mileage by up to four per cent.
                The plaintiffs in the actions claim that the alleged overstatement in mileage diminished warranty coverage and reduced the permitted mileage allowed under leased vehicles.
                Recent media reports state that about 900,000 vehicles throughout Canada could fall under the settlements terms.
                The vehicles included in the settlement include any purchased or leased 2000 Honda and Acura models on or after Nov. 14, 2000, all 2001-2006 Honda or Acura models, and 2007 Honda Fit automobiles.
                A letter has been sent to customers to notify them of the proposed settlement, stating that although the odometers were within the design tolerance standard of the Society of Automotive Engineers, Honda “has agreed to settle the class actions in the interest of customer satisfaction.” However, “it has agreed to do so without any admission of liability.”
                The letter indicated that Honda will seek court approval to resolve the cases by automatically extending permissible mileage of any lease or mileage-based warranty of eligible vehicles by five per cent. Honda will also automatically reimburse customers for charges paid if they exceeded the allowed mileage under a lease, up to five per cent over the allowed mileage.
                Additionally, the settlement would allow customers to seek reimbursement for repairs that would have otherwise been covered by warranty, if they occurred between the maximum mileage permitted by warranty and that amount plus five per cent. Reimbursements can also be sought for charges paid to a lessor other than Honda Canada Finance Inc. for exceeding mileage over what was permissible, up to five per cent.
                The settlement benefits will not be implemented until the courts in three Canadian provinces have approved it. Once approved, there will be a six-month period in which owners can submit claims.
                Honda owners will be bound by the terms of the settlement unless they opt out, which can be done by filing an opt out form before May 18.
                Approval hearings will take place in Ontario on Mar. 25, British Columbia on April 3, and Quebec on May 11. The Ontario class action includes all eligible vehicles that are not from British Columbia or Quebec.

                Further information is available at www.canada-odo-action.ca or by calling the Honda Claims Centre at 1-866-936-2286.
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                • Honda Surpasses 300,000 Units In Cumulative Global Sales of Hybrid Vehicles !


                  North America Accounts for Nearly 4 of Every 5 Hybrid Sales

                  TORONTO, Feb. 18 /CNW/ - Honda Motor Co., Ltd., Tokyo, has announced that
                  global sales of Honda hybrid passenger cars passed the 300,000-unit mark on a
                  cumulative basis at the end of January 2009, since the introduction of the
                  first-generation Honda Insight gasoline-electric hybrid car 10 years ago.
                  Nearly four of every five of Honda's hybrid sales (78 per cent) were in the
                  North American market.
                  Honda is now selling its hybrid vehicles in approximately 40 countries
                  around the world, including Canada.
                  Insight, which goes on sale April 22 in Canada and the U.S., is a
                  five-door hatchback model that utilizes the latest generation of Honda's
                  Integrated Motor Assist(TM) (IMA(R)) hybrid technology and new, more
                  cost-efficient production methods.
                  The new 2010 Honda Insight defines a new stage in the evolution of hybrid
                  technology, designed to provide hybrid customers with a new level of
                  affordability, fun-to-drive performance, and an estimated city/highway fuel
                  economy rating of 4.8/4.5 L/100km.
                  Sales targets have been set by Honda of approximately 60,000 units in
                  Japan, 30,000 units in Europe, and about 100,000 units in North America. The
                  annual global sales target for Insight is approximately 200,000 units.
                  Honda will further enhance its hybrid model lineup with the introduction
                  next year of an all-new sporty hybrid car, based on the CR-Z concept model, in
                  an effort to achieve full-scale market penetration of hybrid vehicles.

                  Honda Canada manufactures the Honda Civic sedan and coupe, and the Acura
                  CSX sedan and MDX luxury utility vehicle at its two plants in Alliston,
                  Ontario, and produces fuel-efficient 4-cylinder engines at its new engine
                  plant adjacent to its Canadian manufacturing facilities. With 135
                  manufacturing facilities in 28 countries worldwide, Honda attracts more than
                  24 million customers annually.

                  For further information: Richard Jacobs, (416) 287-4708
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                  • New Honda City Named Indian Car of the Year 2009

                    February 17, 2009 - The new Honda City was pronounced Indian Car of the Year 2009 (ICOTY 2009) by top automobile journalists of India at a ceremony held in Mumbai.

                    ICOTY award has been instituted to review all new cars in the Indian market and is judged by an 11 member specialist jury consisting of senior automobile journalists from leading automobile magazines in India.

                    The new Honda City was among the 7 cars which qualified in this year’s awards that included new launches by other manufacturers competing for the title.

                    The new and completely re-designed 3rd generation Honda City was launched in India in September 2008. The model has been very well received which is evident from its consistent sales growth of 17.6% during the period November 2008 - January 2009 (after start of deliveries). Honda City provides values exceeding customer expectations and sets a new benchmark in the highly competitive C-segment.

                    Expressing delight on receiving the award Siddharth Shriram, Chairman, Honda Siel Cars India Ltd. said, “Indian Car of the Year is the highest honor for a car in India voted by India’s top automobile journalists of the country and it is indeed a privilege for us to receive this award for Honda City. The all-new Honda City is Honda’s most significant model in this market and this award is a true testimony of the appreciation from our customers and experts. We would like to express gratitude to everyone including our suppliers who have made it possible to make the new Honda City a success.”

                    The new Honda City had already been declared the Car of the Year by some of the leading automobile magazines in their individual capacity winning 6 awards including 2 ‘Car of the Year’ awards. The new Honda City was adjudged the ‘Car of the Year’ by Business Standard Motoring and Zig Wheels. The car also won ‘Viewers’ Choice’ awards by UTVi – Autocar Awards and CNBC TV18 Overdrive Awards.

                    My '08 Civic Sedan 1.8 M/T


                    • Honda Motor Co have announced that chief executive officer Takeo Fukui will step down in June, to be replaced by senior managing director Takanobu Ito in a widely expected move amid a global crisis in the auto industry.

                      Fukui, 64, will complete six years at the helm and become an executive adviser to Japan's number two automaker as it, like the rest of the industry, faces a frozen credit market that has sent sales skidding.

                      Ito, 55, is currently in charge of automobile operations, having followed a career track that many saw as leading to the top post. Like Fukui, he previously headed Honda R&D Co, the carmaker's research arm.

                      "Honda is at its core a fun company, where we hope customers buy cars with the same enjoyment we have in making them," Ito said. "I want to raise motivation so that we have fun again."

                      Among other achievements, Ito, an easy-going and outspoken engineer, is credited for developing the world's first mass-produced all-aluminium-body car, the NSX sports car, which went on sale in 1990.

                      He joined the automaker in 1978, coaxed by company officials who told him that someday Honda might make planes, which were Ito's passion.

                      Ito takes the reins from Fukui, a motor racing fan who announced in December that the firm would pull out of Formula One racing, at a critical time.

                      Automakers everywhere are grappling with plunging sales and Honda will be fighting an uphill battle against losses in the new business year from April, as a strong yen adds to the pain when profits are repatriated.

                      "It's precisely because times are so tough that I thought we should overcome these times under a young leader," said Fukui.

                      The Japanese currency traded around 93 per dollar on Monday. It hit a 13-year high near 87 per dollar in January.

                      Thanks to its more cautious and measured business approach, Honda is still expecting to stay in the black for the year to March 31, unlike rivals Toyota Motor Corp and Nissan Motor Co.

                      With sales crumbling in the main markets of the United States, Europe and Japan, Fukui reluctantly pulled out of Formula One racing to channel the funds instead to the development of a new generation of cars.

                      No serious buyer has emerged for the team, said Fukui, adding that he wanted to avoid folding the team, which employs 500 to 600 people.

                      Honda Formula One team bosses turned down an offer from Bernie Ecclestone to help with a planned management buy-out, the sport's commercial supremo was quoted as saying on Sunday.

                      British entrepreneur Richard Branson also told BBC radio on Saturday that he loved Formula One and could step in to rescue the Honda team if certain conditions were met.

                      Honda Formula One finished ninth overall last season, even after Honda put up about $300 million of its own money into it.

                      Fukui also resisted building a car factory in Russia when most rivals took the plunge when sales there were soaring last year. Car sales in Russia have since reversed, falling by double-digits in the past few months.

                      Honda's shares extended losses after the news, trading down 4.9 percent, before closing down 3.8 percent at 2,160 yen.
                      Honda Accord 2.0 M/T Sport SE 2007, Honda Jazz 1.4 M/T ES 2002


                      • Honda Racing a fost salvata de la inchidere...?

                        Honda Racing a fost salvata de la inchidere de managerii team-ului japonez, potrivit informatiilor prezentate de site-ul RealHondaF1.com.
                        A fost salvata Honda Racing? zoom

                        Site-ul fanilor echipei Honda sustine, citand surse apropiate situatiei, ca echipa japoneza a fost in cele din urma salvata de la inchidere.

                        Sursa citata mentioneaza ca echipa a fost preluata de un grup de manageri ai team-ului. Cea mai interesanta noutate este insa ca CEO-ul Nick Fry a fost indepartat de la conducere, alaturi de un alt membru marcant al echipei.

                        In plus, Honda a renuntat la echipa de teste si la staff-ul ce se ocupa de motoare, lucru firesc luand in calcul interzicerea testelor din timpul sezonului si preconizatul parteneriat tehnic cu Mercedes. De asemenea, se anticipeaza ca Bruno Senna va fi noul coechipier al lui Jenson Button.

                        [citeste tot articolul...]

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                        • Baietii au avut sedinta LUNGAAAAAAA azi, l-au schimbat pe Fukui, au salvat echipa, etc........
                          oare ce mai urmeaza ???
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                          • Sa speram ca reluarea NSX-ului
                            '08 Civic 5D 1,8 Sport Champagne Silver: Vicky



                            • doamne ai ascultat!

                              nu va bucurati!nasul meu imi spune ca nenea asta lasa ceva urat mirositor in urma!honda a avut cel mai rusinos comportament din lumea auto!bietul soichiro honda s-a rasucit in mormant iar lui fukui i-as sugera un sepuku!il ajut eu cu lovitura de gratie!pana in iunie i-au ceva cursuri de sabie,dar promit sa o stirbesc....
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                              "The Honda Legend is a highly technically complicated and luxurious bit of kit that seems to be making more of a name for itself as the secondhand sale of the century"


                              • Am facut KENDO, daca vrei lectii gratuite , da un telefon
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