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    Daca la Dacia fabrica se inchide din cand in cand, fabrica Honda din UK se inchide pana in IUNIE!!!

    '08 Civic 5D 1,8 Sport Champagne Silver: Vicky



    • 2010 Honda Fury — Production-Ready Honda Chopper by Spring: 2009 New York Motorcycle Show (With Video) :


      NEW YORK– In a move that shocked the motorcycle industry, Honda has unveiled a custom-style chopper they call the Fury—and it's coming to a Honda store near you this spring. At first glance the bike boasts the usual chopper cues, but closer inspection reveals modern touches like liquid cooling (note the discreetly placed radiator) and shaft drive, as opposed to a traditional chain or belt. The fork is raked a considerable 38 degrees; for reference, the famous "Captain America" chopper from the film Easy Rider has a 43-degree rake.

      We got an early look at the bike in the metal at Honda's R&D headquarters in Torrance. And the attention to detail is impressive. We dig the bike's silhouette and its general absence of badges or overt branding—you'd never guess this was a Honda. But we're still scratching our heads about that radiator and shaft drive. Then again, Honda is a company that has a long history of doing things its own unique way, look no further than the insanely rev-happy, four-cylinder Honda S2000 or the unibody Ridgeline pickup truck .

      The Fury's tank looks like a stretched piece of taffy, leaving plenty of space above the large chrome cylinder heads that cap the fuel-injected, 1312 cc, 52-degree, single-pin V-twin. While Honda asserts the engine will have an intoxicating exhaust note, we won't be able to confirm that claim until we ride the bike at the end of February. The seat sits at a low 26.7 in., and the 200 mm rear tire is fat, though it looks somewhat dwarfed inside the large rear fender. Several bikes were on hand, including a fully accessorized model decked out with a color-matched chin spoiler, an embroidered seat, a small windscreen, and a few miscellaneous chrome details. One mean-looking matte black Fury also caught our eye, offering a respite for those who may be visually allergic to chrome and gloss.

      Launching a chopper during a recession may seem like a counterintuitive move. But if there are potential buyers out there who have balked at pricey customs, and their rather sketchy rideability, the Fury might be an opportunity to get in on the raked-out, two-wheeled lifestyle. Honda rep Jon Seidel explains, "Bottom line, customers want a radical-looking chopper, but with all of those Honda characteristics that we know about," adding, "I think we hit the nail on the head." —Basem Wasef

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      Mark Phelan: You'll love these fabulous cars !



      "................ Honda Insight

      Honda hopes to regain status in the hybrid market with its new five-passenger Insight. The four-door hatchback layout has EPA fuel-economy ratings of 40 m.p.g. in the city and 43 m.p.g. on the highway for a likely combined rating of 41 m.p.g. or 42 m.p.g. "

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      Car Review: 2009 Honda Pilot !

      Without question the 2009 Honda Pilot is among the elite in its class, and for dependability it does not get much better than a Honda Sports Utility Vehicle. The 2 wheel drive LX is an excellent value

      starting at only $27,695 with a 5-speed automatic transmission gets 17 miles per gallon in the city and 23 miles per gallon on the highway. The engineering and style of the 2009 Honda Pilot is superior, and is fast becoming a consumer favorite.

      The performance of the 2009 Honda Pilot is thanks to a 3.5 Liter, 24 valve V-6 engine, that has a 250 Horsepower output at 5,700 RPM's. MacPherson strut front suspension, multi-link rear suspension, and front and rear stabilizer bars enable a smooth constant ride on all surfaces. An anti-lock braking system, electronic brake distribution system and brake assist ensures consistent stopping ability in inclement weather. The performance package on the 2009 Honda Pilot is rounded out with variable power assisted rack-and-pinion steering and unit body construction.

      The exterior of the 2009 Honda Pilot shows more elegance and fashionable design than a pedestrian SUV. With power side mirrors, a tailgate with a lift-up glass hatch, and auto on/off multi-reflector halogen headlights the Pilot is a good looking ride.

      On the interior the 2009 Honda Pilot offers 8 passenger seating, power window, door, and tailgate locks, 12 beverage holders and map lights. A tilt and telescoping steering column, rear seat heater ducts, and a driver and front passenger illuminated vanity mirrors are nice features. A sound system consisting of an AM/FM stereo with a CD player and 7 speakers will keep passengers entertained. Top this off with a digital odometer and trip meter and its easy to understand the popularity of the 2009 Honda Pilot.

      From a standpoint of safety the 2009 Honda Pilot is at the front of the pack. With dual stage, dual threshold front airbags, front side airbags, and three row side curtain airbags passengers are protect fr

      om all angles in an accident. The side impact door beams and lowered anchors and tethers for children, combined with daytime running lights make a good safety package even better.

      The warranty on the 2009 Honda Pilot is better than on most sports utility vehicles. A bumper-to-bumper limited warranty of 3 years/36,000 miles and a powertrain limited warranty of 5 years/60,000 are a nice addition to the peace of mind already brought by a superior vehicle.

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      • Japan's Auto Industry Reeling, Shelving Acura V8 Sedan, Toyota-Subaru Sports Car :


        TOKYO — Remember the shocking news in December that the worsening financial crisis had forced Honda to withdraw from F1 and shelve its long-anticipated V10-powered NSX supercar? That, it turns out, is just the tip of the iceberg for Japan's ailing carmakers. Inside Line's source in Japan says that just about every manufacturer is either canceling new-model projects or putting them on hold until market conditions improve.

        One of the most anticipated collaborations of recent years was the joint R&D venture between Toyota and Subaru to build a new lightweight, cheap rear-wheel-drive sports car based on the Impreza's platform and drivetrain. That project has now been postponed for at least a year, with a new launch date to be expected no earlier than late 2012.
        Nissan's rear-wheel-drive Nissan 200SX/Silvia replacement was one of the first future models to be axed — a car that was being built on a common platform shared with an upcoming hybrid sedan.

        Another much anticipated makeover was the all-new V8-powered 4WD Honda Legend, currently under development in Japan. Or should we say, previously under development. As Honda's (Acura's) first V8-powered sedan, it was expected to do battle in the U.S. with Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes and Lexus. According to our source, that won't happen now.

        First shown at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Show, the Daihatsu OFC-1 concept was destined to become the next-generation Copen, with at least two prototypes in existence. That plan has now been shelved, too.

        And in the Mitsubishi lineup, the next-generation Pajero and Eclipse have also fallen on hard times and can expect a delay of at least two years from the planned 2010 debuts.

        Inside Line says: Major product cuts and delays are not limited to the U.S. auto industry. — Peter Lyon, Correspondent
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        • Honda Insight looks for some star treatment :


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          Honda Releases the All New Hybrid Insight for 2010 :


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          UK Speed Camera Accuses 73hp Honda of Impossible Speeds ???


          A 73hp Honda was accused of driving 98 MPH, 13 MPH faster than a test showed it was capable of driving.

          The owner of a fourteen-year-old Honda was vindicated after a speed camera in Bristol, UK accused the vehicle of driving an impossible speed. Crown prosecutors had threatened Dale Lyle, 21, with a fine of 1000 (US $1450) and a six-month license suspension for the crime of driving 98 MPH in a 70 zone. After being accused, Lyle was so determined not to give in and pay the unjust fine that he spent 1200 (US $1740) of his own money to prove his innocence.

          "It's ridiculous the lengths I've had to go to prove I was innocent, Lyle told the Bristol Evening Post. "The whole thing has been a shambles, a waste of money."

          Lyle had been behind the wheel of his 1994 Honda Civic on December 13, 2007 when a speed camera on the A38 near Plymouth insisted that the little Honda was doing 98 MPH. Lyle's unmodified car had been equipped with a 1.3 liter engine that made a total of 73 horsepower when new -- but by then it had about 130,000 miles on the odometer. Lyle knew the ticket had to be wrong.

          "I certainly wouldn't want to drive my Honda Civic at 98 MPH," Lyle told the Evening Post. "It's such a small car I wouldn't feel safe -- it's a glorified Japanese shopping trolley."

          Local magistrates refused to consider the car's lack of power as evidence and in June told Lyle that he had to pay to have his car tested by an independent laboratory at his own expense if he wanted to continue with that line of argument. By that time, however, Lyle had already replaced the Honda with another car. He was forced to buy it back for 600 (US $870) and then spend another 600 having the vehicle examined on a test track in Bedfordshire. The results of the test showed conclusively that the Honda's maximum speed was 85.4 MPH.

          "It makes you wonder how many people say 'fine, give me the points' when they are not guilty," Lyle said after reflecting on the trouble he went through.

          Lyle now hopes the court will grant a request to cover the costs he incurred in proving his innocence.

          Source:Bristol speeder proves his car was too slow (Bristol Evening Post (UK), 1/19/2009)

          Comentarii ???

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          • His Civic duty !


            Jeff Waugh of Clarks Summit has taken steps over the years to turn his 1999 Honda Civic from ordinary to extraordinary.
            “Let’s face it,” Waugh says, “there are a lot of Civics on the street. I wanted mine to stand out.”

            The Civic was introduced to the American market in 1973. It is the second longest running nameplate from a Japanese automobile manufacturer. (The Toyota Corolla, introduced in 1968, ranks first). The first Civic was a small inexpensive hatchback, and since then, every generation of Civic has been improved upon — and raised the bar for all automobiles.

            Waugh is right, there are a lot more Civics on the road today. In July 2008, with rising gas prices and a weakening economy, the Honda Civic passed the Ford F-150 pickup truck to become the top-selling vehicle in the United States. The Civic is currently in its eighth generation and got a facelift by Honda for 2009, which includes a redesign for both the front and rear of the car.

            Waugh’s Civic has a 1590 cc, 1.6 liter V-tec engine that is mostly stock, but he also added a K&N air filter along with an MSD coil and distributor. The engine also has a four in-line front transverse engine with a 75 mm bore, a 90 mm stroke, and features a 9.4 compression ratio, a light alloy block and head gasket, overhead cam and four valves per cylinder. It’s capable of producing about 106 horsepower at 6,200 rpm.
            The 1999 model features an axle ratio of 4.357:1, two disc brakes (including two ventilated discs), as well as a wishbone front and rear suspension that are independent with coil springs. The exterior of Waugh’s Honda was originally white, and he changed it to two-tone black and white. He also added a spoiler, a body kit and Angel Eyes springs, which drop the Civic about three inches from its normal height. To the interior of the Civic, Waugh added a Pioneer DVD/GPS, JBL audio speakers and three amps and a viper alarm. The car now sits on 17-inch Fox chrome rims.

            “I’ve done a lot,” Waugh says, “but I do have some additions planned over this winter including an intake, nitrous and exhaust, as well as a new steering wheel and seats.”

            He also plans to add a pair of Altezza taillights and an AEM short ram intake.
            “I’ll have them ready for the car shows in the spring,” Waugh says.
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            • Au trecut 40 de ani:

              Honda Celebrates 40 Years in Australia


              MELBOURNE, Australia – January 22, 2009: Honda is celebrating 40 years in Australia with a limited edition of one its most endearing vehicles, the four cylinder Honda Accord.
              The limited edition four cylinder Accord showcases Honda’s commitment to producing passenger cars that feature the latest in technology and design quality.
              The Accord V6 was recently named Drive's 2008 Car of the Year and Large Car of the Year.
              The original Accord was the first Japanese car to feature air conditioning, a digital clock, power steering, cloth seats, a tachometer, intermittent wipers and an AM/FM radio as standard. During its first year in Australia, the Honda Accord won ‘Wheels Car of the Year’, the first Japanese car to win the coveted award.
              The Honda Accord has continued to receive accolades including Drive Car of the Year 2008 for the V6. In fact, the Accord remains the most highly decorated car in Honda’s history.
              The limited edition Honda Accord is packed with extra features including fog lights, rear parking sensors, Bluetooth, floor mats, illuminated door sill garnishes and 40th Anniversary badging.
              Honda Australia’s Senior Director, Mr. Lindsay Smalley, is proud of the Accord's success in Australia.
              “The Accord was one of the first models Honda introduced to Australia 40 years ago and has been a popular choice ever since. The name ‘Accord’ was chosen to symbolise Honda’s efforts to achieve an accord between people, society and motor vehicles through advanced technology.
              “The Accord was ahead of its time when the first model was released and it continues to evolve to this day. Last year we launched the 8th generation Accord, offering buyers the choice of either a 2.4 litre four cylinder engine or a powerful 3.5 litre V6 featuring revolutionary Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) technology that seamlessly switches between six, four and even three cylinders as required,” Mr. Smalley said.
              The Accord has sold over 16 million units since 1976 in 160 countries and remains one of Honda’s most endearing and successful models for more than 30 years.
              The 40th Anniversary Limited Edition Accord has a 2.4 litre four cylinder i-VTEC engine which produces 133kW and 222Nm with a 5-speed automatic transmission as standard.
              Its impressive performance is matched by equally impressive fuel consumption – just 8.8 litres/100km – and very low emissions.
              And even more impressive is the price - $31,440 plus on road costs. For the month of January, customers will also receive free registration and CTP insurance, a 5 year warranty and free 5 year 24hr Premium Roadside Assist.

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              • Honda Quits Motorcycle Racing In Japan !


                TOKYO (AP) -- Honda Motor Co. said Friday it was pulling its team out of a motorcycle race in Japan this year as a part of cost-cutting amid a global slowdown.
                Honda said in December that it was quitting Formula One racing to focus on its core business of making and selling cars.
                Honda, Japan's second biggest automaker, declined to say how much would be saved by ending its participation in the Suzuka 8 Hour World Endurance Championship Race.
                Honda motorcycles will continue to take part in such races for other teams, the Tokyo-based company said.
                The Honda Racing motorcycle team was No. 1 last year in the 8-hour race, and second in 2007. The race boasts a 30-year history.
                Like other Japanese automakers, Honda is being battered by the plunge in global auto demand after the U.S. financial crisis struck last year.
                Its plants are being idled to curb production and reduce inventory. The maker of the Accord sedan and Odyssey minivan, is putting 4,300 people out of work in Japan by the end of April. Honda employs 185,000 people around the world.

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                • Honda Corporate:

                  2008 YEAR END SPEECH SUMMARY

                  2008 SALES & PRODUCTION FORECAST
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                  • Mie nu-mi merg linkurile
                    Hobby electronics - http://dics.voicecontrol.ro/


                    • Nici mie dar am zis sa nu fiu primu' care zice
                      Ex: Civic 1.8 Executive NHB 2007/ Del Sol ESI/ Del Sol VTi
                      2 roti


                      • Sorry guys, acum merg.
                        "Things are not what they appear to be: nor are they otherwise."
                        "The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head." - Sir Terry Pratchett


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                          • @tokyodream: tu ai zis ca ai mutat postul dar nu ai zis ca unde si l-am pus iarasi in link-ul in care mi l-ai dat

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                            • Honda Civic and Ford F-Series top sellers in 2008 !


                              Richmond Hill, Ontario - The Honda Civic and Ford F-Series finished out December 2008 and also the year 2008 overall as the top-selling car and light truck in Canada, according to industry analyst Dennis DesRosiers. The Civic finished as the best-selling vehicle in Canada, with 72,463 sold, compared to 67,749 copies of the F-Series.

                              ================================================== =======

                              HONDA PULLS THE PLUG ON S2000 ROADSTER !


                              S2000 FAST FACTS
                              2009 MSRP: $35,665, including $670 freight charge
                              Engine: 237-hp, DOHC, 2.2-liter fVTEC our-cylinder
                              Transmission: 6-speed manual
                              Fuel economy: 18/25; 91 octane
                              Tires: 17-inch Bridgestone Potenza RE050
                              Wheelbase/length: 94.5/162.2 inches
                              Curb weight: 2,864 pounds; CR 2,813 or 2,765 w/o hardtop; audio and AC add 43 pounds.
                              Cool features: red start button; short-throw shifter; leather-trimmed seats (or on the CR, fabric with synthetic suede trim; power top with glass backlight
                              What not to like: early cars had a tendency to oversteer in competitive driving, even with 50/50 balance; turning circle of 35.4 feet is more like a sedan; creature comforts pushed the curb weight to about 3,000 pounds with car and driver.

                              ================================================== =========

                              Honda cuts output by 50,000 vehicles !


                              ================================================== ========

                              Honda’s Latitude CUV to compete with Toyota Venza !


                              Spies have once again caught the upcoming all-new Honda Accord CUV undergoing testing. At first glance the car may look like the European Honda Accord Tourer (pictured above), but upon closer inspection the prototype seems to sit a little higher than the Accord Tourer.
                              The Honda Accord CUV will be based on the Accord chassis and is expected to enter production in the 4th quarter of 2009 at Honda’s Marysville or East Liberty factory. The production version of the car will fit between the CR-V and the Pilot and will take on Toyota’s Venza crossover.

                              Powertrain options are yet to be revealed but sources say that all-wheel-drive may be offered as an option. As for names, insiders say that “Latitude” is one of the names being considered for the new Honda crossover.

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                              • How Acura Got into the North American Market !


                                Honda had already been an established automobile car maker in the Asian hemisphere, but it was not until 1986 and at least a decade worth of research and development that they created 60 dealerships

                                across North America that would lead to the birth of Acura.

                                Acura represented the luxury series of Honda in North America, and they would start this with the Integra and Legend models. Both these models targeted the luxury and high-performance market and became quite successful and increasingly popular. The next model which would be best known and competed in a class that was new for a Japanese market was the Acura NSX.

                                It would only take Acura four years to take the NSX into the arena alongside well known racing cars, such as the Ferrari and the Porsche. As its name suggests, the New Sports Experimental (NSX) came with a V-6 mid engine that had the power level raised to that of its European counterparts but at a far more affordable cost.

                                Not everything was a paved road to success for Acura though. While they did get off to a good start with popularity and sales, they started to lose its foothold on the market by the closing of the 1990's. Many believed that this setback was due to the follow-up of designs that the market was looking for. The car's image had preceded the developing team's view of the market. For Acura, their debut into North America was just an approach of rebranding existing Japanese-spec Hondas so that they would be accessible to the new market that was for a time out of their reach.

                                It would not be until the turn of the 21st century that Acura would once again retake its place in the market and would establish a reputation for Japanese-spec cars for years to come. The world will now get to discover the power and capability that these Japanese companies can bring into the world of racing, and create a respect and following for Japanese branded cars. Even now, many 1990's models of Acuras are still being sought after by avid tuning enthusiasts.

                                </U>Nowadays, Acura has again entered a new market by launching a line of Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs) and Crossover Vehicles, and perhaps they will eventually carry on the image of becoming a sought aft
                                er vehicle in their respective markets as well. With their gained popularity through the use of their vehicles by Grassroots Racing and the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), Acura is now an established brand that is well respected in the western hemisphere.

                                ================================================== ==================================

                                Honda Accord Euro is 2008 Wheels Car of the Year !


                                MELBOURNE, Australia – January 21, 2009: The Honda Accord Euro has been awarded the 2008 Wheels Magazine Car of the Year.
                                Outclassing a field of 35 eligible new passenger vehicles launched in 2008, the Accord Euro won the prize, recognised as one of motoring’s most prestigious awards globally.
                                To crown the winner, intensive testing over 7 days by 8 expert judges from Wheels of 18 new models, covering in excess of 10,000 kilometres was undertaken.
                                The criteria covered 5 key areas; function, technology, environmental efficiency, safety and value.
                                Announcing the win nationally to approximately two million viewers on Channel 9’s A Current Affair, Wheels Editor Mr. Ged Bulmer commented, “The Honda Accord Euro is the right car for the times, not too big, not too thirsty and not too expensive.
                                “It blends great driver satisfaction with outstanding dynamics and supreme passenger comfort.
                                “It is an exceptionally well–rounded car with painstaking care to build quality and detail.”
                                Honda Australia Managing Director and CEO, Mr Yasuhide Mizuno was delighted with winning the award.
                                “This is fantastic result for a fantastic car that epitomises every element of Honda’s DNA. It’s fun to drive nature combined with quality, safety, value and sporty styling is what the second-generation Accord Euro is about.
                                “I want to say thank you to all the judges for making the Accord Euro number one. We were a finalist with the first-generation Euro in 2003, so to be recognised for our efforts with this prestigious award with the second-generation Euro makes everyone at Honda very proud. It is a wonderful way to start the year,” Mr. Mizuno said.
                                The 2008 Wheels Car of the Year Award is the fifth won by Honda, the first being the original Honda Accord in 1977 which was also the first Japanese car to do so.
                                Other Honda models to win include the Honda Prelude in 1987, the Honda NSX in 1991 (joint with Nissan Pulsar) and the Honda Odyssey in 1995.
                                Now, some 14 years later, the Honda Accord Euro has triumphed, winning the 46th annual award of the world longest continuously running Car of the Year Award.
                                The award winning Honda Accord Euro offers buyers the choice of three models and is priced from $33,990*.
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