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    Originally posted by hondatu View Post
    Asa e, celor de la HONDA nu le iese de mult pasenta la turisme prin Europa...
    Originally posted by hondatu View Post
    Eu nu cunosc nicio perioada din istoria firmei unde au castigat TOTUL PESTE TOT! Dar nici nu e nevoie sa le plangeti de mila fiindca HONDA inca mai castiga in motorsport, mai putin pe la noi, mai mult pe alte meleaguri, asta e.
    Nu prea castiga pe nicaieri se pare, nu numai in Europa:

    "Acum ca deja e "sezonul viitor" trebuie sa mentionez ca HSV-010 e deja cea mai lenta masina de pe grila la clasa GT500. Au avut o sansa mare la ultima e"tapa prin echipa Epson dar numai datorita gumelor Dunlop care au stralucit pe ploaie . Ar fi fost prima victorie Honda de anul asta daca nu dadea GT-R-ul echipei S-Road cu ei in gard (la proporiu ) in ultimele viraje.
    La clasa GT300 Honda a obtinut primul pole position cu CR-Z-ul Hybrid acum 2 luni la cursa de 1000km de la Suzuka. In cursa masina a fost repede "mancata" de Aston Martin, Lambo, Porsche, Ferarri, BMW,Mercedes,BRZ,GT-R300,Audi R8 , Prius cam toata grila"


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      Cunosc citatul dar daca-l iei ca exemplu ca sa generalizazi situatia, ce-as mai putea zice?
      Daca aruncam o privire peste inventarul HONDA in motorsport (, ne dam seama ca prezenta lor la turisme e ca de obicei, foarte subtire, prioritatea absoluta fiind, dupa cum e si logic pentru o firma moto/auto, motociclismul, mai apoi monoposturile si apoi turismele.
      Si totusi prin Indy, Moto GP sau Formula Nippon se mai obtin si victorii din cand in cand si si astea sunt motorsport. Au mers bine si in JGTC, acum ca nu domina ani la rand cum am vrea noi, asta e, cu siguranta exista o explicatie si pentru rasturnarea asta de situatie (care daca stau sa ma gandesc, nu e o noutate).
      Asadar imi mentin parerea ca noi, cei cu zero pretentii, n-avem motive de ingrijorare.
      HONDA. The finest from Japan. Since 1963.


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        After finishing qualifying in 17th Civic WTCC aims to fight-back in tomorrow's races

        2012 FIA World Touring Car Championship: China

        Qualifying Report

        After finishing qualifying in 17th

        Civic WTCC aims to fight-back in tomorrow's races

        The Honda Civic WTCC makes its second appearance in the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) this weekend at the Shanghai International Circuit in China. This is the first time the WTCC has visited the Circuit, which was built for the F1 Grand Prix.

        After finishing in the top ten in both Races 1 and 2 at its debut event in Japan, the Civic WTCC faces a new challenge on the high-speed track in China, which has very different characteristics to Suzuka.

        For the free practice sessions in the morning, the team chose a set-up which suited the layout of the track. And as they continued to prepare the car, the Civic WTCC finished Free Practices 1 and 2 in tenth and eighth respectively.

        Qualifying 1 (Q1) started at 3:30pm on Saturday and in his first attempt Tiago Monteiro posted a lap time of 1:57.834 before returning to the pit. With a fresh set of tyres, Monteiro went on to set the 13th fastest time (1:55.742). Then after another pit stop, he looked to improve his time before the end of the session. However his efforts were not rewarded. His final lap was 1:55.777, meaning Monteiro had to settle for 17th.

        The improved balance of the car was not reflected in the lap times during qualifying partly because Monteiro did not have the chance to use slipstream effectively - a common technique used on a high-speed track. But whilst the result from qualifying was not as expected, the team remains confident of a good performance in the races tomorrow.

        Race 1 will start at 2:45pm and Race 2 at 4:00pm local time on Sunday, 4 November.

        Driver Tiago Monteiro: "In qualifying I couldn't find a good tow, so my times were not as expected. If you are alone on this high-speed track, you can lose almost half a second. But let's not forget that we are still learning, so we are not shocked or surprised by this result. Of course, we'll try to recover some positions and hopefully get some points, but our main goal tomorrow is to finish the two races and to learn as much as possible."
        Honda Racing Team JAS Team Principal, Alessandro Mariani: "Our goal was to be in the top 10, but the Shanghai International Circuit is completely different from the other tracks, so we have had to learn many aspects of engine management and the car set up. We are pretty satisfied with the balance of the car, but things didn't work as we expected during qualifying. And also Tiago couldn't use slipstream, so we lost a few tenths of a second there. We feel frustrated because we couldn't advance to Q2, but we are confident about showing good pace in the races tomorrow. We will try to conserve our tyres because this track is hard on tyres, and we would like to stay away from a crash or accident. If we can do this hopefully we can drive through the field and finish in the top 10 again."

        Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development, Daisuke Horiuchi: "We were not able to make any major changes to the engine after the race in Suzuka, but we tried to improve drivability. The track in Shanghai is fast and therefore a new challenge. The balance of the car has been improved and we had expected to finish the qualifying in the top 10, so I am a little disappointed. We will do our best to move up as many positions as possible tomorrow. The performance of the car has improved, so the driver will be able to take advantage of it."

        Saturday, 3 November 2012 

        Shanghai International Circuit (4,603m) 

        Weather: cloudy
        Temperature: 20℃ 

        Track condition: dry

        Free Practice 1 1:57.393 (10th)      

        Free Practice 2      1:57.631 (15th)

        Qualifying (Q1)

        1 Robert Huff Chevrolet Cruze 1:54.491

        2 Alain Menu Chevrolet Cruze 1:54.775

        3 Colin Turkington Chevrolet Cruze 1:55.018

        4 Yvan Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1:55.032

        5 Norbert Michelisz BMW 320 1:55.243

        6 Tom Coronel   BMW 320 1:55.246

        17 Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic WTCC 1:55.742
        Qualifying 2 (Q2)

        1 Alain Menu Chevrolet Cruze 1:54.383

        2 Yvan Muller Chevrolet Cruze 1:54.409

        3 Norbert Michelisz BMW 320 1:54.523

        4 Robert Huff Chevrolet Cruze 1:54.582

        5 Colin Turkington Chevrolet Cruze 1:54.777

        6 Stefano D'aste BMW 320 1:55.142


        Honda Civic WTCC Delivers A Great Performance In Shanghai

        2012 FIA World Touring Car Championship

        Round 21/22: China

        Race Report

        Honda Civic WTCC Delivers A Great Performance In Shanghai

        The inaugural WTCC race at the Shanghai International Circuit took place today, and despite a disappointing qualifying session on Saturday, Honda Racing Team JAS were looking to repeat the Civic WTCC's promising performance shown in its debut race in Suzuka, Japan, last month.

        Race 1:

        The 13 lap Race 1 got underway at 2:45pm local time in Shanghai and starting from 17th on the grid, Honda driver Tiago Montiero had it all to do. With lots of contact in the first lap, which claimed championship leader Muller, it wouldn't be easy for the Portuguese driver. But Monteiro, sticking to strategy, avoided all the collisions and shot to 11th. With the circuit's wide and fast track, perfect for overtaking, the opening laps saw further changes of position, and by lap 3 Tiago had improved his position to 9th. The Civic WTCC climbed further through the field on lap 5, and after battling hard against Swiss driver Barth, took 7th on lap 7. Monterio maintained the top ten position until the chequered flag fell; finishing in the points 30.032 seconds behind Menu, who led Race 1 from lights to flag.

        Race 2:

        The start of Race 2, at 4:00pm local time, mirrors that of Race 1, with a number of collisions on lap 1 as the pack heads to the first corner. But Monteiro has another clean start and moves up to 11th. The Civic WTCC continues to perform well, allowing Monteiro to make further progress; moving to 9th and into the points on lap 5. A fantastic race then ensues between Brits Boardman in 8th and Turkington in 10th, with Monteiro sandwiched in between. Despite swapping paint with both, Monteiro maintains his position for six laps, but fails to get in front of Boardman who keeps the door shut. There's disappointment on lap 11 as Turkington makes a move on the Civic WTCC, getting in front of Tiago and pushing him back to 10th. Monteiro continues to battle hard to secure a second top ten finish, but it seems that's its not to be, with Italian Cirqui coming from behind to take Tiago on the final lap. However luck is on Monteiro's side. 2nd place Muller receives a thirty second time penalty from the Stewards for hitting team-mate Alain Menu earlier in the race; pushing Muller back to 12th and promoting the Honda Racing Team JAS driver to 10th place.

        The final two rounds of the 2012 WTCC will be held at the Circuito da Guia in Macau on the 16 and 18 November.

        Driver Tiago Monteiro: "It's been a very positive weekend. In Race 1 we were given a great opportunity because everybody got very hot and excited. I am very happy with the result. There were some problems during the beginning of the weekend, so we had to try many things. We missed Q2 by a narrow margin, but we knew that we could do something to improve. Again, I've learnt a lot about the car and now understand it more, so I am more confident about it. The balance of the car was very good through both of the races. I was able to push and attack and I felt very comfortable with it. I think we're travelling in the right direction and this has been a very valuable weekend."

        Honda Racing Team JAS Team Principal, Alessandro Mariani: "Yesterday, we were not at the top of our potential with some mechanical problems and mistakes. Fortunately today, Tiago did very well in both races. Starting from 17th and recovering positions is not easy, but he was able to stay away from crashes to achieve a very good result. A seventh place after only two races is fantastic. Of course, we still need a lot more experience, testing and work, but we are very proud to have made the top 10 in both races."

        Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development, Daisuke Horiuchi: "To be honest, I'm delighted by the result of Race 1. I am very satisfied with the fact that we went past ten cars and moved up to seventh. Tiago did a very good job. In Race 2, we dropped a place at the end, which is a little disappointing, but I am happy that we climbed some positions and completed the race in the top ten. I would like to thank Tiago for his effort in the close fights. Regarding the car, in the races, we applied the set-up we had used in Practice 1 yesterday because we thought it provided the best balance, and I think it worked well to get these results. I feel that the car has been improving gradually, but there is still a gap between the top cars and us, so we need to further improve the potential of our car for next year. We will do our best in the last event to help with these preparations."

        Update: Following a post-race steward's inquiry into Race 1, a number of drivers, including Tiago, were given a 30 second retrospective penalty. The stewards felt they had all gained an advantage whilst trying to avoid the race's early collisions. The decision moved Monterio from 7th to 13th.

        Sunday, 4 November 2012

        Shanghai International Circuit (4,603m)  

        Weather: Sunny

        Temperature: 15°C

        Track condition: dry  

        Warm-up session 1:57.473 (17th fastest)

        Race 1

        1 Alain Menu Chevrolet Cruze Laps 13 25:12.369

        2 Robert Huff Chevrolet Cruze Laps 13 25:13.869

        3 Stefano D'Aste BMW Laps 13 25:23.561

        4 Tom Coronel BMW Laps 13 25:25.696

        5 Gabriele Tarquini Seat Leon Laps 13 25:28.022

        6 Tom Boardman Seat Leon Laps 13 25:38.751

        7 Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic Laps 13 25:42.401

        Race 2

        1 Robert Huff Chevrolet Cruze Laps 13 25:17.714

        2 Alain Menu Chevrolet Cruze Laps 13 25:20.412

        3 Tom Coronel BMW 320 Laps 13 25:22.092

        4 Stefano D'Aste BMW 320 Laps 13 25:22.580

        5 Mehdi Bennani BMW 320 Laps 13 25:23.288

        6 Gabriele Tarquini Seat Leon Laps 13 25:38.120

        7 Colin Turkington Chevrolet Cruze Laps 13 25:42.903

        8 Tom Boardman Seat Leon Laps 13 25:44.455

        9 Alberto Cerqui BMW 320 Laps 13 25:44.881

        10 Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic Laps 13 25:45.056
        Iubesc masinile japoneze. Ele nu mint, nu inseala !


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          Civic WTCC claims fifth in qualifying for the 2012 Macau WTCC

          2012 FIA World Touring Car Championship: Macau

          Qualifying Report

          Civic WTCC claims fifth in qualifying for the 2012 Macau WTCC

          The Honda Civic WTCC competes in the final rounds of this year's World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) this weekend - the Macau Grand Prix - and Honda Racing Team JAS, whose 2012 WTCC journey only began a month ago in Suzuka, Japan, is looking to end on a high.

          The famous Guia Circuit, in downtown Macau, is a challenging course. Held on public roads, it features a mixture of fast coastal sections and technical narrow track, high in the mountains.

          Having adjusted the setting of their Civic for Macau, the team delivered great lap times in the free practice sessions - achieving second and fifth fastest - so were looking for a repeat performance in qualifying.

          Q1 started 30 minutes behind schedule at 3:55pm local time. But once given the green light, Civic WTCC driver Tiago Monteiro immediately went onto the track and posted a blistering lap of 2:32.085 - putting himself in fourth position. On his second attempt, he went one better, recording a time of 2:31.366 and moving up to third. Pleased with the result, Monteiro returned to the pits to save tyres. With his position unchallenged, he remained in the pits, finishing Q1 in third.

          Q2 got underway at 4:40pm local time, but the Civic WTCC driver had to abort his first two attempts. But despite the early frustration, Monteiro went on to record the tenth (2:32.627) and then fifth (2:31.539) fastest lap before the end of the session.

          The combined results meant Monteiro ended the qualifying session in fifth - the team's best result in qualifiers. Tiago will now start from fifth place in Race 1 and sixth place in Race 2, where the first ten cars in the qualifying will be placed in reverse order on the grid. Starting from a good position in the third row in both races, the Civic driver will be aiming to climb up through the field.

          Race 1 will start at 11:05am (03.05 GMT) and Race 2 at 12:20pm (04.20 GMT) on Sunday, 18 November and will be broadcast live on the Eurosport network.

          Driver Tiago Monteiro: "Q1 was quite good. I was in a group following other cars, so I had a very good tow. But then I had to overtake the car in front, which lost me a bit of time. The the lap was still really good though. So after that we pitted to save tyres, and watched the situation unfold. Overall, the balance of the car was excellent and I'm really happy with it. So in Q2 I went out on new tyres, but with no change to the car. I made a mistake in the first corner and let two cars pass me, so I aborted the first lap. And when I tried again, I was caught behind other cars so had to abort a second lap, which was frustrating. In my next attempt, I touched a tyre barrier but fortunately didn't lose any time so it ended up being quite a good lap. Overall, I must say that it was a very good result and it's great to be able to fight for the top five in just our third appearance. Regarding the races, anything can happen in Macau, but it's better to start from the first three rows here, so I'm very happy about this. My goal is to simply to finish in order to get as much information as possible and keep working. And of course, we would like to get as close to the podium as possible."

          Honda Racing Team JAS Team Principal, Alessandro Mariani: "First of all, I would like to thank everyone in the team and engineers at Honda because the car has been working very well this weekend. On the first lap yesterday, I could see that the Civic WTCC had great potential. Even though I didn't expect too much because Macau is a very tricky circuit, I am a little bit disappointed because Tiago was caught up with traffic on the laps where he was running on new tyres. If we'd had some more luck, we would have been able to take third. But we were able to prove that we've been improving a lot, so I am very satisfied."

          Chief Engineer for Civic WTCC Development, Daisuke Horiuchi: "We were aiming for third in Q2 and he fought back to fifth, so that was very good. We've changed the drivability of the engine and the balance of the car since Shanghai and it worked. Little by little, the balance during the free practice sessions got better too, and as a result, the potential of the car improved a lot. I am happy that we have taken the car in the right direction. We have managed to reach a level where we can compete against top cars, which has been our objective. Taking advantage of the qualifying result, we will aim to move up the positions. Indeed, we hope to achieve our best result in the final races of the season."

          Friday, 16 November 2012 

          The Guia Circuit (6.12km)  Weather: cloudy  

          Track condition: dry

          Free Practice 1 2:32.033 (2nd fastest)      

          Free Practice 2      2:32.995 (5th fastest)

          Qualifying (Q1)

          1 Robert Huff Chevrolet Cruze     2:30.903

          2 Yvan Muller Chevrolet Cruze     2:30.950

          3 Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic WTCC 2:31.366

          4 Alain Menu Chevrolet Cruze     2:31.490

          5 Gabriele Tarquini SEAT Leon       2:31.868

          6 Darryl O'Young Chevrolet Cruze     2:32.066

          Qualifying (Q2)

          1 Robert Huff Chevrolet Cruze     2:29.422

          2 Yvan Muller Chevrolet Cruze     2:30.144

          3 Alain Menu Chevrolet Cruze     2:30.488

          4 Gabriele Tarquini SEAT Leon      2:30.936

          5 Tiago Monteiro Honda Civic WTCC 2:31.539

          6 Darryl O'Young Chevrolet Cruze     2:31.643
          Iubesc masinile japoneze. Ele nu mint, nu inseala !


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            Ca rezumat, Locul 3 in prima mansa si Locul 4 in mansa 2. Din ce in ce mai promitator.

            Off topic: nu stiu ce fac comentatorii in timpul cursei ca sunt de multe ori surprinsi ca se intampla ceva si este valabil si pentru baietii de la Digi (F1 si Moto GP). Ca o remarca aici, materialul cu care curatau astia lichidele in urma accidentelor era de culoarea zgurei si comentatorul: "...e o bucata de pamant stiu de unde a ajuns pamantul ala pe circuit..." Mori de ras cu astia, nu alta.
            Ex - Honda CIVIC 5D 1.8 M/T SPORT - Milano Red
            In cautare de altceva


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              Zengő Motorsport Selects Honda's Civic for WTCC


              10 January 2013

              Zengő Motorsport Selects Honda’s Civic for WTCC

              The Hungarian-based private team Zengő Motorsport confirmed today that they will enter the next two seasons of the FIA World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) with the Honda Civic WTCC. The car will be driven by Hungarian driver Norbert Michelisz.

              William De Braekeleer, Motorsport Manager Honda Motor Europe Ltd., said of the announcement:

              “We have always been committed to making the Civic WTCC available to private teams, so we couldn’t be more delighted with today’s announcement.”

              “Zengő Motorsport is an extremely professional outfit and Norbert Michelisz a very respected and talented driver. We are really honoured by their choice and the trust they are putting in the Civic WTCC. We are pleased to be able to count on such a player to help us in the manufacturer title’s fight and it is our aim to provide them with the best package to achieve their own goal. Of course this also means an extra challenge for our own works team, but this is what racing is all about!”

              He added: “Zengő Motorsport was the first of many teams, both within and outside the WTCC, to express an interest in racing the Civic WTCC. But whilst we would love to make further cars available in the future, we are currently limiting it to one private team.”

              Zoltán Zengő, the team principal said:

              “With Honda on board we have the perfect partner to fulfill our new goals; namely to fight for the World Championship.”

              “I have to thank Honda Hungary for their support and to every member of my team, to whom I’m very proud of. My role is to help Norbert Michelisz’s talent with the best equipment possible because when an outstanding driver meets an outstanding car, miracles can happen. That’s why we chose Honda and it’s the perfect time to board their “Shinkansen”.We feel honoured that somewhere in Japan and Italy there’s an absolute top level racing car under construction and it is made for us, for Norbert to race.”

              Based in Budapest, Zengő Motorsport was founded in the 1990s by team principal Zoltán Zengő and has grown to become one of the leading motorsport operations in Hungary.

              Norbert Michelisz’s is Zengő Motorsport’s lead driver and has been supported by the team since 2006. In 2008 he became the first Hungarian driver in the modern era to compete in the WTCC, and in his first full season in 2010 showed his class by winning the Rookie Challenge. Last year brought further success for Michelisz, with a win at the Hungaroring and claiming the overall victory in the Yokohama Driver’s Trophy.

              J.A.S Motorsport will build the car for the team to the same specifications as Honda’s own Civic WTCC. It will be powered by the HR-412 E, Honda R&D’s bespoke 1.6 litre 4 cylinder direct injection turbo-charged petrol engine, with Mugen providing trackside support.

              Honda Racing Team JAS, Honda’s factory team, will enter two cars in the 2013 FIA World Touring Car Championship, driven by Gabriele Tarquini and Tiago Monteiro.

              Honda Racing Team JAS entered the Civic WTCC into the last three races of the 2012 championship, which saw Monteiro claim the car’s first podium finish at Macau in November.


              Editor’s notes

              About Zengő Motorsport

              Zengő Motorsport’s workshop and headquarters are based in Budapest, Hungary
              The team was founded by team principal Zoltán Zengő in the mid-90s with the aim of becoming Hungary’s leading racing team. The outfit began supporting the career of Michelisz as a rising star in one make championships - Hungarian Opel Astra Cup, Renault Clio Cup, Suzuki Swift Cup and the SEAT Leon Supercup – winning together the local championship in 2006 and 2007.
              Since 2008 they have been competing very successfully in prestigious international racing series (e.g. Pan-European SEAT Leon EuroCup)
              Started their first full season in WTCC in 2010.

              About Norbert Michelisz

              2006: Champion in the Hungarian Suzuki Swift Cup
              2007: Champion in the Hungarian Renault Clio Cup
              2008: 3 wins in the Hungarian SEAT Leon Supercup, and 1 victory in SEAT Leon Eurocup
              2009: Champion of the SEAT Leon Eurocup with 5 wins in the season, 3th in the FIA European Touring Car Cup.
              2010: First full season in WTCC, with Zengő-Dension Team
              2010: First victory, in Macau
              2010: Winner of the Rookie Challenge
              2012: Victory in Race 2 at the Hungaroring, the 5th round of the FIA WTCC
              2012: Final victory in the Yokohama Drivers Trophy (Independents Championship)

              More information can be found at

              About WTCC

              WTCC is the FIA World Touring Car Championship.
              Vehicle specification is strictly regulated by FIA Super 2000 category
              All vehicles which compete in the championship are based on mass production cars with more than 4 seats.
              The championship is reserved for cars powered by a 1.6 litre petrol engine, turbo-charged with direct injection.
              The distance of each race varies between 50 km and 60km
              The full racing season covers 12 racing weekends (two races per weekend)

              More information can be found at
              Iubesc masinile japoneze. Ele nu mint, nu inseala !