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    Originally posted by KMR View Post
    Hai cu un thread la My Jazz si pune neaparat poze ca suna interesant culoarea.
    Pozele sunt facute sambata cand am fost la drive-test cu masina!
    Honda Jazz '09, Deep Violet Pearl...
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      Felicitari!!!Sa te bucuri de masina pt ca esti primul cu Honda Jazz de pe acest forum!
      Poza spune ToT


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        Poate nu e o informatie tocmai noua dar eu am aflat de curand ca Honda s-a decis sa echipeze si noul Jazz cu CVT - http://www.testdriven.co.uk/honda-ja...11-model-year/ :-) Oare va fi adusa si in Romania si la ce pret?
        Honda Jazz CVT 2008 Milano Red


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          salut, am cumparat de o saptamana un jazz de 1,4 l cu transmisie manuala. am facut 160 km numai in oras si consumul afisat e intre 8,7-8,9 l/100km.
          motorul extrem de silentios, insa la viteze peste 80 km/h trenul de rulare devine zgomotos - antifonarea e slaba. actualmente sunt in cautarea unei solutii - cei din iasi, stiti pe cineva in oras care se ocupa cu antifonarea? pe de alta parte, cred ca asta duce la pierderea garantiei - atunci oare cei de la hachi motors or fi de acord sa faca ei operatiunea? probabil e suficienta antifonarea podelei (cu dynamat de exemplu) si a zonei rotilor.
          suspensia e cand placuta/silentioasa, cand - cum era de asteptat, la denivelari accentuate - cam zgomotoasa/rigida. tinuta de drum pare foarte buna, inclusiv in curbe luate cu 40-50 la ora.


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            Am avut si eu vreo 4 zile o Jazz si la mers mai alert si cu AC tot atat consuma. Cu zgomotul, cred ca in locul Dvs as face 2000-3000 de Km si pe urma m-as gandi la antifonare, in sensul ca orice masina necesita obisnuinta si orice masina are caracteristicile ei. Mie mi-a placut mult masina, pentru oras e foarte buna, dar faceti prima mie de Km si o sa vedeti ca ce vi se pare straniu sau in neregula acum o sa se mai schimbe, in sensul ca nu o sa vi se para ciudat zgomotul si nici suspensia. Felicitari pentru alegere, lumea nu o cunoate, este ultra spatioasa inauntru si foarte mica pe afara si usor de parcat si vioaie in circulatie, iar motorul si transmisia mi s-au parut opera de arta, o sa fac si eu o prezentare daca o sa am timp candva. Mie mi-a placut mult masina.
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              intre timp am facut vreo 350 km (stiu, f. putini, toti in oras si consumu a mai scazut, insa infim (8,5-8,6). incep sa ma obisnuiesc din ce in ce mai mult cu minunata masinuta. din pacate au aparut si primele zgarieturi (vandalisme, din fericire f putin sesizabile, practic doar pojghita de pe vopsea) si una singura mica, de 2-3 mm, sub care se vede tabla - asta probabil de la o piatra ricosata. as vrea sa le acopar cu pasta aceea speciala despre care se vorbeste in manual, ma duc maine la dealer sa intreb daca au la culoare.
              din pacate dealerul mi-a spus ca nu face antifonarea si ca, evident, orice antifonare care inseamna altceva in plus fata de demontare scaune pentru antifonare podea si eventual antifonare portbagaj duce la pierderea garantiei (deci exclus demontare usi pentru asta). @cerevelu, asa cum ai spus, o sa fac insa cateva drumuri in afara orasului ca sa vad daca si cat de deranjant e zgomotu intr-adevar - inainte sa ma hotarasca sa caut pe cineva pentru antifonare.
              din pacate, la o cautare pe net n-am gasit pe nimeni in iasi specializat in asa ceva. si n-am nici un chef sa ma duc la bucuresti sau mai stiu eu pe unde pt. asta.


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                e cineva care are instalate 6 difuzoare pe jazz? eu am 4 si sunetul e foarte bun. tonurile inalte sunt foarte bine definite, uneori poate chiar prea ascutite. daca mai instalez si cele doua tweetere (au lacasul pregatit pe bordul masinii, mai spre parbriz) nu risc ca rezultatul final sa fie un sunet prea ascutit (avand in vedere ca tweeterele sunt pentru tonurile inalte)? sau, dimpotriva, sarcina de redare a inaltelor va fi preluata de catre tweetere, de la difuzoarele din portiere, urmand ca acestea din urma sa redea mai bine tonurile joase si medii?
                acum (cu 4 difuzoare) basii sunt suficient de profunzi dar, nu stiu cum, uneori suna cam dogit.


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                  First Test: 2012 Honda Fit


                  "This is probably the best car Honda builds." That seems to be the common phrase around our office when discussing the little silver 2012 Honda Fit we've been passing around for the last week and a half. The Fit obviously isn't the fastest or best-appointed Honda, but as far as accomplishing the job it was designed to do, it is hard to beat.

                  Introduced as a 2007 model, the Honda Fit set the standard for what buyers could expect in the subcompact car market. The first-generation Fit won a comparison right out of the gate against the 2007 Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris. It won again in the summer of 2010, beating the then-brand-new Ford Fiesta. It drew praise for its great handling, near-perfect packaging, and excellent outward vision. All the things you would rank highly in a micro-sized people-mover.

                  2012 Honda Fit Rear Three Quarters
                  Click to view Gallery
                  A year and a half later, the small hatch market is still rapidly evolving. Cars from Korean manufacturers Hyundai and Kia have changed buyers' expectations of the level of standard equipment and interior refinement the entry-level segments should provide. Chevy has turned up the subcompact volume by offering the new Sonic with significantly more power in the form of a turbocharged 1.4-liter I-4, and Toyota has given a much-needed refresh to the Yaris. Suddenly, the head of the class might be looking at a seat in the fat part of the bell curve.

                  Looks are completely subjective in any class, but the subcompact market seems as varied as the supercar realm. While midsize sedans seem to exist in a styling comfort zone, designers can still go nuts on small offerings. Flying wedges, stubby bricks and Jelly Belly shapes all seem to work in a market aimed at younger buyers. The Fit takes on a shape similar to a minivan that spent too long in a clothes dryer. The high, long roof is a big plus for maximizing space, while sharp details and tight corners add a little aggressiveness to what might otherwise look like simple utilitarianism.
                  2012 Honda Fit Badge
                  2012 Honda Fit Wheels
                  2012 Honda Fit Headlamps

                  Our First Tests always involve the normal battery of Motor Trend testing -- including 0-60 mph and quarter-mile acceleration, braking, and figure-eight testing. We also did a test that while unofficial might be the most appropriate one for this class of vehicle by far. We took the car to Ikea to buy a desk. While strapping in advanced test gear beside an expert might be the most thorough method of sorting out vehicle dynamics, average subcompact drivers want to know if they are going to be able to fit their new flat-pack furniture in the back and still have space for a Daime Torte. The Fit was used for grocery shopping, a trip to the movies, and for good measure we shuttled around an editor's very pregnant wife. All we are missing is a few quotes from an Airedale.

                  2012 Honda Fit Front End
                  Click to view Gallery
                  Let's talk track tech first. Our 2012 Fit arrived with a five-speed manual transmission -- clearly the enthusiast's choice in a car like this. The fun-size 1.5-liter makes do with a single overhead camshaft, but still operates four valves in each of the four cylinders. While not very impressive on paper, the 117 hp and 106 lb-ft of torque make the Fit feel decently quick, thanks to the short, well-spaced gearing. The 8.2-second 0-60 mph time won't set the world ablaze, but it is certainly capable of keeping up with traffic. The downside of that short gearing is less comfort at anything near freeway speeds. The little four-banger just buzzes away and gives the entire car a very sharp high-frequency vibration, like an electrical current running through the unibody constantly tingling and never allowing the car to settle into cruise mode. It's fun during spirited driving, but gets old during longer stints behind the wheel.

                  On our figure-eight track, that short gearing helped the Fit get from corner to corner in a respectable time. Lap times came in at 28.2 seconds with an average of 0.57 g, although in the cornering sections it did manage to pull 0.79 g of understeering glory. Again, there is nothing remarkable about these numbers, but the little Fit is big fun. The steering response is crisp and direct; when the steering wheel turns, the chassis follows in lockstep. Our tester weighed in at 2509 pounds but barely felt an ounce heavier than your average go-kart. Around town we might complain about the lack of isolation provided by the chassis, but when pushed it feels alive and active. This sensation recalls the "Old Honda" that common consensus would have you believe died at the turn of the millennium.
                  2012 Honda Fit Cockpit
                  2012 Honda Fit Engine
                  2012 Honda Fit Emblem

                  The brakes and shifter work well in conjunction with the steering. Pedal operation is smooth and firm, and while you never need to, you find yourself double-clutching and heel-toeing your downshifts even in traffic. The Standard Fit is good and an Si version would probably cause Honda fans' heads to explode (and perhaps allow them to forget about the current Civic Si). The car could use a bit more roll control in the rear, as it happily spins its inside front wheel during hard cornering, but we imagine that might also endow the car with the neutral handling that auto-company defense lawyers have made virtually unthinkable on anything nearing a mass production volume.

                  2012 Honda Fit Front Three Quarters In Motion
                  Click to view Gallery
                  We know 99 out of 100 people buying a Fit will never approach the limits of the car's handling, at least intentionally, so our shopping excursion is probably more relevant. If we could come up with an instrumented shopping dynamics test, the Fit would peg the haul-o-meter. The Swedes are masters of fitting an entire living room worth of furniture into a few flat boxes, but I still thought hauling a desk and various odds and ends might be a challenge. The Fit's trick rear seats fold flat, making for a cargo hold the Corellian Engineering Corporation would envy. The 42-inch-long box disappeared into the back with room to spare. If only Honda built apartment complexes.

                  The rest of the weekend breezed by. I did notice a few downsides to what I thought would be MT's new favorite econo-cruiser. As I scurried around to different cities for different errands, I finally noticed I was avoiding the freeway. During rush hour, it is rare to drive freeway speeds on Southern California freeways. So for weekday commuting duties, the Fit is fine. However, on the weekends, when freeway traffic moves well above 65 mph, its short gearing and overall liveliness got kind of old. My wife called the Fit the Little Engine that Could. She mentioned at first that it seemed like I was always driving the car hard and really working through the gears, but she then noticed that with all the work going on at the helm and all the zinging noises from the little engine, we were still merely keeping up with traffic. So as much fun as the Fit is, for the average driver it might be a letdown, because the market has evolved since the Fit was designed. If you are looking for old-school Honda, you won't be disappointed. If you are looking for the most refined car in this class, you may need to wait for the next refresh.

                  2012 Honda Fit

                  BASE PRICE $15,945
                  PRICE AS TESTED $17,680
                  VEHICLE LAYOUT Front engine, FWD, 5-pass, 4-door hatchback
                  ENGINE 1.5L/117-hp/106-lb-ft SOHC 16-valve I-4
                  TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual
                  CURB WEIGHT (F/R DIST) 2509 lb (62/38%)
                  WHEELBASE 98.4 in
                  LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT 161.6 x 66.7 x 60.0 in
                  0-60 MPH 8.2 sec
                  QUARTER MILE 16.3 sec @ 83.3 mph
                  BRAKING, 60-0 MPH 126 ft
                  LATERAL ACCELERATION 0.79 g (avg)
                  MT FIGURE EIGHT 28.2 sec @ 0.57 g (avg)
                  EPA CITY/HWY FUEL ECON 27/33 mpg
                  ENERGY CONSUMPTION, CITY/HWY 125/102 kW-hrs/100 miles
                  CO2 EMISSIONS 0.66 lb/mile

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                  Base Engine
                  Honda Fit Base Hatchback
                  2012 Honda
                  Fit Base Hatchback
                  1.5L 117hp I4
                  106 @ 4800 RPM

                  Ford Fiesta SE Hatchback
                  2012 Ford
                  Fiesta SE Hatchback
                  1.6L 120hp I4
                  109 @ 4250 RPM

                  Kia Rio5 EX Hatchback
                  2012 Kia
                  Rio5 EX Hatchback
                  1.6L 138hp I4
                  123 @ 4850 RPM
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