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    Retro-styled Honda city car leaked

    Several leaked computer-generated patent images have revealed Honda’s upcoming retro-styled city car. Considered a kei car in its home country of Japan, it will not be sold in Europe or in the United States.
    The images show that the yet-unnamed city car is heavily inspired by both the N600 of the 1970s and the N Concept 4 that was unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show last year. Unlike the tiny N600 it will have four doors.
    The car’s exact dimensions are not currently available but Japan’s laws on kei cars give a very good idea of what to expect. The retro-styled Honda will be no more than 133 inches long and 58 inches wide, dimensions that are perfectly adapted to the crowded streets of Japans.
    The leaked images do not show the car’s interior but it is expected to be bare-bones at best.
    Under the hood will be a 660cc VTEC four-cylinder engine that will churn out approximately 64 horsepower, the maximum allowed for a kei car. It will send power to the front set of wheels.
    Honda is expected to release a full set of details about the retro-styled city car before the end of the year. It will make its global debut in its home country and later be exported to several neighboring countries.

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    O Doamne ca numai de asta nu mai era nevoie! Risipa pe toata linia.

    "N BOX was the industry's top selling car in the mini-vehicle category for the month of May 2012 with sales of 19,355 units".
    HONDA. The finest from Japan. Since 1963.


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      Honda N600-derived retro city car revealed?

      A spate of images depicting what looks like a new kei car from Honda have jumped online. The diminutive five-door looks to have borrowed its lines from the N Concept 4 the Japanese automaker first showed off at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. That funky little machine lifted design elements from the much-loved Honda N600 of yore.

      This development comes as no surprise, as Honda officials told us in November that the concept's warm reception would lead to a production model. These black-and-white shots look to be lifted from patent filings, though there are no solid details available. That hasn't stopped the web from guessing about everything from final dimensions to what's under the hood. Japan has strict regulations governing what can actually be considered a kei car, which means this retro-looking creation will likely be no more than 133 inches long and 58 inches wide.

      Also in-line with kei-class regulations, the vehicle will likely boast a 660cc VTEC four-cylinder engine good for around 64 horsepower, though we won't know for certain until Honda reveals the official details on the finished product. Don't expect to see this machine on our shores, however. With its diminutive size and output, odds are this one will stay reserved for the Japanese market.
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        Scoop: First Photos of Honda's Fiat 500-Fighting N-One Mini

        Do you remember the Honda N Concept_4 from last year's Tokyo Motor Show? Well, what you see pictured here is the final production version of the small hatchback that is slated to go on sale in Japan this fall.

        Sourced from a leaked Japanese market brochure, these scanned images reveal the exterior and interior of the new Honda that will probably rival the likes of the Fiat 500 in the city car segment.

        Note that we are not entirely sure about the name, which we translated to N-One (or N-1) from Japanese.

        The cosmetic changes over the original N Concept 4, itself a follow up to the 2009 EV-N study, are restrained and include the regular head- and tail lamp fixtures (instead of LED units), and the redesigned tail gate that now sports a thick decorative chrome strip right above the license plate holder.

        The styling of the N-One harks back to Honda's original N series of kei-cars from the 1960s and 1970s, and especially the N360, built between 1967 and 1972.

        Inside, the N-1 appears less retro with the lower half of the dashboard being almost identical to the one found on Honda's recently launched N Box +, while the upper part is different.

        The parts sharing with the JDM N Box + continues underneath the body as the two models use the same platform and running gear.

        We don't have any information on the engine choices, but we expect the N-1 to be offered in Japan with Honda's 660cc three-cylinder petrol engine in both naturally aspirated and turbocharged versions linked to a CVT driving the front- or all-four wheels.

        At last year's Tokyo Motors Show during the presentation of the concept model, Sho Minekawa, Honda Managing Officer and CEO for regional sales in Japan, said that he expects the N Box + and the N-1 to help double the brand's mini-vehicle sales to around 280,000 units.

        Honda has not said if it has any plans to offer the car in markets outside of Japan.

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          Honda N-One squares up to Fiat 500

          Images of Honda's N-One city car have surfaced in a Japanese showroom brochure, suggesting the car is headed for production -- in the land of the rising sun at least.

          Based on the N Concept 4 unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, the N-One is a small, four-seater runaround whose cutesy looks put it in direct competition with the Fiat 500 and the forthcoming Vauxhall Adam.

          Aesthetically, the N-One draws its inspiration from Honda's kei cars of yesteryear -- a category of small vehicles that includes the Mini-like N360. It has a cute, bug-eyed, butter wouldn't melt look and will come in a host of bright colours that will brighten up your commute. With the rear-mounted roof aerial eagerly wagging away as you drive along, the N-One has a certain puppy-like charm.

          There are plenty of clever design flourishes about the N-One including fancy LED head and tail lights, a decorative chrome strip on the tailgate and a retro-modern interior that looks like nothing we've seen on the market to date. The beige dashboard colour choice shown in the brochure isn't particularly inspiring, so here's hoping Honda will offer a choice of colour schemes.

          The Honda N-One is expected to draw power from a 660cc three-cylinder engine paired with a CVT automatic transmission, so fuel economy is prioritised over performance. Speed demons will be pleased to hear the company is also expected to offer a turbo version that should help ensure you reach the speed limit sometime before you grow old.

          Oddly, the N-One will come in front- or all-wheel drive, although we don't expect Honda intends them to be driven any further off road than the curb.

          We find it hard not to like the N-One, though we'll try not to get too attached as we doubt Honda will be bringing it to the UK anytime soon. If you live in Japan, however, the cutesy Honda will go on sale in the Autumn for an as yet disclosed sum.

          Image and source: CarScoop

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            Honda's N-One Minicar Soon To Be Big in Japan

            Just the Facts:

            Honda is prepping the Honda N-One for imminent sale in Japan, but the Fiat 500 fighter is not expected to go on sale in the U.S.
            The new model is a production version of the Honda N Concept 4 unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show.
            It's the latest in a growing line of new-wave Honda 660cc minis to hit Japan.

            TOKYO — Honda is turning up the heat in Japan's unique 660cc minicar market with the imminent release of the cute new "premium small" mini, dubbed the N-One. The N-One, which targets the Fiat 500, is not expected to be sold in the U.S.

            The new model is a production version of the Honda N Concept 4 unveiled at 2011 Tokyo Auto Show.

            The N-One is the latest in a growing line of new-wave Honda 660cc minis to hit Japan.

            The retro style echoes N360, Honda's first ever subcompact, which debuted in 1966.

            The N-One is inspired by two things, one being the ongoing success of designer chic baby cars like the Mini, Citroen DS3 and Fiat 500 that are endlessly customizable and bring in healthy profits.

            Also, it is propelled by the growing importance of the 660cc (kei jidosha or light car) market in Japan as buyers downgrade but still want something fun and interesting, but also cheap to run. Honda's new baby ticks all those boxes.

            Honda seems to have changed the N-One only slightly for production, losing the showcar's sporty wheels and mild body kit, but introducing many multicolor variations instead.

            Underneath, the expectation is that the N-One will be a regular gas machine, with a three-cylinder 660cc motor and continuously variable transmission, with power of the top turbo version restricted to 63 horsepower in tune with Japanese regulations.

            The cabin gets a unique sloped dash as befits the car's specialty place in Honda's JDM lineup.

            Edmunds says: Fun and dinky, but certainly too small for U.S. sales, so don't expect this particular little Honda to cross the Pacific.
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              Honda Starts Selling Retro N-One Microcar in Japan

              Cute and stylish aren’t often words associated with Honda’s current lineup, even overseas. However, Honda has rolled out this new retro-inspired, chic hatchback called the N-One.

              The underpinnings come from the aptly-named Honda N BOX and N BOX + kei cars currently on sale in Japan. All Honda N models use a CVT to power either the front or all four wheels, and the N-ONE is powered by a 660cc engine with or without a turbocharger. Pricing begins at ¥1,150,000 ($14,375) for the base N-One G with front-wheel drive and the naturally-aspirated engine. Honda also gives customers the option to step up the N-One Premium for ¥1,360,000 ($16,997), which adds upgraded interior materials and more exterior brightwork.

              But the big deal about the N-ONE is its style. Despite being a micro car, it has maxi styling. The design was inspired by the 1967 N360, Honda’s first mass-produced minicar. The N-ONE has a modern update of the cheery front fascia, with circular headlights that stick up from the rectangular grille like Mickey Mouse ears. In lieu of multiple chrome bars, the headlight and grille surround is done here in black, with a body-color strip separating the upper and lower grilles. The entire car is slab-sided and very upright – like the original – and the small, mid-mounted taillights echo those from the N360. Inside, the dash is a more-rounded version of the dramatically vertical setup in the N BOX on which the N-One is based; a large infotainment screen sits in the middle of the dashboard, while a pod with the shifter, audio, and climate controls juts out in the middle of the cabin. Modern touches like LED interior and exterior lighting, xenon headlights, and a two-tone paint job are all available.

              Sadly, the five-door N-One will never make it to the States. Not only is it right-hand drive only, at just around 133.3 inches long, the N-One is shorter than the Fiat 500 by a full three inches. To better utilize the limited interior space, Honda has fitted the fold-flat Magic Seat system out of the Fit in the N-ONE, which is made possible by placing the gas tank near the center of the car.

              Do you think the N-One would make a good competitor for the Fiat 500? Should Honda still pursue quirky, fun niche vehicles for the North American market? Let us know what you think in the comments.

              Source: Honda

              VIDEO =>
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                Honda N-One launched, inspired by N360 of 1967

                Here’s a cute new one, the Honda N-One that has just gone on sale in Japan. The N-One is a five-door hatchback kei-car and is the third member of the new N Series mini-vehicle family, following the N Box and N Box +.

                Doesn’t take an expert to note that the N-One is inspired by the Honda N360 of 1967, the first mass-produced Honda mini passenger car. The N-One sees Honda go back to its M/M (man maximum, machine minimum) concept, the starting point of Honda automobile design. They’ve shown something like this before, check out the EV-N Concept from Tokyo 2009.

                The N-One is powered by a 660 cc DOHC engine, which can be had in naturally aspirated or turbo forms. Honda says that the NA engine achieve fuel economy that is 20% higher than the 2015 fuel economy standard, while the turbo does 10% better. The headline FC figure is 27 km/l in the JC08 mode. This is achieved with a CVT gearbox – no manual transmission is available for the N-One.

                As with most cars in Japan, buyers can choose from FWD or 4WD. Honda says that the turbo engine has performance equivalent to a 1.3 litre engine. No performance figures were given, though.

                The N-One, which comfortably accommodates four adults according to Honda, is said to have “stable driving performance and excellent quietness” thanks to a lightweight and highly-rigid body plus exclusively-developed suspension. Safety wise, the N-One comes with Emergency Stop Signal (blinks hazard lamps during sudden braking), VSA, Hill Start Assist and side curtain airbags.

                There are 11 colours and five two-tone combinations for the N-One. Cute, no? To view the original Honda N360 alongside its classic siblings, check out our gallery post from the Honda Collection Hall, Twin Ring Motegi.
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                  Honda microcar so cute it hurts that you can't buy it in the U.S.

                  Honda may be a big player in small cars, but even it doesn’t think we’re ready for this.

                  The N-One microcar is a modern interpretation of the company’s cult classic N360/600, and features enough retro cuteness to make Lana Del Rey blush. Designed to fit the parameters of Japan’s tax and insurance break-laden kei car class, it’s as big as the law allows, which means tiny.

                  Shorter in length than a Fiat 500, the N-One nevertheless sports four doors and room for four passengers in a more modernly styled cabin that maximizes utility with a severely rectilinear shape. Its gas tank is located under the front seats to allows the use of a folding rear Magic Seat, similar to the one found in the Honda Fit.

                  But under the hood is a 660cc three-cylinder motor that, by regulation, can’t produce more than 63 hp. To put that in perspective, even the smaller Smart Fortwo has a 1.0-liter engine with 70 hp, making it the least powerful car currently sold in America. The N-One won’t be challenging it for that title.

                  Despite a growing roster of microcars in the U.S. that now includes the Scion iQ and strong-selling Chevy Spark, Honda won’t be selling the N-One here. Nostalgia will only get you so far, and with a base price of over $14,000 in Japan where it is built, apparently not far enough for the N-One.
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                    Mugen tunes new Honda N-One kei car


                    The world's most adorable new car has already been given a once-over by the performance minds at Mugen. Honda has pulled back the covers on the new Mugen body kit for the N-One. The bits include a revised front fascia with a unique grille and LED fog lamps as well as side sills and a restyled rear valance with dual, center-mounted exhaust outlets. The company's engineers have also cooked up three new wheel styles for the kei car and a sportier suspension, though the drivetrain remains untouched.

                    Step indoors, and the N-One Mugen features color-matched door panels, a red start button and a boost gauge. The driver also gets treated to a set of brushed aluminum pedals. The cars apparently already at dealers in Japan, each available starting at $14,371 at current conversion rates.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Quick Spin: Honda N One [Review]


                      Cute is more than just an adjective in Japan, a culture where citizens take most things – like building cars – pretty darn seriously. Yet every once in a while, worlds collide and a Japanese automaker builds something so adorable that you can't help but grin when you see it.

                      Such was the case the first time the Leftlane staff saw the Honda N One, a cheeky, itty bitty “kei” car with a contagious smile.

                      So when we were offered a brief opportunity to ring an N One around the automaker's research and development center test track a few hours outside of Tokyo, we flashed our pearly whites and hopped aboard.

                      Kei movement

                      Japan's unique vehicle tax and insurance structure has long ensured the presence of a special class of cars generally not sold elsewhere – kei cars. A far cry from those reliant Chryslers of yore, the Japanese kei car class is restricted to 660 cc, 63 horsepower motors and a maximum footprint set at 134.4 inches by 58.8 inches. The kei car class is big business in Japan, where these inexpensive (less than $15,000, which is not very costly in Japan) runabouts are sold by the gaggle. Japanese automakers have also eyed the Chinese market for potential kei car growth.

                      Despite their trim proportions, kei cars maximize interior space, a theme that translates remarkably well into larger Honda vehicles. Hop into a North American-specification Honda Civic or CR-V, for example, and you'll find arguably the best utilization of available space in the cars' classes.

                      The same is true with the N One, which has seatbelts – and genuine space – for four adults of North American build. Regardless of outboard seat, passengers will find excellent leg and head room, while the second row bench either folds flat against the floor or up to allow large items – like a flat screen TV box – to be loaded through the side doors. Pickups in the U.S. have a similar degree of rear bench flexibility, but the concept has generally not been applied to passenger cars here.

                      Looking the part

                      A well-designed interior is essential to any kei car's success, so the N One stands above the crowd by offering that aforementioned happy look and an accessory catalog directly inspired by BMW's MINI brand.

                      The N One's basic look is derived from the company's first kei car, the N360 (the N in the name comes from norimono, the Japanese word for “vehicle"), but only the Mickey Mouse-ear round headlamps serve as a visual connection since the look is thoroughly modern – and individual – otherwise.

                      The N Ones Honda had on hand for us to sample were of the garden variety, but buyers can deck their cars out in an almost impossible to fathom combination of add-ons ranging from upholstery choices to dashboard appliques to roof panels. In short, the N One is a mini-MINI of sorts.

                      Two models are on offer, both of which are mated exclusively to CVTs – manual transmissions are not popular in Japan. A naturally aspirated model puts out 57 horsepower, while opting for the turbo boosts that figure all the way to a sky-high 63 ponies. Since Northern Japan gets a lot of snow, both front and all-wheel-drive variants are available, but we concentrated our testing on the front-drive turbo.

                      Despite boasting the best power-to-weight ratio in the N One lineup, the little car is hardly a speed demon – in fact, pushing it above 65 mph on Honda's test track seemed like a travesty.

                      Driven at city speeds, however, the little runabout is as nimble as a go-kart and its CVT helps it make the most of the available low-end power for painless urban cruising. The ride quality is stellar, feeling more along the lines of a compact sedan.

                      After all, that's just what buyers in Japan's congested cities have sought for decades – and now they can go to a normally staid Honda dealer and pick up a kei car with a little spice.

                      Leftlane's bottom line

                      Does the N One make any sense for North America? Not as it stands, no. But we think Super Sized model made in the scale of the Honda Fit would be a riot – think of it as a Kia Soul with a brilliant interior.
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                          Honda Updates Its Slick Little N-Box Slash Kei Car :

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                            Spruce Up Your 2021 Honda N-One With These Mugen Parts


                            2021 Honda N-One – now with Mugen accessories


                            2021 Honda N-One goes on sale in Japan – new interior, better safety, RS now with 6M/T, from RM63k


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