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  • Greetings from Bulgaria

    Hello friends,

    My name is Dimitar and I'm from Bulgaria. I'm in Tulcea, Romania till end of July. I'd be glad to meet with some of you or attend a meeting near me. If somebody saw me in Tulcea please beep me

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    Hello and Welcome !
    You have a very rare and beautiful ride, tell us more about it.


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      Hello again and sorry for the late answer. Thanks for the good words for my car, it's a Accord Type S Tourer 2.4 with manual transmission, with H&R springs on OEM shock absorbers, the wheels are Rota Boost 17", 7.5J front and 8J back. Next step is to remap it, but first I should make an exhaust system and to remove the catalysator.

      Here is some more pictures:

      And my old beauty:

      ps: If there are something wrong with my posts, please be free to delete them


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        Really rare these Type-S Tourers. Congrats! Dinoc is the best man to talk with about modifying these cars, especially about remap

        Also, I have a remap with stock exhaust and cat. If it's done right, it's the best mod you can start with. It works great, but off course you can get more, with a good exhaust manifold and a de-cat. As far as i know, the cat-back is the last thing to worry about

        Can you please tell me more about those H&R springs? I'd like to lower my car but I'm struggling to find a solution with a minimum drop(because of the "great" roads that we have), and your car seems perfect in that matter.
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