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  • Accord CL - Meniu service ascuns

    Uitandu-ma pe am dat peste urmatoarele link-uri interesate

    -- diagnosticarea bordului

    --meniu diagnostic

    The climate control unit has a diagnostic mode that allows you to view sensor inputs that it receives. To run the sensor input display mode:

    1. Turn the ignition switch off.
    2. Press and hold both AUTO and DUAL buttons, and start the engine.
    3. After the engine starts, release both buttons.
    4. The audio-HVAC display will flash a sensor number, then value for the sensor.
    5. To adavnce to the next sensor, press the rear window defogger button.
    6. To cancel this mode, press AUTO, or turn off ignition.

    Sensor numbers, descriptions, and display values as follows:

    1. In-car temp (degrees C).
    2. Outside temp (C).
    3. Solar radiation sensor value (00=dark, 10=cloudy, 65=sunny).
    4. Engine coolant temp (C).
    5. Evaporator outlet air temp (C).
    6. Driver's air mix opening (low=cool, high=warm, %).
    7. Passenger's air mix opening (low=cool, high=warm, %).
    8. Vehicle speed (km/h).
    9. Vent temp air out (C).
    EX. Accord '05 CL9 Satin Silver
    Del Sol '94 ESI
    CIVIC X 1.5 Sport Plus CVT
    BMW Z4 '03 Titan Silver

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